Tiny Cat People: Void Session

By skinstealer

VOIDSY: Spit’s many things, but she seems easily distracted.
VOIDSY: Are there other things going on that require her attention?
CHELSEA: Well…you’re both wrong and right at the same time.
CHELSEA: She is easily distracted, but when she really gets interested in something, she has a tendency to fixate.
CHELSEA: The only reason why she had to put the game down for now was to do something about a “brand new master plan”, and I dread to think of what that means for the citizens of Consumption.
CHELSEA: If we’re lucky, we have a few hours, but she’ll be right back to this soon enough.
CHELSEA: Though…
CHELSEA: There are ways to draw her away from the game itself, but w- I wouldn’t be in control of the console, providing I’d be doing the distraction.
CHELSEA: Attempting to fight her would be effective in the sense of her getting into torturing me, but there’s a good chance it would knock me out of the game entirely.
CHELSEA: I could make up some kind of problem, but she’d figure me out fast. She’s not stupid.
CHELSEA: …or I could start a fight with her head cultist. He’s had it too good for too long, and he operates on a hair trigger.
CHELSEA: I’ll still likely get beaten for it, but if I can make it…

They grimace.

CHELSEA: Funny, she may give me a pass.
CHELSEA: I guess that’ll be my plan.
CHELSEA: And you have yours.
CHELSEA: Thank you for talking to me, but now’s the time to act.
CHELSEA: Godspeed.

Before you can even get a goodbye in, they’ve hung up on you.

Time to get back to it.

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