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skinstealer journal- a misc collection of postings
percy mortis

thinking a lot about old style blogging lately. about how social media used to be, and the fact that our interests remain in a weird quantum state of "being talked about frequently but desiring deeper engagement even if it's just with ourselves." we've run a dreamwidth account before and did very much enjoy that, but didn't stick with it for whatever reason. tumblr blogging feels like it falls under shit that's just too close to Modern Social Media Tactics and maybe we just want to have a little corner of the web that's ours to post stuff in. as it turns out, we do in fact have a website and that website has a forum and you can make little blog posts on forums. no one can stop you!

so fair warning: this is gonna get self indulgent. really self indulgent.

we'll try to image describe where we can!

things this blog will probably contain
- petz gameplay and graphics experiments (vs Hexing Work, see petz general thread for that)
- second life avatars, adventures, photography, etc
- misc OC work unrelated to official projects
- pokemon, especially romhacks/randomizers/fangames
- system ramblings, both on mundane shit (probably nothing super personal, just things we'd casually talk about in morbchat anyway and think is interesting for people to know) and "mechanical" stuff- we find it's really valuable to read about how other systems work, and would love to contribute our own stuff to the discussion
- toys, both collecting, photography, etc
- rambles about object sentience and attachments
- kin....things....? maybe?
subject to change and include more stuff. enjoy, and feel free to comment/discuss!

today's topic...i'm revisiting a personal pet i made last year as an attempt to make a petz "kinsona" i could use for photography. i decided to make a cat based on the animal crossing wild world horse mackerel, seeing as i've got big time feelings about a lot of our experiences with that game. aquatic cats seem to be a big thing for me, and i had a lot of fun making this guy...and then proceeded to do absolutely zero things with him. he doesn't even have a name yet! but now he is here, and i'm going to try playing with him a little every day while fronting. i hope you like him!
[Image: 2_14_02_24_2_13_25.png]
[image description: a collage of petz screencaps, featuring an unnamed petz hex based on the animal crossing horse mackerel. he's a soft looking, chunky cat with big, shiny fish eyes, blushing cheeks, a dorsal fin, and a little fish tail. he's got a blue gradient on his body, with white and yellow accents. he's in a mix of poses, but they all show off his massive, silly eyes. to top off the nautical feel, there's a AC:WW wallpaper texture depicting a seafaring ship for a background.]

trying something a little new with the graphics here...what do you think? i think if i make any more animal crossing guys ('d be fun to make him an apple companion, or something more based on fashion design for krowling...or more fish and bugs!) i'll do similarly for a background, seeing as the textures are pretty readily available on nookipedia, and they look super nice!

[Image: 2_14_02_24_2_13_33.png]
[image description: more screencaps of the horse mackerel cat, this time wearing orange heart glasses and a matching starry party hat. he is playing, sleeping and posing! the background's also changed to a seaside wallpaper texture.]

dressup was fairly simple. i considered trying a proper sweater/pants combo like we usually do, but it didn't feel right to cover his body gradient. maybe i'll make some proper animal crossing shirts for him to wear. orange seems to be a good accent color, which is awesome considering it's a favorite of mine. plaid orange shirt maybe...

[Image: 2_14_02_24_2_13_44.png]

[image description: another collage of the horse mackerel cat on the same background, this time featuring silly faces and a new toy based off of a horse mackerel 3D model.]

@gyiyg hexed us a special toy for this guy!! he is so spoiled already. he loves playing with it and i hope he loves this thing forever. it looks so good next to him!

[Image: 2_14_02_24_2_13_54.png]

[image description: one last petz collage, featuring the horse mackerel cat making disgusted faces at a little mouse treat. he hates it.]

last discovery of right now: this guy fucking hates most food. he is picky as hell. he apparently has high food finickiness, which we're not super familiar with! our toxic trait is not actually feeding our petz often, whoops. but this guy HATES most treats and we've yet to figure what types he's actually good with. maybe another thing to hex him when we do figure it out? extremely funny though considering my attachments to food and being a lazy villager.

but yeah, this guy! please tell us your thoughts on this guy. open to name suggestions, but i'd like it to be animal crossing themed in some way.
one more thing: some custom infinite fusion plushes we ordered got here today!

