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CORAZONES - Masa Con Papas (Formerly the Immortal Husk)

CW: Injury.

[Image: unknown.png]

As you comfort your proxy there’s one last echo.

“You remind me of some friends of mine… don’t let things be in vain.”

You shake it off. Whatever remnants of that devil remain are not going to pester you.

Esperanto walks back to you after a brief conversation with Mercury.

Esperanto: We got a report.… Geezer’s returned with someone else. Rosario managed to capture them without incident..  Your cousin’s been wounded but vouches for this person who supposedly shot him by accident. Opera is handling interrogation. Let’s go downstairs yes?

They offer you a hand and lift you up.

Charon: Any details on this other person?

Esperanto: Dopple, seems to be a local witch based on what we can gauge of her. While we doubt there was foul play on her part it’s good to make sure. Magic can be used for very controlling and manipulative purposes

Charon: You think there’s brainwashing involved?

Esperanto: No… but something about her worries me.

Charon: Let's make haste, I want to make sure Geezer’s okay.

Esperanto: Mm… after if things are in order we’ll have our meeting. Once again I apologize for making things difficult but… I do need you to return. We have a lot of healing to work on.

You give them a nod.

The two of you make downstairs at once toward the main room. You spot Opera pacing around a very stressed looking white haired rabbit. Geezer is on the side being treated by Mercury and a friend you haven’t seen in a good while. Rosario leans against the wall watching quietly.

Your immediate instinct is to check on your cousin, the interrogation can wait.

Charon: Geezer? Fenton?

[Image: Sining.png]

Fenton: Give me a moment, handling things... good to see you though. Geezer just stay still yeah?

Geezer: I’m fine! Just got uh… roughed up a little you know?

Fenton: No you’re not! It doesn’t look lethal but your frame’s looking a bit shaky.

Charon: What happened?

Geezer: A misstep, went to visit an associate in the knight business of mind. Her name’s Manzana, we got a bit of a mixed history but felt like she might be able to help us out.

Charon: Looks like she got you good instead.

Geezer: Don’t worry about it, I’m managing fine... I got these two keeping an eye on me.

His shirt has been burned through, something struck him with a lot of force.

Mercury: It looks like whatever hit you wasn’t the cleanest shot, we should get you to a bed.

Geezer: Nah, easy repair, I can handle it later..

Fenton: Don’t you dare downplay this, you’re going to die early like that.

Mercury: Yeah no, I appreciate you trying to keep things calm but..

Geezer: Is it lethal?

Mercury: No… it's pretty deep though.
[Image: MOSHED-2022-3-15-12-43-5.jpg]
Charon: What happened to you?

Geezer: Just a bit of a mishap, did it to myself really.

Fenton: Did she shoot you?

Geezer: Accident but… Kinda approached her late at night. Wasn’t exactly a smart move on my part.

Charon: Do you know her?

Geezer: Yeah, friendly rival of mine. Figured she’d be good for this job you know? Sure has the aim for it.

Charon: Why was she carrying a gun?!

Geezer: Magic, pretty sure it’s a proxy thing.

You look over at the rabbit, you see Opera going a little hard on the interrogation.

Fenton: I don’t remember her being that much of a hardass.. Guess years will do that.

Mercury: Always had it in her honestly…

Charon: Think I might pop in, you two sure you got Geezer?

Fenton: Course I do. Helped you rig his body, helped you fix your arm plenty of times. We don’t talk in a decade and it’s like you’ve forgotten! Shame!

Charon: Guess I shouldn’t worry too bad.

Mercury: The two of us will have him patched up. Promise you kid.

Geezer: Yeah, honestly you and your witch stuff’s got a better shot at this.

He gives you the finger guns through the pain.

Geezer: You got this.
You give him one last nod, a little hesitant to leave him alone but immediately making your way toward the interrogation. The rabbit is on the verge of dissociating.

Opera has her hand in her vest.

Opera: So you shot him.

Manzana: By accident…

Opera: What had you so spooked?

Manzana: A tall person waiting for you around the corner at night would make anyone jump, no?

Opera: I suppose that’s fair… so you didn’t recognize him?

Manzana: I mean… I did a little.

Opera: A little…?

Manzana: We have a history of fighting..

Opera: Sparring or…

Manzana: Legitimate duels, though he’s not one to provoke them…

Opera: Why? 
Manzana: It’s… a little personal. I’d rather not go into it with someone who has a weapon at ready.

Opera: So you noticed?

Manzana: It’s clear as day, among other things. I can see a lot looking at you and I’m… honestly sorry you had to go through as much as you did.

Opera:... What did you see?

