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Knux's Cat-Related Anecdotes [pet death mentions]
Why this thread? My cat Pickle passed away recently and I mentioned in the Discord chat that there were a lot of good stories I could share about him. I figured it might be a decent way to process things, and also give other people a bit of a laugh in the process. I'm doing this here on the forums because I don't want to clog the dangerzone channel, and the format here makes people feel less obligated to respond. I'm not necessarily looking for people to respond to this thread (although you can if you like), it's more meant for people to read through and enjoy, myself included.

Rossinante- Rossinante, or Rossin for short, was my mother's cat. By the time I was born, she was already rather old and set in her ways. She was a longhair siamese cat, and lived to the age of 22.

Pickle- I got Pickle when I was 4 years old, and we were friends for his entire life. He was timid around strangers, but gentle and kind to those he knew. He was a grey tabby cat, and lived to the age of 16.

Cucumber- Cucumber came in 2010 after Rossinantae passed. He was an energetic and playful kitten, but has since become somewhat whiny and aggressive. He is white with orange splotches, and is currently 10.

Olive- Olive was found in our backyard, presumably left by one of the stray cats in out neighborhood. After raising and bottle-feeding her ourselves, she has become a playful (if somewhat frenetic) adult. She is a black mediumhair tabby, and is currently 5.
The Cricket [cw: bug violence]
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If I think of any more good anecdotes, I'll add them to this post, behind a spoiler for easy browsing. Thank you for reading!
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