[Image: 2_14_02_24_2_14_03.png]
[image description: two infinite fusion plushes facing the camera, based on porygon-z/jolteon fusions. they have wide eyes and little noses! the one on the left is relic, a blue and red poryeon, and the one on the right is phong, a white, purple and yellow one.]

we love them very much! they're about beanie baby size, and are made to take a variety of poses without needing wire. we'll probably take lots of photos of these guys.

off to go watch yu-gi-oh with como and write a oneshot! enjoy!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
percy mortis's valentine's day! we're mainly just hanging out with como today...ordered some nice food and are working on a gay oneshot with opera and faint. it's a saucy one!

but...i wanted to play some petz, to celebrate a holiday with a virtual animal for the first time in ages. i decided: what better way to break in our new "turbo-personal crew" (as opposed to our morbit crew and our pokemon crew and our gameplay crew that we never actually use for gameplay and etc etc...) than have my little guy mackerel meet the others...and maybe find love! or something.

let's see how it went...
[Image: 2_15_02_24_3_15_52.png]
[image description: a petz screencap collage with a "lovely wall" background from animal crossing wild world. mackerel is interacting with daydream, an abstract creature made of noodle-y limbs, indigo clouds around her head, and a blue and red color scheme. the two of them are playing, and seem pretty happy to interact.]

first round went well! daydream doesn't have any system member claiming her yet, and we haven't really bonded with her at all...but it was cool seeing her make a friend in mackerel. they did a lot of playful gestures and seemed really happy together, and while sparks did not fly, i'm glad mackerel has SOMEBODY to hang out with.

...for reasons we will soon see.

[Image: 2_15_02_24_3_16_03.png]
[image description: another petz collage, this time featuring mackerel and fixation, a toy clown-themed pet with a primary color scheme, a twisty pipe cleaner body and tail, a clay mask face with a big smile, and a party hat on. one screencap looks neutral, but the next has mackerel pouncing on fixation and knocking him flat.]

so...fixation and mackerel do not HATE each other. but mackerel for some goddamn reason really likes pouncing on fixation and annoying the shit out of him. why? i do not know. this just keeps happening and it's always mack starting it. what is this fish's problem.

unsuccessful date. i don't even think they're friends.
[Image: 2_15_02_24_3_16_17.png]
[image description: another petz collage, featuring mackerel and heartthrob, a grody looking rooster hex with bicolor wattle and scorpion tail. her color palette is pink and brown, and she's wearing blue glasses, a blue star top, and white pants. it's very clear that the two don't like each other, with one screencap being what we call "the hate orb" where they swirl around each other in a huge fight, one with heartthrob posing proudly in front of a glaring mack, and another with the two staring each other down.]

heartthrob and mack fucking hate each other. sorry to richard, we do not have little guys in love, or even just tolerating each other. hotline miami inspo and animal crossing inspo do not mix, i guess. well, at least it's interesting.
[Image: 2_15_02_24_3_16_30.png]
[image description: a petz collage of mackerel and ire, a hex with a gray skull head with a unicorn horn and a rainbow clock face. the two petz are practically unintelligible due to both of the screencaps featured being hate orbs.]

yeah, so, mack and ire hate each other too. i don't think he's very good at this.
[Image: 2_15_02_24_3_16_45.png]
[image description: a petz collage of mack and constell, krowling's personal hex that resembles a green and black quadrupedal bat, patterned with stars both on his back legs, ears, and eyes. the two of them seem relatively neutral on each other, but do wrestle a bit.]

at least they don't hate each other. constell seems fairly neutral on mack, and vice versa. not really friends, but definitely not enemies.

date unsuccessful, but it works.

[Image: 2_15_02_24_3_17_10.png]
[image description: a petz collage of mack and teddy, rin's personal hex with a black, white and blue palette, a feline jester look, and tiger print patches. he also has heart eyes, a nighttime themed party hat, and blue and white starry pajamas! the two of them seem fairly neutral on each other, though there is a moment of teddy pouncing on mack.]

teddy and mack also don't super like each other, but they don't super hate each other either. i'm a little sad about this seeing as rin and i are primary partners in-system, but oh well! can't win em all! maybe they'd like hanging out some other time.

