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CORAZONES - Masa Con Papas (Formerly the Immortal Husk)
[Ninth Reading]
CW: None
Perspective: Manzana Judgment.

[Image: unknown.png]

You feel the rush of your life right now.

You finally made that date.

Dinner, a movie, and some time at a karaoke bar…

And it’s actually going well.

You can’t believe it….

Your date is gushing, you feel proud…

Budgie: Oh my god, I never knew you could sing like that!

Manzana: I mean it’s just karaoke…

Budgie: Yeah and? It’s good!

Manzana: I mean the correction on the machine helped…

Budgie: Come oooon, give yourself some credit here! Never been on a date with someone who’s got chops like that..

Manzana: I used to practice back in the day but that was a long time ago..  Wouldn’t have gone for it honestly without you prompting.

Budgie: Oh? I didn’t push you into anything did I…?

Manzana: You’re fine! I just didn’t want to leave you hanging. Can’t have my date do a duet on their own.

Budgie: Joke’s on you, I would’ve gone for it.

Manzana: I… how would that work?

Budgie: I’d figure it out. You know I’ve never seen you smile as much as today?

Manzana: I’m not much of one to be honest.

Budgie: It’s cute on you, makes me happy I could be part of that you know?

Manzana: You’re going to make me cry with something like that..

Budgie: Wait, really or-

Manzana: Hard to say. I really needed tonight though. Work’s been a lot of stress and lately life’s been weird and hectic and, you know.

Budgie: Yeah? Well, you know… glad to.

Manzana: And it’s nice having someone walk me back to my street too..

Budgie: You usually on your own?

Manzana: Mm.. I get a bit nervous at night so it’s nice. I can keep myself safe if I need to but…

Budgie: Yeah I can tell! You managed to sweep me off my feet while dancing..

Manzana: I train regularly.

Budgie: I mean I like someone with a little muscle personally. Makes me feel safe….

Manzana: You’re more toned than me!

Budgie: Yeah? Your point? I’m not a fighter!

Manzana: I’m not all that much of one either, I just have to sometimes. Occupational hazard.

Budgie: With the witch thing? I thought it was more of an engineering job?

Manzana: I have a license for knighting too. If something goes wrong I have to do double shifts. Right now it’s just been a lot of tinkering… but I like that honestly.

Manzana: Don’t really like having to talk to suits or handle contracts but poking around with it well…

Manzana: Honestly rather spend my time at a workbench than making impressions.

Budgie: You’re more of a hands-on type?

Manzana: Absolutely. I’m in it for the craft, not everything else.. But you have to get funding somewhere.

Budgie: Ah.. the old compromise with the devil.

Manzana: I do what I have to..

Budgie: If you could get away from that, would you?

Manzana: Absolutely but.. Now’s not the time.

Manzana: I don’t want to kill the mood though…

Budgie: You’re fine! I wanna hear more about you.

Manzana: Not used to that.

Budgie: Get used to it then! You deserve that much…

Manzana: Maybe…

Budgie: No maybes! You do and I want to hear more.

Manzana: I’d bore you..

Budgie: Course not, anytime I talk to you I learn something new.

Manzana: People usually get annoyed by that. Gets annoying for most and they never really know how to reply so they just tune out.

Budgie: I don’t think that’s true at all.

Manzana: Maybe not for you but…

Manzana: Don’t need people like that anyway. If you don’t mind being an ear for a bit I’d love to…

Budgie: Learning how to punch a ghost from a cute witch? Sounds like a dream..

Manzana: I’m *not* cute…

Budgie: Could fool me. You got that hair…

Manzana: It’s so messy…

Budgie: Exactly. Those eyes too…

Manzana: You like them?

Budgie: The little hearts are adorable…

Manzana: I could tell you liked those… I left my shades at home so you could see them better.
Budgie: Don’t you need those?

Manzana: Yes… I can’t see past 5 feet right now actually.

Budgie: Oh no…

Manzana: I have you to walk with me so I don’t mind…

Budgie: You didn’t have to do that..

Manzana: I wanted to look good for you so…

Budgie: You always do… 

You manage to reach your block. You’re reluctant to end the date just yet…

Manzana: You… have work tomorrow?

Budgie: No? Why?

Manzana: Thinking.. Maybe let's spend a bit more time together. Don’t think I’m ready to go home just yet.

The mimic’s ears perk up in excitement.

Budgie: Sure! Just name where you want to go next.

Manzana: I’ll come up with it in a moment, let me just check in on my roommate quick yeah? I’ll be back in a sec…

Budgie: Mm, take your time! Get your glasses while you’re there!

You let go of their hand hesitantly and walk on ahead.

Manzana:  I will! I’ll be quick about it!

You won’t be. As you walk down to find your apartment you bump into a familiar rival.

[Image: haunting.png]

He has his knight coat on. You’re going to be dragged into a fight and there’s no way to stop it…

Geezer: Yo.

Geezer: We got something important to talk about.

So you have to finish it as fast as possible

With a single spell you can end a potential scrap with him before he can start.

[Image: Manzana_Fies.png]
The words wrap around your lips as you murmur.

You take the shot before he has time to react.

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