Tiny Cat People: Void Session

By skinstealer

The corner of their mouth twitches up into a smile, but only for a moment.

CHELSEA: I like that.
VOIDSY: When it comes to emergencies, also…it’d be a good idea to make emergency plans for evacuating, reconvening, etc…
VOIDSY: We need to make sure that even if communication’s disrupted, our TCPs can still take care of themselves. 
CHELSEA: You want to encourage as little reliance on you as possible, while still giving them a support system.
VOIDSY: There’s just one more thing, off the top of our heads…
VOIDSY: Why don’t you just…have Spit’s TCPs meet up and discuss options? Spit’s not watching them-
CHELSEA: No, but she has her hooks in them pretty badly.
CHELSEA: That, and only Hark was allowed to talk at first.
CHELSEA: I gave Chops the skill for it once I was sure I could get them to run away, but Writhe, Raw, and Bile weren’t given it either- or at least, until you gave Raw and Writhe it yourself.
CHELSEA: I’m planning on giving the skill to Bile myself, but…

They grimace a little.

CHELSEA: I…want to work with him a little more first. He very clearly doesn’t trust me and I fear that the second he gets the skill and the opportunity, he’s going to tell on me.
CHELSEA: I might be able to pass it off as me just…not knowing how to interact with nonverbal TCPs, but considering Bile’s nosy as it gets and has probably seen me taking care of Chops through all the secret passageways in the pit…

They shake their head, clearly at a loss.

CHELSEA: It’s a delicate situation.
CHELSEA: I can encourage it with Writhe and Raw though, now that you have them and I can easily pass the blame on teaching them onto you.
CHELSEA: But…Bile and Hark are both horribly, horribly brainwashed, and I’m going to need more time.
CHELSEA: They’re going to be the hard ones to turn.

They pause for a moment, choosing their words carefully.

CHELSEA: You’re…good with TCPs.
CHELSEA: I’m good with understanding Spit’s tactics, and I seem to have gained Chops’ trust, but…
CHELSEA: I haven’t exactly had the best track record with…”parenting”.
CHELSEA: Not that this is one-to-one, of course- but there is a sense of raising someone up, albeit rapidly.
CHELSEA: I hate to ask but, do you have any ideas- keeping in mind that we don’t have time for things like games or diversions- on how to break through to those two?

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