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CORAZONES - Masa Con Papas (Formerly the Immortal Husk)
Cw: Exploration of Trauma

[Image: unknown.png]
 JUDGEMENT: That’s a ton to assume… though I don’t know if you’re entirely wrong.

Charon: who else could you be?

JUDGEMENT: Just a eye on this world latched to a remnant looking for something beloved. I don’t know what fascinates you however…

JUDGEMENT: You’re not so different yourself. Maybe your humanity was fully intact when you entered but… something changed.

JUDGEMENT: And yet despite all that, you’re still you deep down.

JUDGEMENT: You have the admiration of the thousands who dwell here and the scorn of the kingdom you tore down.

Charon: I did what I had to, nothing more complicated than that.

JUDGEMENT: Mm. I can see him in you….

JUDGEMENT: You have that same heart… I’m sure your family is proud.

Charon: I don’t know honestly.

Charon: I got my Grandma and Geezer. And I guess all the folks I met here now too.

Charon: I’ll be honest, spent so much time being a burden. I wasn’t a knight or a hero or anything before I got here.

Charon: Don’t think I can call myself that honestly after the way things went.

JUDGEMENT: You did the people a favor didn’t you?

Charon: But I couldn’t save everyone…

JUDGEMENT: Nobody can, but you saved many regardless. You know, you were offered quite the deal.

JUDGEMENT: A crown that’d remain unchallenged, a shell of immortal flesh, and power to surpass all those who rule. Most would fall to that temptation.

JUDGEMENT: So why didn’t you take it up? I mean… I know why but.

Charon: You want to hear it from me.


Charon: Really I guess  I just… miss my home, my family, my bed…

Charon: Being a god and all sounds great but…

Charon: After everything?I just want to play some games, curl up a hot drink, and wait for my grandma to get home from work.

Charon: You miss that so much right now.

The angel stares off quietly for a bit, seemingly lost in thought.

Charon: Is everything okay?


JUDGEMENT: As much as you might feel disconnected from your previous sense of self, I think it’s very much still there.

JUDGEMENT: I want you to protect that with your life. Cherish it. You may not find the fame you seek…

JUDGEMENT: But you’re already further into figuring it out.

JUDGEMENT: Life isn’t about winning on a broad scale, or becoming wealthy and powerful. That’s something you more than understand.

Charon: It’s about that personal fulfillment. Feeling like those little interactions matter.

JUDGEMENT: Mm… I will say, when you return there will be a hardship you will carry on your back.

JUDGEMENT: The burden of knowledge. When you return, you’ll have seen so much and been through even more that you might have trouble connecting to that world.

JUDGEMENT: You’re just as much a resident of this place as you are where you came now.

JUDGEMENT: You’re a eldritch beast in the shape of man, everything from your thoughts to the fibers of your body are betrayed by your appearance.

Charon: I know.

JUDGEMENT: But… that doesn’t mean you stop being you. You may not always feel that way but.. It’s true.

Charon: Mm..

Charon: You’re like that too.

JUDGEMENT: To a bigger extreme.

Charon: Why don’t you come home with me? I know there’s someone there who misses you.

JUDGEMENT: Mm… the temptation is there but…

JUDGEMENT: I don’t know if I want him to see me like this. My existence would endanger him greatly.

Charon: We can fix you.

JUDGEMENT: No… though part of me wants to return, the angel that I’m merged with is a liability.

JUDGEMENT: I’d be endangering him and everyone else in this form. That’s why I exiled myself to the pocket.

Charon: That doesn’t feel right.

JUDGEMENT: Mm… Your only option is to free me at this point. Then maybe… part of me can be with him…

JUDGEMENT: Raise your sword.

Charon: I don’t want to fight you.

JUDGEMENT: You wish to go home? Show me your resolve. As a reaper, as a Judgment, as the best of all of us.

JUDGEMENT: You carry a common soul with anyone who’s worn the family crest. You’re just as good as any of them. You’re not making it home until you get past me, don’t give me less than your fullest.

Your feelings tenderize in the turmoil of being taken back to so many of these moments. Whether you like it or not, all of this was formative.

The bonds you made, the things you lost, the scars you carry. Every moment of it is what makes you who you are.

You feel the illusion around you ease some. A voice starts to echo in.

Esperanto: You’ve… been through so much.

Charon: What happened, happened.

Esperanto: At such a young age too… you poor child.

Charon: Don’t think it would’ve been any easier now if I’m honest but…

Charon: I’ll endure. I made it home, I have my family, and now I’ve caught up with folks from back then.

Charon: I won’t be alone, no matter how hard the future might get.

You hear them make a murmur.  You can make up a single torn utterance“ I’m sorry”

You weren’t sure if what you heard was real or not. Its tone bathes in a sense of genuine concern that gives you a conflicted sense of warmth.

Esperanto: I apologize for tearing in. I truly was worried something was left lingering to compromise things.

Charon: Personally I’m peeved after that but.. I suppose I understand.

Charon: I wouldn’t trust me either on a glance I-

The illusionary haze seems to spike back up.

Charon: I thought you were done!

Esperanto: I am, there’s something in there trying to manifest.

Esperanto: Some repressed elements I cannot contain.

Charon: Turn it off!

Esperanto:  I can’t!

Esperanto: Whatever happens next, don’t let it take you!

Esperanto: I’ll grab assistance! Stay there! I-
Before they finish, you find yourself dragged into a endless tidepool.

You’re taken back again….

???: That certainly was something.

???: I’m surprised enough of me was left in here to gather consciousness.

???: I do hope you remember me, our bargain isn’t quite done yet. 

???: Though I have to say, this reunion makes me… bittersweet.

[Image: unknown.png]

Charon: …Styx?

Styx: None other. Now let’s talk about cashing in, shall we?

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