[Image: 2_15_02_24_3_17_25.png]
[image description: a petz collage of mack and namesake, a small cat hex with one big cutesy eye, pink and yellow starry patterns, and a sweet expression. she is also featured in a hate orb, and is shown mutually glaring down with mack.]

i'm not super surprised by the fact that namesake hates mack, but i was kind of hoping that even though she has the turbo mean alley cat personality, she might be like. actually nice, or something. nope. hates mack with a passion. unsuccessful date.

[Image: 2_15_02_24_3_17_38.png]
[image description: a petz edit with just mack in it this time, in the bottom right corner of an otherwise empty lovely wall background. he's all alone, and is curled up to sleep.]

well. he did his best. at least he made it out with a singular friend....we'll have to see how he and daydream fare going forward, but happy valentine's day, i guess!

(i don't know if we'll do these high effort posts often, but it was fun...)
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
percy mortis

these are technically from yesterday, but i was too tired to post them. maybe there will be another entry later today, who knows!
[Image: 2_16_02_24_6_15_41.png]
[image description: a picture of the relic and phong plushes in a playful pose, phong jumping on relic as relic is in a puppy-like play bow.]

took this pic of relic + phong for their etsy review- we are still completely obsessed with these guys, and have been dealing with a lot of object sentience feelings towards them...they're just our little buddies! makes us want to work on the corresponding OCs for them...maybe today while playing IF with knux? we're still waffling on how much to talk about this important part of our brain, but we'll see. either way, a cute picture for the blog.

now onto yesterday's petz gameplay session....
[Image: 2_16_02_24_6_12_32.png]
[image description: a petz collage, this one against a ringside wall backdrop from animal crossing wild world. the pet featured here is jack angler, a spindly quadruped angler fish monster with a pumpkin candy lure, huge teeth, and a pumpkin tail. he is green with dark indigo-purple accents and orange pumpkins featuring little faces. he looks fairly moody in all poses.]

yesterday i decided to begin going through the members of this special crew for this blog...mainly composed of personal petz, one offs meant to be OCs, adoptables turned hexes, and stuff from our "little guys" collection we've built up from this forum. we figure it's a good start to us approaching petz as personal characters, especially considering each of these petz is 100% one of a kind. first up on the list is Jack Angler, a design by @AceOfNothing made into a pissed off alley cat. jack's playlist seems to identify him as a rough and tumble guy, but we haven't really looked at his personality stat breakdown yet...either way, he seems to be a fighter of some sorts in our brain, even with his skinny, spindly nature. maybe those teeth cause serious damage?
[Image: 2_16_02_24_6_12_42.png]
[image description: a petz collage on the same background, this time featuring pep. pep is a solid black colored monster with off-white outlines, freckles, and eyes, and is spiky and nervous looking. in some of the images, it has a little party hat on.]

we asked shivers and como if we could include designs they helped us make in this crew as well, and both said yes: here's pep, a design como came up with for our birthday last year. it's unclear if this is a little morbit creature or just a Weird Little Thang, but it's very nervous and worried thanks to its orange shorthair personality. i really like this guy...
[Image: 2_16_02_24_6_12_58.png]
[image description: a petz collage of pep and jack angler interacting. they don't seem to dislike each other, but don't directly play together much in the pictures.]

time to introduce jack and pep...they're pretty okay with each other! they mainly just play wrestled and shared each other's idle company, but jack did seem pretty sad when pep was put away. maybe they're just peers, companions content to be by each others' side in passing. maybe they admire each others' big teeth. who knows.
[Image: 2_16_02_24_6_13_04.png]
[image description: another solo collage of jack angler, this time showing him in different clothes. he wears a black sweater and purple pants in all but two of the images,  with one featuring a yellow sweater instead and one featuring no clothes. his body language is almost always upset or angry.]

after playing with pep, it was time to figure out some clothes for jack. as it turns out, he fucking hates wearing clothes, but it's hard to tell whether it was more the dressup pissing him off or the camera. gonna need to check those stats to be sure. i kind of wish we had something along the lines of a leather jacket for him....maybe we should start a wishlist towards the ends of this post. for now, his black sweater will do.
[Image: 2_16_02_24_6_13_10.png]
[image description: a solo collage of jack angler, this time focused on food. in some of the pictures he's begging for worm-like treats based on oddballz grubz, and others he's scrutinizing a bowl of cat food.]

