Tiny Cat People: Void Session

By skinstealer

VOIDSY: How do domains and motifs interact with eachother- do they stack, or anything like that?
VOIDSY: Like...what about us stealing faces? We have the masks and the empty space and identity-
MILLER: Whoa, whoa! That’s a really cool idea, but I think you’re overthinking it a little!
MILLER: Domain and motif interactions are totally a thing, but they’re not really that conscious or automatically known!
MILLER: It can be a real pain to explore what you’re capable of, but it could be really fun as well! You just have to keep a good attitude and be open to trying weird things.
MILLER: I know you’ll be good at that once you become physical...you’re a collective, which means you’ve got even more brainstorming potential than most people! That’s the way I see it, anyway.
VOIDSY: Do we have to be physical to use any cool powers?
MILLER: As far as I know, yes.
MILLER: You can probably experiment with domains and motifs on your own body a little, but most powers require people to be within range of each other. Does that make sense?
MILLER: A video call is communication, but it’s still long distance- and you can’t get more long distance than a whole plane of reality away!

VOIDSY: What exactly gets buffed by our domains and motifs? What about location, strategies, things like that?
MILLER: Mostly items and TCPs, looks like.
MILLER: But, it doesn’t hurt to play with things like your environment! Messing around with things, even if it doesn’t give you a boost, gives you a better idea of how to use your abilities, and may even help you do a little self discovery.
MILLER: I’m already learning all sorts of things, just by going hard on how much I work with my motifs and domains!

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