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Masa con Papas: Proxy's Memory
A Seraph's Discovery
[Seventh Reading]
CW: Death, Existential Horror, Manipulation 
Perspective: Manzana Judgment.

[Image: unknown.png]

 You’ve been working hard today to make up for the time you’ll be out taking a break.

So hard you’ve conked out in the middle of a job. You’re Manzana, a witch researching arcane artifacts ranging from weapons to tools to old construct bodies. Today’s study is a scythe who may be bringing a surprise turn of events soon..

You hear a voice disrupt your much needed slumber.

???: Morning.. You dozed off at your station.

Manzana: What are you doing in here? How’d you get in?

???: I was always here… well, both me and the body you see right now. Shorter than I’d like but I wasn’t all that tall to begin with.

Manzana: The manufactured rig…

???: The what?

Manzana: One of many made, it’s one of the otherworldly items I was asked to examine.

???: Ah… this didn’t belong to anyone did it? Don’t mean to be a thief if I can avoid it.

Manzana: Not that I know of, no. If there was someone they’re long gone.

???: Huh..

Manzana: Now explain yourself, who are you exactly?

???: Someone who promised to be there in times of need. I’m not the most thrilled to be here but I do what I have to. I know you’ve been at work studying this here scythe. Mentor of yours sure was insistent on it.

Manzana: It’s her bloodright from what I understand but she can’t seem to operate it. She.. noticed I was having better luck.

???: That’s because you need it more. Her name’s Ali right?

Manzana: Mm, that’s my mother.

???: Disgraceful, my scythe will never do for a soul that bitter and tainted. Course… from what I understand it’s your job to change that.

Manzana: Unfortunately… It seemed to actively go against her time after time.

???: I just don’t like her vibe.

Manzana: Implying that the scythe is… you?

???: Not really, just a soul inside waiting for the right time. Been a good decade since I’ve been able to talk to anyone directly.

Manzana: Ali mentioned something like that… which means you’re…

???: Just an old knight who’s still got business to attend to.

Manzana: And what’s that?

???: Hard to say, you’re going to have a visitor bring you important news soon though. An offer you really don’t want to miss.

Manzana: Who?

???: I can’t say for sure? Believe like I know this one but I can’t say for sure.Can see someone for sure though, a friend?

Manzana: What do you mean by see? The future? As in-

???: Clairvoyance, mmhmm. Somewhat anyway. Not the most helpful but the fact that I’m here is a sign of something I do think… speaking of I never gave you a name. Zinnia Judgment, at least half of what’s left.

Manzana: Like… the old fairy tale? That Zinnia Judgment?

Zinnia: Mm, guess so. You’ve heard then?

Manzana: Mm… it’s pretty well known in some parts. Story of Taverneian origin.

Zinnia: Ah.. implying we’re not there?

Manzana: Mm, we’re in Plaza.

Zinnia: Not familiar…

Their ears flopped down.

Manzana: Are you alright?

Zinnia: Not really… I was hoping I’d be able to see a few people while I’m here. For the best though, wouldn’t be able to look the most dignified like this.

Manzana: What do you mean?

Zinnia: Short.

Manzana: I’m not exactly much taller.

Zinnia: You’re tall proportioned though, makes you look bigger in photos with the right trick or too. I’m just… short.

Manzana: You’ll get used to it.

Zinnia: I suppose… anyway you’re Manzana if I recall correct.

Manzana: I am.

Zinnia: You live with someone else yeah? What was their name uh.. Platino?

Manzana: …Yes?

Zinnia: Mm. Only have gauged so much from being around the corner but he seems nice enough. Lucky to have a good friend like that.

Manzana:... Yeah. I really am.

Zinnia: Sometimes a family can be a ghost and a rabbit you know.

Manzana: You know from experience?

Zinnia: I mean I’ve had ghosts and rabbits around plenty of times… I guess now I’m a ghost too. Anyway for now I guess I’m here to help you in whatever way you need.

Manzana: What can you offer exactly?

Zinnia: A familiar, you’re a witch aren’t you?

Manzana: I am.

Zinnia: Then you should have one frankly. Good to have a hand around with work.

Manzana: Unfortunately I’m wrapping up today so you came at a odd time.

Zinnia: Ah… Maybe I could help at home for now? Least til I can gauge our situation better.

Manzana: Not for now I don’t think…have a few plans. But if you headed back home and give Platino a hand that’d be nice.

Zinnia: Can do, remember the way surprisingly enough and the two of you got the same aura. Makes it easy to track down. Whatcha busy with anyway?

Manzana:... Date night.

Zinnia: Oh! Wonderful! You should have fun, you’ve earned that.

Manzana: What makes you say that?

Zinnia: I can tell you work hard and barely get time to enjoy yourself. Now’s a good day.

Manzana: Mm. I’ll be heading out soon to go home and get changed. I can probably take you with me actually.

Zinnia: Easy.

Manzana: Let me just pack it up…

Zinnia: Take your time, you don’t get this sort of opportunity every day after all… makes me happy seeing others discover love like that.

Manzana: I mean we just started dating…

Zinnia: Mm maybe. But can’t help but want the best for others.

Manzana:... You have someone right? The spider?

Zinnia: Mm… he’s still around I’m sure. Miss him a lot.

Manzana:.. Do you want me to take you to him when this is over? I know where he lives.

Zinnia: If you could.. Can only hope I’ll last that long.

Manzana: I’ll see what can be done.

You finish closing up shop and gather your belongings.

Zinnia: All good?

Manzana: Mm, we’re going to get you settled.

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