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[NEWSLETTER] June 2021
JUNE 2021[Image: image.png]
Huh? Whazappinin.... oh right, it's June. 
Wait, it's June!
[Image: text.gif]
[Image: ribbonbow.gif][Image: dance.gif][Image: jacks.gif][Image: pridean.gif][Image: pride8.gif][Image: pdother10.gif][Image: pride.gif][Image: pride1.gif]

We got some stuff done in May (and the first week of June, oops). Introduced some new stuff, updated some old stuff, kept up with things that are important to us. Hopefully this easy list of updates makes referencing a breeze for y'all! As always, you can find the last month's newsletter over here.
[Image: pride_bars.gif]

TCP Type Additions (4 new!)
Character Design Additions:
[Image: image.png]

Uhm well, it's pride month. Bby. Aside from that, hoo boy.
We've been churnin' out the content for y'all at a pretty decent pace this month. Between weird financial and medical crises that seem to always happen to at least two of us at any given time, moving to new places (good job Mraof), and constantly coming up with new ideas for different concepts and things for the community, we've kind of been all over the place! Rin et. al have been working on all the usual projects, Felid Factor, Fantasy Cascade, TCPDex etc. They've been working with Como and Ari in their joint projects as well, like Maybequest (which finished part one! Go check that out.)

[Image: image.png]
Speaking of Ari, gosh they've been prolific lately! Brought Oubliette back after a hiatus of sorts, worked on Prismic Sanctum, and launched a new project about a paranormal organization named UMIRA (the most recent update of which is probably the funniest thing on this website). On top of all the collab and behind the scenes work they've been doing, they're really passionate about what they're making! If only you could see the big ol' Void Session character chart they sketched out for us. They got a lot goin' on, basically.

[Image: image.png]

Between working on commissions and updates while bouncing between his job and McDonald's free wifi, Knux has been hard at work planning and helping the team set things up behind the scenes. He's still got his secret project that I don't know about. What're you doing there, Knux? Who knows. We'll see soon enough! Same with Zen too, they've been tooling around more with Unity and their own secret project, as well as helping out with Void Session structure work.
Como has also been doing all of the above, heh. He's writing with just about everyone and working on his own projects, in between visiting his family and doing his Como stuff. You know how it goes.

Anywho, that's a decent enough update on where things stand so far I think. Personally, I'm really happy you're with us to share in the things we make and the community we've all built together. You're rad, don't ever let yourself believe otherwise. See y'all in July! ....Hopefully earlier next time, heh.

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