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-| U.M.I.R.A. |-
How long has Vigil had consciousness, what's the earliest thing she remembers? Seconding placing the X in top right

"is there any place you'd like to visit someday?"

"Do you eat and if so is there anything you'd like to try that I can add to the grocery list?"

Now tell her this joke: a guy walks into a funeral and asks the widow if he can say a word. She agrees so he walks up and says "abundance". The widow smiles and says: "thanks, that means a lot"

X in a corner
You idly drum on your snout with the pen while you think of a move.

"How's having a body?"
"I like it. It's my first.
...Probably the only one I'll have, so I can't exactly compare.
But I'm enjoying it.
It's nice to be able to move something as my own."

She holds up her hand in front of her face, opening and closing her claws robotically as she watches.

"Feeling muscles and nerves pull and pulse about in response to it.
It's a little exhilarating, in a way.
Not being without one, I'm sure you wouldn't know."


You move your hand as she did, and feel a little sick.
"God, now you got me like... thinking about having muscles and nerves and all that."
"I've cursed you. Have fun."
"Though, you don't actually have those, for the record."
"Concepts don't have--"
"Right. Riiiight rightright."
"You're basically just a weird, empty bag."
"Yeah, well, you're--
Of course I, don't have those.
Nerves are boring, anyways."

"Okay, Herrera."

Another question hits you as you jot down your move.
"Do you uh..." 
You suddenly lose confidence in the question, but it finds its way out regardless, your face scrunching up. 
She cocks her head, squinting at you as she mimics your odd tone.
"Cool. ...Cool."
You can't work up the nerve to ask 'how'.

Instead, you hand the tray back to her.

"Sooo you... worried about anything?
'Specially with the new body and all that, bet there's a lot going through your head."

"Oh, plenty."
You hang on, expecting a list, but get nothing.

"Do... you wanna talk about any--"
"Cool. Yep. I didn't want to, either, actually.
I mean, not that--
I didn't want to... bother you. 
About it."

"Then why did you ask?"
Your proxy watches you struggle to think of a response, clearly enjoying the show.
"Seemed... like... the nice? 
Thing to do?
For you, I mean.
Since you're new... here."

She doesn't respond, but you think you can see a tiny smile.
Either she liked your response, or was enjoying tormenting you. 

Possibly both.

As she ponders her move, a realization hits you; something you'd really like to know.
"Wait a sec; what's your earliest memory?"
"What's yours?" She fires back instantaneously.

The question blindsides you.

You have no idea.

Probably something from when you were a kid, though you can't remember much from back then.
Could be school.
Or your old friends, none of which stuck.
Or, time spent with your family.
It's difficult to place which singular snippet that hits you comes first chronologically.
And frankly, you'd rather not think about your past right now.

"Not an easy question, is it?"
"Well, but you've kinda got... a lot less than me, though, right?
You wince, feeling guilty right away for mentioning it.
But, you already started the train of thought, and you feel like not finishing it would make it come off worse.
"So it... uh... 
...shouuld be... easier to..."

Your volume erodes away the longer you speak, your voice attempting escape.
"...narrow it down?

why exactly do you feel the need to blurt out the FIRST THING that pops into your head
please just THINK

Vigil's posture droops ever-so-slightly, as if she's trying to hide how much that affected her.
kill me
"...It isn't by choice... you know."
"Right. No, yeah, totally. I get it."
You rub the back of your neck.

She sighs and puts the pencil down, looking up as she searches her mind.
"...Earliest I can think of at the moment, if I were to try and order them, would be your voice.
Sometimes entire one-sided conversations you'd have with me, sometimes just a phrase or two, or just the vibration from your voice.
But there are other things.
Images of road signs and puddles, the feeling of warmth from sunlight, a name.
And still more that are too fuzzy to discern."

She picks up the pencil once more, finally jotting down her move before passing the tray.
"Is that what you wanted to know, then?"

[Image: W1j58gm.png]

"Yeah, no, it's... interesting.
Just makes me think like... is there any place you wanna visit?
Down the road or whatever."

Vigil once again drifts into deep thought, taking a little time to respond.
"I vaguely remember a big cave system.
One lit up with lots of colored lights.
There were trams down there, and some sections where you could explore on your own.
It was very pretty, I'd definitely like to go there myself."

Hold up.
You snap your claws repeatedly, the words on the tip of your tongue. 
"Division Caverns!" You blurt out.
"I haven't been there in years.
How would you have seen it?"

"Probably from you. Your memories."
"...My what?"
"Your memories.
Proxies can pick up memories from those that summon them, especially when a proxy becomes conscious."

She shrugs. "It happens."
"So you just... know things?
About me?
Like stuff I did, or--?"

"Herrera, it's really not anything to worry about.
It can be a natural part of the process."

You are worried.

You can continue talking with Vigil - you're sure there's plenty left to say. 

Though you need to make a move as well.
x in bottom right corner, and also bite the bullet and ask what else vigil knows about you, may as well get on the same footing here
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
Maybe go for some lighter. conversation. How about that weather. Being all weathery.

Move: X in the bottom right corner.
does this include passwords and bank details
21 years old, new team member, programmer/artist/a lot of things
holding a raffle here
my gallery

ask if she's upset with you. does she like you? does she not like you? did she see something in your memories that makes her not like you OH NO
"So like... bank details? Passwords?"
She rolls her eye.
"If there's anything along those lines, I can't remember it off the top of my head.
As I said, you shouldn't worry so much."

You're still worried, but decide to shift to any other conversation topic.