awesome news: jack is a trickster, aka a cat that's able to do tricks. having trickster alleys feels like a rare occurrence for us (and is usually only seen in bred ones, but we have some randomized personality stats on all of our modern hexes) but lo and behold, he loves to beg for treats and do funny animations in exchange. we haven't decided on what tricks to teach him yet, but the begging animation was really cute...

he also seemed kind of suspicious of normal food, but did mess with the bowl a bit.
[Image: 2_16_02_24_6_13_12.png]
[image description: a petz collage of heartthrob featuring a custom cat food bowl. the bowl is a dark brown with a fleshy colored "HT" drawn on it, with the kibble inside recolored to look like red meat chunks. heartthrob is enamored with the bowl in almost every screencap, playing with it, eating from it, and looking around nervously.]

we also got a custom food bowl from our petz community buddy Dew, so it was time to take out heartthrob and see what she thought of it. turns out she's a fan, though this does raise the question of what we're going to do when we get to custom food for mackerel and his picky ass. we'll have to use the favorites checker and some adjective adjustment for sure...either way, dew did an amazing job and we're excited to get more custom toys going forward! it would be a nice goal in general to spoil this crew rotten and keep track of all the little one-of-a-kind treasures they've gotten from both us and others.

(if you have an idea for a little gift, whether that's a directly hexed thing or a tiny graphic that we can turn into a toy...let us know...we may reward handsomely in forum cash)
[Image: 2_16_02_24_6_13_19.png]
[image description: petz collage of constell and heartthrob interacting. one image is just heartthrob on her own, looking dignified, another has the two of them meeting, and another is them wrestling together.]

we also decided it would be nice for these sessions to just let petz meet each other based on who comes to the pet door while playing the game, so constell got to meet heartthrob. they just kind of get along okay, and i think we might start keeping a chart or something to keep track of all this.
[Image: 2_16_02_24_6_13_28.png]
[image description: a solo collage of mackerel playing with a beach ball. he looks pretty concerned about it in one of the pictures.]

i spent a little time with mackerel towards the end, just to say hi to my guy. he played with a beach ball a bit, and was very silly about it...he's next on the getting a toy from dew list, with a custom bed inspired by punchy's old housee on the docket!

a lot more images than i was anticipating, but i think we're starting to figure out a gameplay style we like. it's hard to articulate how we feel about petz gameplay, but perhaps for another entry, either tonight or some other day....either way, thank you for reading!

the current wishlist
leather jacket- jack angler
some kind of halloween candy treat- jack angler
custom bed- mackerel (work in progress!)
veggie bag from ACNH as a holdable- mackerel (planning on getting from dew as well)
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
percy mortis

good morning, i'm here to document yesterday's gameplay session because i got Very Sick for some reason last night and couldn't post it then!

[Image: 2_17_02_24_8_48_23.png]

[image description: a petz collage of REZIDENT, an abstract quadruped made of distinct green orbs and black tubes connecting them in a wireframe-like effect. its head is triangular and long, its body has a pyramid shape, its tail looks like a constellation and its feet are flat. in this collage, it is simply posing and running around, showing off the shapes in its body. the background is black and swirly.]

yesterday's randomly selected friend to play with...REZIDENT, or REZ for short. it was designed by shivers in a little call we had a looong while back, where it directed the design. it said that we could include it in this crew, so it will get spoiled now! it's a very shy creature (confidence stat of 2...) and while it has a siamese personality, it doesn't seem all that snobby in how it acts, at least not towards us.
[Image: 2_17_02_24_8_48_30.png]
[image description: another collage of REZ, featuring it jumping around, laying down, and staring scrutinizingly at a can of cat food.]

playing with REZ was really fun, watching it move is a real treat...but we realized something problematic pretty fast. it can't actually eat from food bowls, because every time it settles down, it knocks the bowl around with its huge snout. we ended up getting a fix from @gyiyg for this, but decided not to implement it- talking with shivers prior about it lead to us kind of preferring the narrative of it having accessibility issues with certain kinds of food. this thing needs to be bottle fed and that is a okay. liquid diet!
[Image: 2_17_02_24_8_48_36.png]
[image description: another collage of REZ, all featuring it interacting with the milk bottle, whether that's running from it, drinking it, being bottle fed, or running around with it. some of the pictures also feature a beach ball, which REZ is very skeptical of.]

