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CORAZONES - Masa Con Papas (Formerly the Immortal Husk)
Rollback... Part 1 
[Intermission Chapter]
CW: None

SleightRemorse: Hey, hope you don’t mind DMs. I recently read your thread on Troubler’s Archive talking about your experiences with a pact gone sour. It really hit close to home and I guess I really appreciate seeing someone else talk about similar experiences. Are you up to talk about it some? I know it’s late so you don’t have to now.

SleightRemorse: Are you up to talk about it some? I know it’s late over there so you don’t have to now.

EternalPlatinumWinter: No it’s fine, I was up anyway. Tend to be most active late with the way my schedule is.

SleightRemorse: Oh good! So first off, any touchy subjects?

PlatinumWinter: Honestly, it’s hard talking about our mom sometimes so don’t expect me to answer every question about her. And I guess don’t make it too existential if you can? I know that’s kind of unavoidable with the topic but… you know.

SleightRemorse: After that, you have no idea how much of you is the real you.

EternalPlatinumWinter: Exactly, you get it.

SleightRemorse: On a side note, I really love that icon. Something about the expression feels comfortably smug. 

EternalPlatinumWinter: Good! 

SleightRemorse: Is it from anything?

EternalPlatinumWinter: Not in particular, just a character I drew a lot back in the day. Here.

[Image: Hhxpoxv.png]

SleightRemorse: Ah, a OC?

EternalPlatinumWinter: Feels weird calling it that but yeah

SleightRemorse: Yeh.

SleightRemorse: Can I hear more about them?

EternalPlatinumWinter: You wouldn’t want to hear about an old thing like that….

SleightRemorse: I mean, I used to have something similar as a kid. 

SleightRemorse: Hold on…

[Image: j6QeyIE.png]

EternalPlatinumWinter: That’s cute…

EternalPlatinumWinter: Any Name?

SleightRemorse: Call him Solly. He was a character I had back in the day as kind of my mascot. I still use him as a placeholder on a lot of my diagrams for witch tech.

EternalPlatinumWinter: Glad you found use for him still. 

SleightRemorse: So what about yours?

EternalPlatinumWinter: Mine? 

SleightRemorse: Lore drop, do it.

EternalPlatinumWinter: Fuck okay

EternalPlatinumWinter: So her name is Platino. She’s a duelist and bounty hunter who takes big money jobs and fights to help out kids living on the streets. She didn’t have an orphanage growing up so she wanted to be able to take care of kids without folks to take care of them.

EternalPlatinumWinter: I made her a lot of things that I wished I was as a kid. Brave, strong, confident in anything from fighting to romance. I guess it made it easy to imagine a life where I felt like I did what I wanted.

EternalPlatinumWinter: She became really personal to me so she’s still my Icon to this day.

EternalPlatinumWinter: I wanted to be that cool. Anyway sorry to vent like that, just didn't expect to be talking about her today.

SleightRemorse: You always still can be.

EternalPlatinumWinter: Maybe? I don’t know. These days I’m living away from my mom and I have a roommate with me but our scheduling is tricky.

SleightRemorse: Work?

EternalPlatinumWinter: Sort of. I only really post here late because my roommate needs the computer during the day and we both have work. We’re pretty busy people.

SleightRemorse: Ah, you don’t sleep in?

EternalPlatinumWinter: Nope. She hates it when I stay up too much because she’s not getting sleep either. Hopefully that’ll change soon, we made a bit of an investment. Something that’ll give us our space more.

SleightRemorse: Any details?

EternalPlatinumWinter: Not yet. We’re still looking through options but maybe I’ll show people when we figure it out.

EternalPlatinumWinter: Anyway, hopefully it’s not too late where you’re at.

SleightRemorse: It’s almost morning here so..

EternalPlatinumWinter: Oh god I’m sorry

SleightRemorse. I’m all good. I got some stuff to do in town soon though.

EternalPlatinumWinter: Ah. 

SleightRemorse: I wanna talk more though whenever we can. Would you be okay with that?

EternalPlatinumWinter: Yeah! 

SleightRemorse: What do you want me to call you by the way? You user name is a bit of a mouthful. Winter?

EternalPlatinumWinter: Winter is good. You?

SleightRemorse: Sleight is fine

SleightRemorse: We never really talked about the thread so I guess I’ll pester you later about it? I actually should go now.

EternalPlatinumWinter: You do good out there.

SleightRemorse: Of course. You too, get some sleep. Your roommate would probably appreciate that.

EternalPlatinumWinter: Will Do! 

SleightRemorse has Logged Off

EternalPlatinumWinter has Logged Off

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