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CORAZONES - Masa Con Papas (Formerly the Immortal Husk)
One Last Time, From the Beginning..
(The Thirteenth Reading)
CW: None

[Image: small_sad.png]
After the party dwindles down you realize how exhausted you are.

A long emotional day.

Nerves about the future.

Having your past pried into pretty intensively.

Unfortunately for you, those aren’t things you can avoid on this job and are not over yet.

You find yourself standing in the middle of the ocean.

You’re dreaming you think but…

But you hear a voice, and in your head it’s way too clear.

Styx: That bastard really dug me out of my grave. Can’t say I’m happy frankly.

Charon: You’re still here?

Styx: Unfortunately. Not sure if I’m the real thing or just an imprint though frankly.

Styx: Have to say you remind me of some reluctant allies I made back in the day though.

Charon: Is that so?

Styx: Only a little. Though I think the guy I contracted back then had a better grip on the proxy than you by your age. You’re just a fledgling really after all these years.

Styx: I think we’ll change that though.

Styx: You have a lot that’s unresolved I think. Weirdo with mind powers absolutely was right on that and I think opened a gateway or two for you.

Charon: Don’t know if I want to meddle with something like that right now..

Styx: Your Proxy is pretty weak as is. As skilled as you think you are, being able to manifest that kind of power would be a massive boon.

Charon: I’m aware, I just don’t know if I want to take the fast track to power considering what you did to me last time.

Styx: This one has no bargain attached, I exist here as nothing more than a way to fulfill a subconscious need.

Styx: Now the question is… are you ready?

Charon: Not really but I don’t think you’ll let me skip on this.

Styx: It’ll be good for you.

Charon: But will it be good for everyone else?

Charon: As much as it’s tempting, power as a concept is not something I desire.

Charon: What I desire is the knowledge that whatever I take will be something that helps me protect others.

Charon: I’ve been offered so much “power” and “true potential” in my life that I’m tired.

Charon: I don’t need to hear it.

Charon: So unless what you offer is the ability to ensure we’ll be safe, to keep the people I love and value alive, I don’t need it.

Styx: If that’s what you want, I’ll give it to you.

Styx: Your wish is my command. I just hope that’s truly what you need right now.

[Image: The_True_Magician.png]

Your memories swim in toward you. Meeting your cousin for the first time, building that horrible mess of a ritual because you wanted to seek the truth.

You told him what you wanted to see is your full potential manifested.

A proxy that will lead you toward the forbidden path of knighthood your grandmother was afraid you’d take up.

You are Charon Judgment, the runt of the litter of the legendary Judgment family.

The newest a lineage of heroes who protect the people. One who through the power of bonds will knock down evil rule and save the meek.

And though you’ve never known your parents, you know from whispered conversation that the best way to meet them would be through taking up the mantle yourself.

As selfish as it is, the choice of knighthood would be one that’d eventually result in meeting, even if it’s the path of most suffering in the end.
You tinker away all day, creating the devices that’ll manifest your new friend from the void. Can’t be helped.

You make a mess but you’ll clean up before your grandma can see it.

You hope it all goes well.

Your cousin who’d been in his room getting acquainted with his new home strolls in.

Despite first impressions, the two of you hit it off well.

[Image: fsfsfs.png]

You both love games, he’s surprisingly bookish himself, and he doesn’t seem to mind your dorky ramblings about witchcraft and otherworldly presences.

He gets situated with a bowl of chips and a baseball bat in one hand as you start the ritual.

The room changes tinges, flickering between a bath of red and blues.

You assure him this is normal…

Unfortunately that’s not a good thing.

[Image: The_Fool_Finished_small.png]
CW: None

Geezer: Christ, what is that?

Charon: It’s fine.

Geezer: Thing is hiding its eyes, can’t trust anyone hard to gauge like that.

???: Now that’s just rude, I’m here to grant the two of you wishes and you’re already counting me out?

???: He’s actually right though! You shouldn’t trust a face you can’t see lies in! Gotta say though, your tribute is weak. Amazing you managed to manifest me at all. A potato with a bit of cheese and blood? Not even that of a noble, though I suppose fiend is almost as good as little as it is.

Charon: Name?

???: Irrelevant, I’m the homunculi you summoned.. And a starved one at that.

Geezer: Get the vibe we really shouldn’t.

He stands up and raises his bat.

Charon: It’ll be fine Geez, just-

Geezer: Stay back, I don’t want you shaking hands til I hear more.

???: I’m just the messenger.

Geezer: Look like a con artist to me.

???: Spell never said you’d like what you see.

???: I do got a message from someone though. Someone who might be in your interest?

It looks directly at you.

???: Someone in the family who needs help right now.

Charon: ... Help?

???: They’re desperate really, could get bad. Can’t let you go unequipped though. Pick a card….

???: Who do you want to be today?

Three cards are laid out in front of you.

The Fool, a card of fresh beginnings.

Judgment, a card of rebirth and resolutions.

And the nameless card, Death itself. A card of drastic changes.

You find the design of the latter quite elegant in its own way.

Something about it makes you a little envious really, it’s calm nature and tall stature are something you find yourself… frankly lacking as an edgy kid.

It makes you feel safe despite its surreal nature.

Charon: That one.

???: You’re sure going big there, think you can handle real power like that? You got the energy of an Executioner, a real destroyer of worlds vibe in your future but…

Charon: If they’re waiting for me? Yeah, I need it.

???: Then it’s final. Good luck Mr. Reaper, let your trip be pleasant. No Regrets.

You’re pulled into the void instantly. 

No Regrets.

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