speaking of being bottle was VERY skeptical of the milk bottle at first due to its low confidence stat! eventually it got familiar with it, and not only took the bottle with ease, but started carrying it around as a toy/comfort object. it loves its bottle!

this of course lead us to go "oh, we should get it a custom drink", and shivers suggested we make it some monster energy in a milk bottle. as tempting as this is, we remembered queenie made a soda can off of the milk bottle...
[Image: 2_17_02_24_8_48_42.png]
[image description: another REZ collage, this one featuring REZ sipping a can of soda, becoming much a beast with much chunkier orbs, and proudly carrying the soda can around.]

the soda can toy is SO cute and we can't believe we hadn't downloaded it yet. it works great, but we underestimated how true queenie's warning of "it has the "fatty" adjective so it's similar to treats" would be. REZ turned into a Large Orb Beast as a result of its fatness slider going up to fucking 98, which made us cackle laughing and completely lose it- most of our petz are...distressingly skinny due to us having the game open and not having food bowls out, but it doesn't really affect "petz health" or happiness in the end. REZ doesn't seem to mind at all, and loves its favorite soda can. the beast can have funny soda. we Will make it monster energy.

[Image: 2_17_02_24_8_48_54.png]
[image description: a REZ collage with the creature still in Big Orb mode, sitting in a basket, looking very scared of a hoop, and sitting proudly.]

we played a little more with REZ after that, familiarizing it with objects and making it feel more at home. it's such a sweetheart, especially for a siamese personality! we really hope it can make friends next time we take it out...

the current wishlist
leather jacket- jack angler
some kind of halloween candy treat- jack angler
custom bed- mackerel (work in progress!)
veggie bag from ACNH as a holdable- mackerel (planning on getting from dew as well)
monster energy soda, based off queenie's model- REZIDENT

need something else for REZIDENT...we'll ask shivers what it thinks, but suggestions are also welcome!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
percy mortis

back again with some POKEMON OC THOUGHTS. we've been having a lot of thoughts about pokemon and a silly little worldbuild lately, and while we've been rotating around how we want to do things for a while, we've got some good ideas for structuring it out now. with iris' help, we have the start of our first trainer + his partner pokemon!

[Image: qW7XT9H.png]
[image description: a stufful/miltank fusion resembling a toy-like miltank with soft features, beady eyes, little ears and horns, a black bell on the end of its blue tail, a blue checker bandana, and black hooves. it has a blue and white cow pattern all over it, and a blue strawberry on its belly.]

this is blueberry milk! iris claimed her immediately and said that she would make a really good partner pokemon for a cutesy farmer who specializes in cooking and baking the stuff that he grows. we came up with a little profile for her with the help of our OC generator...
Blueberry Milk is a stufful/miltank fusion belonging to a gentle farmer, given to him as a gift as a child and staying by his side no matter what. While she enjoys sleeping outside in the paddock most of all, she has to be kept indoors while unsupervised to avoid her getting into anything that can't be washed out of her plush body. Her favorite job around the farm is to help test all kinds of food her trainer makes, with a strong inclination towards sweets and treats. The fact that her trainer does meat farming as well as fruits, veggies, and other pokemon-related products doesn't bother her, and she values the time she spends with the livestock just as much as any other mon in the farmer's care.

She is quick tempered when upset, but remains calm for the most part. It's easy to appease her with a little food, though. Despite being a plush, she doesn't enjoy being handled by anyone but her trainer, and prefers light pats instead of hugs and kisses. Her bandana is the most important thing to her, and she often has it decorated with little ribbon pins.

Due to being blueberry-colored but bearing a strawberry on her belly, some ask if she's some kind of knockoff plush. Her trainer simply shrugs, saying that his family picked her up for him from a local artisan market, and that's all he knows. No one has claimed to be responsible for her fusion, but it's suspected she may have been a custom creation after all...

we still have to work on the farmer guy, but it may be fun to make a sprite or two for him based on his casual wear (a sort of farmer's wife dress) and work clothes (overalls, gotta get dirty working on the farm). while we initially wanted to make self insert trainers for all of us, we think it might be more fun to make trainers distinct and diverse, with bits and pieces of ourselves thrown in without a singular writer for them. pokemon will be claimed more individually!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
percy mortis

another pokemon guy for now...we've got some pictures for a petz entry, but haven't sat down to make graphics yet- we're technically working on a plaything update right now, whoops!

