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CORAZONES - Masa Con Papas (Formerly the Immortal Husk)
The Fallen Witch
[Eighth Reading]
CW: None
Perspective: Manzana Judgment.
[Image: unknown.png]
You scramble home.

On the way back you talk to Zinnia..

They have a lot to say about their old home, their family…

Their partner comes up quite a bit.

As you make your way back you bring up your roommate. You don’t have time to order dinner yourself for him..

Zinnia offers to go grab something for him and vanishes off quickly.

You have no idea if they know their way around but you give them the address to your home just to be sure.

When you return, Platino is fast asleep. They seem comfortable.

It makes you happy knowing he’s getting rest honestly, he has a tendency to stay up all night.

You make your way over to your room to get ready. You clean up, try to look your best..

You take a look in the mirror time and time again….

Until your reflection betrays you.

The person you see bares a resemblance, but at the end of the day it isn’t you.

You initiate despite your better judgment telling you to ignore it.

Manzana: Seems like I have a guest.

???: Mm, hope you don’t mind me getting a few words in. They might save your life.

Manzana: You’re here to warn me?

???: You could say that. See you dressing to go out, is it that little partner of yours?

Manzana: It’s our first date but…

???: Ah! The strange monster rabbit?

Manzana: Please don’t call them that..

???: Perhaps you’re right, they’re quite the sweetheart.

???: To a fault frankly, accepted us despite everything. Lot more to ignore when it comes to me than you though. It’s a bit of a mystery to me….. You deserve a little fun after all the work you put in… think I learned that the hard way.

???: Anyway, you have something I’ve put all my person into getting my hands on, something that got me killed. You met them today, yes? The original.

Manzana: Zinnia?

???: Mm. Can’t believe you beat me to the punch in a fraction of the time. Proof I’m a failure really.

You feel your the bumps on your skin rattle…

Manzana: How’d you get here?

???: Secret magic you were working on where I came from. You bear a curse, forbidden knowledge nobody should have to carry.

???: You chose to look into other worlds for escape, a happy ending… but more than often you see something you don’t like.

Manzana: No kidding.

???: Harsh…

Manzana: If you’re who I think you are then-

???: I’m not.. And neither are you for that matter but that’s something you have to address. I took the form I thought I needed and.. Merged into something miserable. What’s left is neither of the components, only the hollowness of both. There is no Manzana nor an Ali left where I come from, I’m all that remains.

Manzana: What did you do?!

???: The same thing you did, tap into magic nobody should be allowed to have. Discarded my own dying flesh to get more years, to take what you robbed me of. That polearm, Zinnia’s soul… they seemed like birthright.

Manzana: You wanted your hands on it so bad you took over my life…?

???: Mm.. a warning should your Ali ever come to you seeking medical attention. Don’t turn your back and have a plan to kill her yourself if things are looking sour.

Manzana: Is she planning something like that now?!

???: Hard to say, I’d be careful. Though frankly you’re not quite Manzana right now either. You’re missing something even if a lot of the key components seem to be there. I detect the rest in this dwelling.

???: You made a contract that went sour, I can see it in your eyes.

Manzana: It worked out right?

???: Maybe, there’s a chance it will. You’re better off than others who’ve made the same mistake and you have more of your person left than me. You must’ve done something right. Where’s the rest of you? The other half who you share a soul with.

Manzana: Platino? He’s asleep…

???: Can you trust him?

Manzana: Yes? Why?

???: Tomorrow I’ll visit you again, inform him. In the next couple of weeks I feel something huge coming… I want to make sure you’re ready.

Manzana: That’s what Zinnia said, but they don’t seem to know much either…

???: I don’t feel it coming quite yet, you should be good for your date night…. They’re wonderful, I hope you commit to it even with dire things coming up. Happiness is something of high value and scarcity in the lives of those I used to be..

You can’t help but wince at those words…

Really is hard to be happy. There’s little moments and those who stuck by you mean a lot but…

You shake it off as best you can but it lingers.

???: Sorry. For now all you need to know is you’re going to have a meeting very soon that’ll change your life forever. I can’t say too much more or it might not happen. Just enjoy your night and well…

She stares off for a bit… lost in a sentimentality you don’t understand.

???: Don’t repeat the mistakes of either of us… I have a few others like you to warn.

Manzana: Will I see you in the mirror again?

???: Maybe. Maybe not… could be a completely different person entirely. Your fate is something both yours and yet far from truly in your control. The next Manzana you encounter could be an ally or deceiver. You’ll need to know the difference as soon as possible.

???: You have good people though, and you’ll have many more soon.

???: Just… trust them when you find them.

The reflection fizzles out.

What’s left in the mirror standing is you.

You feel a delayed quake through your blood, everything pulsing hard.

What have you signed up for here?

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