Geezer returns with snacks and a baseball bat.

Charon: Do you really need all that?
Geezer: I'm hungry.
Charon: I meant the bat, what're you expecting to happen?
Geezer: If something goes wrong you need a backup plan, right? I'm covering any holes in the plan. 
Charon: You… actually have the right idea here. Mostly, I don't think it'd do that much but the thought counts really.
Geezer: If I'm going to bug you like this, might as well help where I can. Mind if I scoot in?
Charon: Go ahead!

He sits down next to you, snacks and the bat by his side.

Geezer: So where were you last visit? Never saw you around even during dinner.
Charon: I keep to myself I guess, most of you seem a bit sporty and I don't do well with that.
Geezer: Like to be the quiet kid?
Charon: Little bit I suppose…
Geezer: You don't play outside much, huh?
Charon: It's a bit hard when most of you doesn't work like it should.. most's not there really.
Geezer: Ah… yeah, sorry about that, lemme shift the subject quick. Tell me about that weird Radio there? I want to know all the witchy stuff here.

He points toward the add-on you've slapped on top of the TV.

Charon: Ah, I set that up while you were getting something to eat! That's to help pick up signals, otherworldly stuff.
Geezer: …..What?
Charon: People sometimes get weird transmissions… usually it's someone messing around but with the right tweaks and tuning you can pick up something…
Geezer: Cursed?
Charon: Something from another side! Sometimes people from long and far away…
Geezer: Like a recording?
Charon: A little bit more than that. Haven't had too much success with it. Sometimes I get weird numbers on loop, or ballgames from years that haven't happened…
Geezer: That's creepy.
Charon: It's funny too! Once I got this song about dogs escaping prison.. they all got out at once and nobody knows who did it. Recorded it too! It's kinda bad quality but if you wanna hear them, I got them.
Geezer: Really? You have them here?
Charon: I can pull them out after this. There's one I like that's kinda long… kinda sounds like…..
Geezer: Like?

You clear your throat and give it a crack.

Charon: ♪ Was it polemically sent? I want to know what you meant! I want to know, I want to know what you meaaaaant! ♪
Geezer: Sounds goofy.
Charon: Then you got one that goes; ♪ Nothing really matters! Anyone can seeeee! Nothing really matters…. Nothing really matters, to meeeee! ♪
Geezer: Kinda surprised you're not embarrassed singing to someone you barely know.
Charon: I mean I know I'm not great but I need to pitch it somehow, right? They're really so good when you hear them proper! They really are! 
Geezer: If they get you to just belt one out raw, they must be pretty special.
Charon: Yeah…
Geezer: So, How's your setup?
Charon: Mostly done! Just waiting for midnight to light it up.