"...How ...'bout the..."
You glance around, spotting the window. 

With a single look, you can tell she knows you're having trouble.

"We aren't required to talk, you know.
Sitting in silence is fine, too."

"Nahhh, it's cool!
I'm... enjoying this talk." 

It's not entirely a lie. Technically.
But a twinge of guilt hits you regardless.

Vigil eyeballs you.

Her ability to read you is uncanny.
She doesn't bring it up, though. 

Her shoulders rise and fall in a noiseless sigh.
"I like the rain.
Though, I wish it would escalate into a storm.
I miss thunderstorms."

Memories spring forth into your head.
Of many nights spent huddled in your old neighbor's storm cellar:  
alone and scared, while your family was typically out of town.

Best not to think about it.

"...Yeah rain's good," you answer quickly.
You draw in your X without really paying attention, then pass the tray.

Vigil takes the tray with her claws and glances down at the paper.
" lucky--"
She shakes her head as she pouts.
"Well, now it's a draw.
Can't believe you happened to pick a corner."


She scoots a little closer, showing you the paper.
"See, since you picked that spot, we'd end up blocking each other for the rest of the game.
Like this,"
she taps each spot, scribbling in each move in turn until the game ends in a tie.
"If you went in any other spot besides one of the two corners, I would've won.
I had you all but dead to rights!"

You stare at the page, not really understanding.

"...I'm just that good."
"Oh, shut it." Vigil can't help but snicker despite herself.

She rubs the side of her head.
"Well... at any rate, it's getting late.
Probably good to turn in here.
Don't we have to get up early for work?"

You swivel to check the clock on the microwave.

It's already after midnight.
"Shit, bed, yes. Yep.

Man, I didn't even notice it was getting this late..."

You hop off of the couch and motion to Vigil.
"Here, scoot."
She stands up, folds up her chair and moves out of the way, setting the tray aside.

You toss the cushions and start unfolding the pull-out bed from the couch.
"You were out for a while.
At least you had some extra sleep already."

You don't feel rested at all.
In fact, you feel exhausted, and your head's still throbbing a little from earlier.

When the bed finally flops down, an impending predicament hits you.
You turn your head to find Vigil looking between you and the bed.

"...Don't worry about me, you can--"
"I'll take the floor," you blurt out.
Her brow raises. "You're... sure about that?"
I'll, uh..." 

You find the couch cushions on the floor.
Scooting them over to what little space there is in your tiny apartment, you line them up.
You toss a few blankets from the closets over the cushions,
finishing it off with an extra pillow for your head.

You toss your phone onto the charger nearby and flop atop the makeshift bed.

It is not comfortable.
But you don't really care.
You're tired, and it's less awkward this way.

You turn over to find the TV-headed creature towering over you,
and you bury your instinctive sense of panic.
"...Not going to change into your pajamas?"
"Nah, I'm good."

With the curtains drawn,
your little room of an apartment is nearly pitch-black.

In the pithy bit of light that emanates from your microwave,

you can see Vigil.
A monstrous, looming shadow
making its way closer,
heading for the bed.

You wish the sight didn't scare you so much.

You roll over onto your side and close your eyes.

The cheap bed creaks next to you as she lays atop it, blanket rustling.

[Image: DciFWT7.jpg]

Rain pours down the windows in the dark apartment.

Despite how tired you are, you can't sleep.

Something is nagging at you.

"...seriously, uh...
What d'you know about me?"

"Do you want a list?"
"...No, but, uh..."

"Are you upset with me?
I figure... y'know...

...Probably saw somethin' in my memory that made you...



"...Rest assured,
how I feel about you has little to do with your memory."

that does not sound promising

"...So you uh..."
You rub the back of your neck.
"Aren't... a fan."

The rain sounds louder in the silence,

as you wait for a response.

"...It's complicated."

"How's it--"
"We should be asleep already, Herrera."

"Yeah, sounds..." 
You move your claws over to cover your head as you turn away. 


[Image: 2Ap8SaI.jpg]

You just can't leave it alone.

"...I know I screw up a lot.

So, if it's... 

anything I..."

"Goodnight, Herrera."


You sink into the blankets and close your eyes.

It's much colder than you imagined it'd be, 
especially since you used all of the extra blankets to pad the cushions, 
so you have nothing to cover yourself but your clothes.

You drift off anyway.

Shower's running.
You can hear it.

That's the first thing you think of when your alarm wakes you up.

The second thing you think of
is the ungodly amount to which your back hurts.

You reach over lazily on your terrible little excuse for a bed, 
and snag your phone after a few tries.

With your alarm off,
you grunt and pull yourself up to your feet.

God, you hurt.

...Air mattress.
You have to get one after work today.

Usually, you take a shower the second you get up.
It helps you wake up a little.
But... it's occupied at the moment.

Vigil's in there.

Well, you definitely need to take a quick one before work.
You could knock.
Let her know you need in there fairly soon, before you leave.

...Though, after last night,
you're hesitant to interact at all, really.

Maybe you shouldn't bother her.

You could try and make some breakfast,
to pass the time while you wait.
...You could make her something, maybe.

You have no idea what she likes, though.

Little decisions like this shouldn't be so nerve-wracking, you think.
make some breakfast and pray she's out soon, keep it simple and easy for her to refuse without feeling like she's wasting anything
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
Make something simple that can be stored in the fridge as a snack for yourself later, just in case she doesn't like it. Fix yourself something as well, might as well eat while you're waiting.
Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle I will stab your feet

[Image: WOxKePR.png] [Image: DGVV5eJ.png]

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