[Image: BIP3zTw.png]
[image description: a very dramatic looking darkrai/ninetales fusion, featuring ninetales' body but darkrai's distinct marking patterns and features. it has a black body with vivid blue outlines and shading, magenta tips on its tails, a magenta darkai neckpiece, cyan eyes, and a yellow darkrai headpiece.]
Nox is a darkrai/ninetales fusion that resides in a cliffside cave, no trainer to her name. She's somewhat of a local legend in the nearby town, spotted briefly on her nighttime trips to watch people bustle around and steal little snacks from dumpsters. Her favorite thing to watch is people coming and going from the small contest hall there, her mind wandering to what it would be like to be doted upon and shown off like that. Even so, she can't stand the idea of having a trainer, with the idea of battling for sport striking her as repulsive.

Any human spotting her immediately makes her run home, gone without a trace. Those close enough to touch one of her tails are doomed to experience a terrible nightmare, with the specific tail determining what kind of nightmare it is, and its severity. One of her legs is permanently damaged from an incident where she was stuck in a hunter's trap, and is often bandaged by one of her [yet to be determined] pokemon friends with actual hands. She isn't necessarily a proud pokemon, but doesn't like other mons pointing out the injury if she can help it, and insists on walking off incidents where it hurts.

an edgy, mysterious legendary...we really like her. no idea what region she's in, though!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
percy mortis

this is technically a gameplay session from yesterday but fuck it we ball. we can blog however we want and blogging the day after is allowed!!!

[Image: 2_19_02_24_2_55_47.png]
[image description: a petz collage of a candycane striped devil creature, with a candy striped torso, mint green muzzle, backside, and legs, red horns and spikes along their spine, a red chin, a jagged black devil tail, and an angry face. he is clearly agitated and active in the pictures, running around and hissing. there's a snowman wall background from animal crossing: wild world.]

meet candycane! it's a name that we may change down the line, but candycane is here and very moody about it. we love alley personality catz, so expect a lot of these to fall under that. this is a little guy hex designed by @astariaisagoner, and while december has long since passed, this guy is here to celebrate forever christmas. he's cute!

[Image: 2_19_02_24_2_55_56.png]
[image description: a petz collage featuring candycane again, now wearing a pink shirt with white triangle patterns, and a darker mint green bow. he seems rather proud of his outfit.]

dressup with candy went perfectly fine, with this guy taking well to femme clothes. he's so cute! i want to get him tons of pastel stuff, including things that may work well with different seasons...maybe something floral for the upcoming spring months?

[Image: 2_19_02_24_2_56_04.png]
[image description: another collage of candycane, this time interacting with different food items- namely looking at a bowl of oatmeal skeptically, looking angrily at some white liquifood, and stalking and drinking from the milk bottle. there's also an image of him pouncing on a wool chew doll.]

i did some food testing with candy, finding out that he's pretty picky about food...milk time for him as well. he prefers picking food up and dragging it around than actually eating it, but he does take milk okay. still figuring out what he likes to play with, but the wool chew toy seems like a good place to start!

Show Contentthe current wishlist:
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
percy mortis

starting today off with a very short gameplay session!

[Image: 2_19_02_24_7_21_15.png]
[image description: a petz image collage of pep, set to a city wall background from animal crossing: wild world. pep is running around and looking scared.]

pep was the guy to come out today! it's an orange shorthair under the hood, so it's pretty panicked about anything and everything. on top of that, it only has 15 confidence, so it's nervous about everything the world has to offer.

[Image: 2_19_02_24_7_21_22.png]
[image description: another collage of pep, this one featuring it in a gray winter sweater and jeans. it looks a mix of pleased and nervous.]

getting pep an outfit was necessary! i decided to go for a cozy, winter-y look, which it actually seemed to like quite a bit. for having huge anxiety problems, it seems to be comforted by dressup, and enjoys wearing nice comfy clothes. note to self: Get Pep More Clothes.

[Image: 2_19_02_24_7_21_30.png]
[image description: another collage of pep, this time featuring it interacting with the green cat food bowl. it's eating from the bowl, clipping into it with its big chunky head, and running from it.]

to our relief, pep does enjoy regular cat food, and we can work on getting it a custom food bowl without worrying about it refusing it. the question is, what would a Pep to suggestions!

