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CORAZONES - Masa Con Papas (Formerly the Immortal Husk)
A Morning Talk
[Intermission Chapter 2]
CW: Abusive Dynamics, Injury, Discussions of Death
[Image: unknown.png]

You find yourself stirring, waking up just before the crack of down and having a difficult time going back to sleep. 

You pace around, mess with your own personal writings, and try counting sheep. 

Nothing really works for you. 

You decide to go through your morning routine since your insomnia isn’t playing nice today. Ali went out to handle some work and she’ll more than likely be back soon. You choose to wait for her, perhaps getting the chance at a nice morning conversation…

As if anyone could have a nice conversation with Ali. 

You make yourself situated and comfortable, falling asleep on the couch to the white noise of the television.

Your dreams haven’t been the same ever since you made a contract with an otherworldly devil. They haunt you, feeling more like bad memories than anything.

 You see yourself as someone else, see yourself as a hero, and witness the end of the world in rapid fire.

 You wake up with a jolt even more tired than before somehow. As you try to shake things off you find yourself hearing a knock

Manzana: Who is it?

There’s a familiar grumble before the entrance door unlocks to the couch.

Stepping through is Ali, your tall hellhound of a mother.

Manzana: Ali?

Ali: It’s early, go back to sleep. 

Her cadence is weaker. You can see bandages and blood stains all over her outfit. You can identify bullet and knife wounds.

Manzana:You’re hurt.

Ali: Don’t you worry about me. Just gotta sleep it off. 

Manzana: Please let me help,They look really bad.. maybe I could jus-

Ali: Don’t even think about it. 

She looked worse for wear than you’ve ever seen her. You’re amazed she was able to walk herself through the door in that condition. 

Manzana: What even happened..?

Ali: Had to settle the score with someone in town. Thought age would’ve caught up with her but she had a lot more bite than usual today. 

Manzana: The other dog?

Ali: Mm. Big shame on me for getting hit. Got her just as good… still a net loss in the end. 

The other dog was a gunslinger, your adoptive mother’s sister who she regularly got into scuffles with but… by the look at Ali’s wounds…

It was certainly more dire than last time. 

Manzana: A net loss?

Ali: If I give her a limp she can still pop off her little annoying gun the next time. If I get a limp I’m going to struggle more next time. Don’t think it’ll be that bad..

Her face was flushed and her clothes were stained dark. She’d bled quite a bit.

Manzana: You need a doctor.

Ali: I’ll sleep it off. You catch some yourself while you still have the chance. I’m not going to be able to give you your lesson today at full capacity so take an extra hour today. 

Manzana: You shouldn’t be teaching at all!

Ali: Quitter’s talk. If I can’t teach by example I can’t prepare you for the world. Right now you’re witnessing a perfect example of the type of things you’ll have to be willing to tough through to pick up the mantle as knight. 

Manzana: Is this really the best way?

Ali: It’s the only way. Shit’s brutal. You can’t accept that? Don’t bother. 

Manzana: You should at least let me take a look at your wounds, if there’s bullets still inside-

Ali: I’ll get them out myself. 

Manzana: Ali…

Ali: Tell me, did you take your meds last night?

Manzana: Of course.

Ali: You check your card in the morning?

Manzana: Star reversed.

Ali: Don’t like that. Meditate on it, figure out a way to avoid pitfalls today. 

She gives you a little brief look before turning away.

Ali: Your eyes weren’t blue before. That pact of yours is taking a toll. Resolve it or execute. Choice is what you want it to be. That proxy of yours is strong but if it’s going to eat you up, you’re best off settling for good enough. 

Manzana: I don’t know if I can do that. It’s been hitting pretty hard. 

Ali: Yeah? You’re an adult, fix it. While you’re at it, get a trim too. Looks like a broom right now.

Manzana: A trim? 

Ali: Your hair’s growing pretty long.You want to either keep it short or tuck it away. Don’t need extra ways for people to grab you during a fight. Least you didn’t leave it hanging down.

Manzana: I like it..

Ali: Figures. I guess it’s important though right? 

You give her a hesitant nod.

Ali: It’s manageable enough I suppose.  Suggest a hat or something personally. They’re not my cup of tea but it’ll tuck it all away easy without having to gel it all back. You like dressing up in that costume stuff so I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Manzana: Mm… 

She lets out a big yawn, her tough posture no longer quite as maintained.

Ali: Maybe I will call off today actually. I don’t want to take you out to the field until you have that resolved so I’m giving you the next couple of days to find a solution. If you don’t come up with something I’ll shave it all down myself. 

Manzana: Please don’t.

Ali: Then make things happen.

Ali starts slumping toward her room. 

Ali: Go handle your contract, meditate, figure out the solution to that hair. I’m going to go and take a break to rest off these wounds.

Manzana: Please let me help you, you’re going to bleed out..

Ali: Don’t stress over me, not planning to croak like this.Set an alarm for a couple hours from now, get your rest. 

Manzana: Mm…. I’m sorry.

Ali: My mistakes are mine to make, don’t apologize.

You hesitate to leave her on her own. You two have a bit of a strained relationship but.. You’ve never seen her like this.  Maybe you should pester…

Ali: Why aren’t you moving? Go.

Manzana: I… have a question.

Ali: Make it quick.

Manzana: You and the other dog, you both fight like this all the time right?

Ali: Pick your next words wisely.

Manzana: What happens when you eventually win?

Ali:  Her kids would hunt me down after that. They’re soft, but they’ve got a lot of talent. Wasted on them really.

Manzana: And you’ll fight them too? 

Ali: Absolutely. Until someone strong enough to break our curse appears I can’t rest. I can’t go down til the cream rises to the top, and if that ends up being me in the end so be it. 

Manzana: What happens if you can’t keep fighting?

Ali: You think I’ll die?

Manzana: No but-

Ali: That’s always a real chance. If she manages to gun me down by surprise I got a few backup plans.

Manzana: A few?

Ali: Always need more than one. Had a couple others just in case but… one I don’t see being viable and the other? We’ll see. That's all you got to ask?

Manzana: Mm… 

Ali: Good. 

Manzana: Don’t push yourself too hard today-

Ali: Go to bed. I’ll see you in a bit. 

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