Tiny Cat People: Void Session

By skinstealer

VOIDSY: How about out of game?
MILLER: It’s pretty straightforward...motifs are determined based on your form, and you can control them based on your tier. Lesser gods, like me, usually just control what already exists, be it on our forms or around us.
MILLER: Greater gods can do that even better than we can, and can create their motifs from nothing! Of course, there’s outliers- Eastwood for example is strong enough to do it without needing to be a greater god.
EASTWOOD: I trained for a long time to be able to do that. Don’t expect it to be something you’re capable of.
MILLER: Not yet, anyway!

MILLER: You either pick your domains out yourself, or they’re determined for you by the god that makes you- in your case, you got to collectively decide.
MILLER: You get both active and passive powers from your domains, but that depends on tier too. Most lesser gods only have passive abilities, and greater gods get active ones. High gods have intense amounts of power in that department!
MILLER: You don’t get to pick your powers, though. No two gods will have the same powers, even if their domains and motifs are the exact same!
VOIDSY: Motifs seem really active, and domains really passive...is there any chance of domains doing anything without you noticing? We’re a little worried about that, considering the discord motif.
MILLER: I mean...yeah! Some powers can’t be controlled at all, especially if you have things based on emotions.
MILLER: I think worrying about the discord thing is valid, but you shouldn’t work yourself up over it too much until you’re physical.

VOIDSY: What’s the point of domains, anyway? It looks like once you pick them, that’s it...who even set this up?
MILLER: No one knows!
MILLER: You can’t change them once you’ve got a form, or your motifs for that matter...
MILLER: There’s a lot of theories out there, but I guess I’m grateful to whoever made us this way!
MILLER: I love my powers, and how I can help people with them. I want to get even stronger, so I can be a good leader someday!
MILLER: This game’s going to be great practice for me, and I’m excited for all the things I’m going to learn, and the friends I’m going to make.
MILLER: I won’t give up for anything, that’s for sure!

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