Show Contentthe current wishlist:

i will return, with pokemon OC stuff!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
percy mortis

pokemon OC time...came up with two guys today, and a new trainer!

[Image: 24CsEGR.png]
[image description: a lileep/ekans fusion with a pale green snakelike body with pink countershading, itty bitty legs, a pink rattle tail, green lileep fronds, pink false eyees, and a dark pink inner mouth with pink real eyes inside.]
Glossary is a lileep/ekans fusion living with Murphus, a museum gift shop clerk. He's Murphus' beloved pet, and sometimes sits in the back room while his trainer works. He used to be allowed to play with the kids visiting, but he likes using the poisonous tentacles on his head to feel and grip too much, and it's too easy for people to get hurt.  He's a much younger pokemon maturity-wise than his big sister Annex, though the two were revived from the same fossil; a large one featuring two fusions playing. Murphus had admired the fossil for years in a local shop before finally splurging on purchasing it and lugging it into his local museum for revival, a dream come true. Even so, Gloss can be a huge handful, and while Murphus loves him very much, it's hard to deal with such a rowdy little guy.

Gloss likes to submerge himself in water frequently, and curls around rocks that Murph has spread throughout his home. He doesn't enjoy socializing with other pokemon and people after being scolded for poisoning them, something Murph feels somewhat guilty about. Even so, Murph will put on special gloves every night so he can handle his little friend.

[Image: mkqVbO9.png]
[image description: a cradily/arbok fusion with a long, pink snake-like body with white markings (including false eyes on its arbok hood and a white set of rings on the belly, a cradily head with more false eyes and white real eyes inside its mouth, darker pink fronds and some weird green spots in place of highlights. it also has nubby little legs, but is much bigger than the previous pokemon]
Annex is Murphus' other main pokemon, and is much more skittish than her little brother. She is fast moving and easily startled, prone to scaring guests to their home before waddling away at top speed. Her favorite thing to do is dance and play with people and pokemon she trusts, but she dislikes eating intensely and is picky about anything she eats. If displeased, she will let out a loud hiss and flaring of her cobra hood before making a huge mess of things. Murphus loves her with all of his heart, but can't help but wonder why he had the luck to get such a bratty mon.

Despite being amphibious, Annex is very much an indoors pokemon, and prefers Murph's bathtub to any kind of proper submersion in the ocean or even a pool. She has plenty of toys to play constricting games with, needing to get her predatory instincts out somehow. It is common to see her sneaking around the living room couch, trying to find her next target.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
percy mortis

gameplay session from yesterday! so much for being on time with this, but that's fine. yesterday's randomly selected focus....richard's weird rooster, heartthrob!

[Image: 2_21_02_24_6_56_33.png]
[image description: a petz collage of heartthrob, set to a chainlink fence wallpaper from animal crossing: wild world. heartthrob has a silly face with wide eyes and a squiggly mouth, and is posing proudly in a couple of the images.]

i'm happy to see heartthrob even if she isn't my guy specifically....richard loves her a lot and she's extra special thanks to her rubber chicken sounds that @gyiyg made for her. we're still figuring out her personality, but she's pretty friendly and has amazing expressions thanks to how richard designed her face.

[Image: 2_21_02_24_6_56_41.png]
[image description: a petz collage of heartthrob with her custom food bowl, featuring her fiddling with it, eating from it, and flopping on the ground after a full meal.]

feeding ht was necessary thanks to her custom bowl, and she was perfectly happy to eat Ambiguous Raw Meat Chunks as usual. she got about halfway through the bowl before throwing herself on the ground and making it clear she was full, so i guess she's a light eater? girl likes to snack
[Image: 2_21_02_24_6_57_03.png]
[image description: another collage of heartthrob, this time interacting with a box of peeps marshmallows and a pink bunny marshmallow taken out of said box. she seems skeptical of the marshmallow itself, but does eat it and play with the box.]

we did test to see what her opinions on treats are- sadly not a trickster, but does like them fine after a good bit of scrutiny. not sure if she's just judgmental of sweets shaped like little animals or if she's just nervous about trying new things. not sure what kind of treat would be best for a weird rooster monster- maybe jerky or something? suggestions welcome.
[Image: 2_21_02_24_6_57_12.png]
[image description: another collage of heartthrob, this one featuring her playing and dancing with a pink radio.]