Manzana: Enough…. I didn’t do this intentionally and he vouched for me…

Opera: Geezer’s too nice to take his word sometimes, no offense.
[Image: unknown.png]
You get a good look at the rabbit’s eyes.

They’re like yours…

You immediately step in.

Charon: Opera, you mind if I get a few words in? Certainly you can use the break.

Opera: You got something in mind?

Charon: Perhaps…

You gesture to Opera, she steps aside. The rabbit looks at you, very tired and a little puzzled.

Charon: You’ve made a pact, a hard one at that.

Her ears tilt in response. She makes direct eye contact.

Manzana: Can see you have too, with a pretty nasty entity at that. That all you’ve come to talk about?

Charon: No. I can tell from a glance that you don’t have any ill intent aimed at us.

Manzana: Don’t know any of you so… hard to really. Can’t say you’ve made a good impression though. Questioned at gunpoint…

Charon: Opera’s just protective, you’d understand if you knew her better. Why’d you bring Geezer back?

Manzana: I wanted to get him treatment ASAP and he said this would be the best place to. You’re his friend?

Charon: Cousin.

Manzana: That’s weird… you don’t look all that related but I can see it just fine. You two are too nice for your own good.

Charon: What do you mean?

Manzana: You’re giving me this soft tone when I could easily turn you into a frog or pickle your soul for the black market.

Charon: I can tell, there’s a powerful aura coming out of you.

Manzana: Yours reeks of bad omen, I think I’d rather take my chances with the cat but… despite my better judgment I’ll keep talking. You and that family of yours, can’t understand them I don’t think.

Charon: You’re familiar with them?

Manzana: Unfortunately. Mother dragged me into her feud with the old gunslinger, god knows how many times.

Charon: Erica?

Manzana: Mm..

Charon: She’s my grandmother… and I suppose that means.. Your mother is Ali?

Manzana: Mm. Much to my dismay but… she’s done a lot to secure my future in the career so I owe her. This makes us enemies, no? The two sides of the family forced to feud?

Charon: Erica never gave me proper training so, as much as she means to me I’m not tied to it.

Manzana: A freedom I wish I had…

Manzana seems to look off for a moment, gaze a tad lost.

Charon: Are you okay?

Manzana: Quick question, do you go anywhere online by the name Sleight?

Your eyes widen in surprise.

Charon: Why are you asking this?

Manzana: Mm, that confirms it I think. There’s… someone here for you actually. Someone who wants to talk to you specifically.

You’re reluctant. You know what they say about inviting vampires in and the same principles are involved here.

Charon: Why me?

Manzana: Because you haven’t logged in for months. They’re pretty excited so I’m going to pass it over to them. Don’t have to say yes but… think they’d appreciate it.

Opera shakes her head at you with a worried look.
You take the risk anyway. Whatever this is, you’ve got it under handle.

Charon: Let them in.

The look her eyes shifts, there’s a sudden genuine excitement that’s struggling to be held back.

???: Oh my god, small world! Didn’t know you were in town or I’d have asked if you wanted to meet up! Always thought you’d be taller honestly..

Charon: I get that plenty..

???: Ah! Sorry about that, just didn’t think I’d see you today… wish it was under more relaxed circumstances. Come here!

They offer out their arms for a hug. You stare at them with a bit of confusion.

It finally clicks.

Charon:... Winter?

Platino: You can call me Plat, hyped as hell right now. Anyway uh, if you don’t wanna-

You go in for the hug.

Opera: Charon? Are you uh…do you know them?

Charon: Yes and I’m going to need everyone to back up, I’m having a lot of moments today.

Opera: Are you going to cry..?

Charon: Pen pals are different…

Opera: Ah… you didn’t give me a hug…neither of you did..

Charon: ….Did you want one?

Opera: The moment’s passed…

Charon: I’m sorry…

Opera shakes her head

Opera: I was joking! Though next time I’d appreciate it, I really do miss everyone even if we only knew each other for a little bit..

Charon: Formative times.

Opera: Mm…

Platino: So uh… you’re not going to pummel us or anything yeah? We’ll do anything we gotta to patch up your friend just…

Opera: Charon? You know this person a little right? What do you think…

Charon: I think we should let them in… with eyes kept of course but… I know they're good person. Well.. people it seems…

Platino: Yeah, guess I never mentioned that huh? I mean I got my own body a lot of the time but I wasn’t gonna get here fast enough by foot so… you know.

Charon: I get it. Just behave while you’re here, we probably want to catch up on a few blanks here that are complicating this situation.

Platino: Course. I’ll let Manzana back in a sec. Legit though, really nice meeting you in person. We should hang out a bit while you’re in town yeah? You can bring your friends along.

Charon: Absolutely.


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