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CORAZONES - Masa Con Papas (Formerly the Immortal Husk)
[Fifth Reading]


CW: None

[Image: 1pK2qG0.png]
The two of you make your way upstairs and find hallways of living spaces. Mercury leads you to a door simple labeled with "Please Knock First..."

You can't help but feel a little nervous suddenly.

Mercury: This is Esperanto’s room. You’re going to want to go into this one alone.

Charon: What do you mean?

Mercury: I mean this one’s gonna get intense but also they insist on meeting everyone before the meeting so… you know.

Charon: Any reason?

Mercury: They’re the type who likes to screen people, you know how it is. We didn’t know we’d be picking you up today so they'd especially want that.

Charon: Mm.. I suppose I can understand. Doesn’t explain why you can’t come with me however.

Mercury: You want someone who can call for help if things get screwy.

Charon: I really don’t like that phrasing.

Mercury: Yeah well… good luck.

Charon: Ugh…

You knocked on the door. From the other side you can hear a voice.

“W-Who is this?”

“A new recruit, I was told to introduce myself.”

There was a long pause.

“Do come in… but don’t let the light follow you.”

You creek open the door enough to manage a peek inside. You get a very tiny glance before you’re dragged all the way through. The door shuts behind you.

The room is pitch black.

“Tell me your name.”


“Tell me your real name.”


“You walk in here carrying a title that suggests knighthood, yes?”

“Certainly, I wear it with the pride of my entire family.”

“Interesting… in that case I will accept it for now.”

The light flickers on with an uncanny and unnatural hue.

In front of you is a faceless figure, rather tall and despite the lack of eyes very clearly getting a good look at you.

“Esperanto. Curious…”

They walk up to you, fixating on every detail of your attire before zooming in on your off eye. You give them the cold stare.

Charon: Is everything alright?

Esperanto: You’re marked…are your intentions honest?

Charon: Pardon?

Esperanto: What’s your motivation for the job?

Charon: Tying a number of loose ends, some of which have plagued my family for years. Cults, witchcraft, rivalries, and curses.

Esperanto: A noble type?

Charon: I don’t know if I could say that.

Esperanto: Mm.. your eyes show decades but your face reeks of inexperience. The mocking presence, a cadence that can’t seem to decide whether it wants to laugh or cry. Pity.

Charon: What are you exactly going at here?

Esperanto: You reek of death and you have the reaper’s touch ingrained… yet somehow despite that, there’s a gentle nature you’re covering up. I can’t tell if you’re afraid or unqualified and that terrifies me.

Charon: We just met and yet your words attempt to tear at me with surgical prose. Who are you exactly to cast this level of judgment on me?

Esperanto: I’m simply testing your resolve. Right now I suggest you turn back and enjoy the rest of your life, you’re not cut out to be a killer. A little saint like you shouldn’t be imbued with a power like this or a burden so heavy. Why do you carry it?

Charon: If I don’t, someone else will have to. I have the power to do good for others and I’d be a fool not to use it.

Esperanto: You’re not entitled to.

Charon: If I stand by and let others suffer, it’s my responsibility.

Esperanto: I ponder you.

Charon: Go ahead.

Esperanto: Tell me Mr. Reaper, could you prove your own worth right now?

Charon: Define further.

Esperanto: I can see that little proxy of yours. Your heart and soul yet forever borrowed, you put in the work and yet it feels somewhat unearned. You sacrificed so much of yourself to gain it. Your health, your sanity, your childhood sense of innocence. 

Charon: It was what needed to be done and I’ll use it til there’s nothing left.

Esperanto: It carries a certain love to it, though it doesn’t belong to yourself exclusively. It remembers the taste of blood between its teeth and trials so cold that its bone remains frozen in time. Where are you truly?

Charon: My body stands before you, my mind scattered across time and space. One eye in the moment while the other can’t forget.

Esperanto: You are not whole but there’s just enough threads keeping you whole. It certainly concerns me if you’ll last through future trials to come, Mr. Reaper.

Charon: Though I do not know who I am individually, one’s person consists of everyone in their life. Everyone who loved them, everyone who they care for. Each moment of suffering and the ever healing wounds and scars that create the fabric of who I am. I cannot do everything but I can make the lives of others better.

A looming darkness creeps in suddenly, you feel your feet being pulled off the ground. You suspect it’s illusionary in nature but the intensity of it is too much to break out of.

Esperanto: I’d like to see what that truly means.

Charon: What are you doing?

Esperanto: I can tell so much of your history looking at you, but something throws me entirely off… I’m going to dig inside that skull of yours and find out who you really are.

The world around you rips and tears, your body is struggling to keep itself together.

Esperanto: A clash of the physical does nothing but tell me you’re a fool with talent. I’m going to challenge you on a front where you cannot run or hide. Do you have the strength to overcome such a trial or will you perish like the dog that you are?

Charon: You don’t scare me.

Esperanto: Do you wish to take my challenge?

Charon: You already know the answer.

Esperanto: Certainly a choice, cursed boy. I’m going to truly take you back to the beginning. You will suffer through great pain your body still hasn’t forgotten. If you succeed? You will be rewarded greatly. If you fail? I don’t wish to see your face in another guild ever again.

Charon: After everything? Backing down would be the move that proves me unworthy.

Esperanto: And you accept all the consequences that will come of this?

Charon: I do.

Esperanto: Excellent… do take care Mr. Reaper… I wish for your success in the end.

You feel yourself dragged into a slumber…

You feel everything shrinking...

The smell of your family home...

That very fateful day.

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