Masa Con Papas - A Partially True Story

You are Charon Judgment.
You're mostly a dog but probably not and you're about to play god. Book of Law, Book of Shadows, Book of Life, they're all about to get slapped. Now granted, what's about to go down shouldn't be much more than high definition smoke and mirrors but you like to think it's a lot more exciting and consequential.

Your older "cousin" Geezer is over, one of many to visit town for the summer. Unlike most of the others he's staying with you and your Grandma. He's a bit nosy but you're confident he won't snitch and you've wanted to flex one of your little "chemistry" experiments. Play up the whole thing a bit, make a good impression and look cool to your peers. Besides, he's been quiet really for the most part. Maybe a bit too much.

Charon: You're not going to ask anything?
Geezer: See I wanna, but then I'd be complicit.
Charon: If something goes down, you tried your best to save my soul.
Geezer: That… isn't real assuring.
Charon: It's all small scale and legal.
Geezer: What are you even trying to summon here with that… potato homunculi? You gonna make a hair ghost come out of the screen?
Charon: That'd be nice, but nope.

He snickers at you.

Geezer: Going to remember that when the sheriff gets called in.
Charon: You mean grandma?
Geezer: Yep. Twenty-Five years without allowance. Fifth-teen with enough good behavior.
Charon: She's won't mind as long as I don't leave a mess. She won't know either.
Geezer: That's REALLY not assuring. For real, what's going on?
Charon: I'm trying to invoke the true form.
Geezer: ….What?

Charon: Plenty of people talk about little bits of spirits left behind by remains right? Scraps, and shreds, and leftovers. In the right conditions, they're a way to convey the ideal of the inner self. The you that's stronger, the one that isn't in the body but in the mind, heart, and soul. Everyone has one in theory even if most will never get to see that happen right? That's where life goals are.
Geezer: Sounds like some kind of self help thing.
Charon: It's more than that! The you that you believe in… the you that you want to be… the you that you really are… the you that you're afraid until it's finally here… everyone's is a little different I guess and I wanna see what mine is. Maybe the truth, maybe the ideal, and maybe the envoy of the end itself… imagine it..

Geezer: So you're going to commit a crime against god?
Charon: Gods, plural.
Geezer: Nice. Hook me up sometime with this setup and I'll keep quiet.
Charon: Mm. It's gonna take a bit of waiting so get comfy. You know where everything is?
Geezer: Yeah, going to grab a snack so hold up for me.