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[FANDEV] Domains + Motifs
in which we discuss domains and motifs...everyone's favorite aspect of morbit gods! what domains and motifs do your characters have? what domains and motifs would you have? how do these play into passive and active abilities, and their physical forms? what does it mean to them as a person? did they have the option to choose these qualities purposefully on formation or were they chosen for them? or maybe you just want to discuss ideas! the possibilities are endless!

gonna throw my own hat into the ring with my godsona, dysthanasia- dys is a type C collective high god, which means they're basically a DID system working with the morbit god system, with each system member having their own set of motifs and domains and a form that shifts to accommodate. dys' specific set of domains is survival and creativity, which is based on the fact that i really, really love creating stuff (no shit) and that no matter what, i'll try to pull through and survive anything- this manifests in a sort of "focus band" ability that allows dys to survive things that would normally kill anyone else. due to them having no real believers/faith (thanks to keeping their god status a secret), they're in a constant sickly state, but this ability allows them to hang on despite that, and manage to live on in day to day life. their creativity domain manifests in spontaneous generation and manifestation of ideas, sometimes in ways that are inconvenient and extremely hard to control. this includes things like bringing toys to life and entire drawings becoming landscapes for them to explore in headspaces and dreams. i'm not sure what sort of high god-tier active manipulation of either domain they have, but considering they don't really have any follower power to work with, it probably wouldn't go well anyway. they feel pretty overwhelmed by the whole god thing in general, to be honest, and consider both domains to be overwhelming things to be dealt with more than actually beneficial things that keep them alive and capable. 

motif-wise, they have lineart and slime. some of their clothing and glasses are made of tangible lineart, and their body is made up entirely of slime that they only have complete control over on good health days (not often). they don't have very good motif control in general outside of stuff in an immediate range, despite being a high god, and prefer to keep things to themself regardless. any motif manipulation is typically used to customize their appearance and is done within their apartment, away from prying eyes, and only enough to pass as a weird construct or some foreign species that no one's ever heard of.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
It's interesting to see how Domains seem to drive gods through both their desires and the way they experience life. I wonder how much the constraints and scope of this differs between powerful/knowledgable gods and those that have little power or do not even know they are gods?

I have two currently in the works for my fan region - Atisch and an unnamed greater diety.

Atisch was a lesser diety located in Torrent, invited to assist the greater god of the zone with containment and mitigation of the intense scrap storms the zone is infamous for.

Her domains were Warnings and Monuments, the first resulting from her imitation of Fiends due to restriction of information during her formation. My plan with these domains was produce a character that could drive a plot in an urban area, and had reason to be in the aforementioned zone. Interest in constructs and witches drove a lot of the design for her current state, which I am unsure of  how much to reveal.

She was known to be able to detect risks to people and scrap-borne devices in the area surrounding her, and convey these to other people through illumination. One known side effect of this was the amplification of anxieties and tenseness in those performing tasks, and breakdowns would result in loss of control of the ability and intrusive thought emission.

The second came from a long career in infrastructure design and regulation, having worked through the ranks of the maintenance arm of her zone of origin's government. The heavy focus on failure modes and tendancy to ensure that staff under her recieved quality information on projects gained her a reputation as a useful counterbalance to more populist attitudes within the organisation, though her superiors often exploited her native domain effects by placing her in areas becoming complacent with reporting.

As an occupation-based domain, it's influence was limited to instinctive styles of procedures relating to the development of buildings and support structures. The need for concrete and useful organisation in Torrent resulted in her being offered transferral there after dealings with underground elements came to light.

The lamp motif manifested as sections of her body being replaced with transparent cavities filled with a gas that could glow or flash at will, and she was able to trigger lights to activate at a distance with some effort. The truss motif allowed her to sense what things were mounted on, and she had a tendancy to use this to navigate buildings by walking on top of or clinging to structural supports. While she had habitual and practiced control of her motifs a tendancy to over-rely on them caused issues with fatigue.

As for the Unnamed greater diety? I'm thinking their domains should be Cooperation and Intricacy, with the motifs of Crowds and Gimmicks. They are the creator of the clumpbird species, a dimunitive avianoid species with the ability to fly and stick to others of the same group.
there's a lot of really cool stuff here!! crowds are a super cool motif wondering how those could be worked with in motif manipulation in higher god tiers, honestly
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]

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