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[RESOURCE] Character Development Template
here is a form you can use to help develop your characters...complete with morbit-specific advice for making them and giving them depth! an intermediate, advanced, and ver
advanced section are planned as well- stay tuned!

On Morbit, “traditional” names typically consist of words, with nouns being the most common and adjectives being a little less so. Names more standard to what we have on Earth are considered more modern! Last names are very much optional to Morbitians, and are more common in some cultures than others (see: de’moneres, neuroths, mothlies), especially when family ties are considered important. Changing a name is also pretty easy!

Check the wiki and worldbuilding sections of the forum for species options- we have tons to choose from! Feel free to make hybrids or your own species morphs/variants/TCP typings as well- as long as it isn’t harmful or copyrighted, the sky’s the limit!

Any pronouns are welcome on Morbit, though we recommend that pronouns are compatible with a screen reader for accessibility purposes (no emojis/images). 

Check a species’ development thread/wiki page for lifespan information- most species hit maturity around age 18 for the sake of keeping things simple, and TCPs mature at different personal rates due to exposure and individual factors.  

Home Zone:
Where does your character live? You can look on the wiki or in the worldbuilding forum to see what kind of zones we have to offer (though they’re still very in the works). Feel free to include state, town, etc- but you can go into more granular housing in the next section. It’s also a-okay if they travel!

Describe your character as a person...but you can do it as simply or as complicated as you like! We recommend at minimum choosing three adjectives for your character as a starting point, and if you like, you can build from there. You can always return to this section as you build on the rest of the form!

What does your character like, and enjoy doing? We recommend at least three likes for this section, and they can be anything! Try to get things that both feel immediately right for the character...and might surprise people!

What does your character dislike, and avoid doing? We recommend at least three dislikes for this section, and they can also be anything! Similarly to likes, getting things that could surprise people are just as important as the ones that feel obvious- balance is key!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]

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