ht did enjoy the radio a lot, and does dance to it! she even sat and took in the music quietly for a bit, appreciating it politely. i think getting some kind of radio for her is a must. something kind of grungy, maybe. paint splattered. etc.
[Image: 2_21_02_24_7_05_59.png]
[image description: a petz collage of heartthrob, though this one only features one image- just heartthrob getting ready to sleep on a pillow, down towards the bottom of the chain link fence background.]

and that was all for that little session....heartthrob needed to take a lil nap, so we figured that would be a good place to end off. goodnight heartthrob!

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[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
percy mortis

pokemon blog time...a new guy approaches

[Image: 5eqShlA.png]
[image description: a beedril/lycanroc (midday) fusion, featuring a black lycanroc body, white countershading, white beedril wings angled vertically, deep blue bug eyes and inner ears, a beedril tail, and black antennae.]
Nectar is a beedrill/lycanroc fusion owned by a fairly run of the mill trainer, raised by her since it was a grubby (grub puppy). It doesn't get along with other pokemon easily, but never bites or lashes out, preferring to growl at and other ignore those who get under its skin. It's considered [trainer name goes here]'s partner pokemon, but it doesn't seem to be content with this, longing for a life outside of the one it has. Whether it's genuine wishing for a different trainer experience or simply wanting the greener grass on the other side, Nectar lives its life in a quiet state of discontent.

Due to not being very good at battling and yet the pokemon [trainer name] insists putting on every team as an active participant, Nectar and its trainer are pretty firmly relegated to "low level" areas, particularly one of the many early game forests in canon. Even with its dissatisfaction with its current life, Nectar lives for the moments where it can run around the forest, zipping around and playing in leaf litter.

Nectar collects flowers and shiny rocks, though often has to leave them behind when going home for the day. As such, it has multiple hiding places for its hoards throughout the woods, and only shows the rare pokemon it trusts with their locations. Its greatest fear is earthquakes- ever since it was a grubby, big shaking movements and things falling over scared it more than anything. Fighting ground types comes with a deep sense of peril as a result, with Nectar cowering against anything carrying Earthquake as a move.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
percy mortis (sort of)

kind of a mix of rin and percy typing today- rin's not doing so hot, but i got a little bit of gameplay in earlier so....logging it!

our weekend was very rough, but @AceOfNothing made us a cool design in their moodboard design thread (hit them up!) that we had to hex for sure- it was a moodboard i made just for me, so this pet is extra special! her name is snooze....let's get a good look at her.
[Image: 2_26_02_24_2_40_05.png]
[image description: a petz collage of snooze, a fairly large and chunky quadruped hex with a round orca-inspired face with a sleep mask marking and cartoony eyes, floppy broken chocolate chip cookie ears, a whale tail tipped in more broken cookie halves and covered in gray and white splotches, and a brightly colored patchwork pajama onesie covering most of her body. she seems to be moving around and looking curious in the collage. the background of the image is a fairy tale wall from animal crossing: wild world.]

here she is: snooze! we happened to have a really bad dream about our quilt getting stolen last night, so her lore is that she's a spirit going on adventures to make sure people get a nice night's sleep, wherever she is needed. something something along those lines, it's not super cohesive yet, but it has a vibe. we deliberated pretty hard on whether to give this one addball or texture chocolate chips on the cookies, but i think it works really well. she's really cute!
[Image: 2_26_02_24_2_40_15.png]
[image description: a petz collage of snooze again, this time featuring two images of her dressed up. one image just has her in brown glasses, where the other features brown glasses and a pale green bow on her head.]

dressing up snooze ended up being surprisingly easy- i was worried with the super busy onesie it'd be hard to find her something cohesive to wear, but the glasses in the same rough color as her chocolate chips and a green bow to match the onesie patches worked out great. most of our petz are going to end up wearing glasses at this point and that's how it is.

i'm thinking of helping rin make a moodboard for ace's thread so snooze can potentially have a buddy....we'll see! [Image: tcp_evil_small.png]
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Aww Snooze looks adorable in her bow and glasses! Sorry, did figure the onesie would make clothes difficult but I’m happy there’s some simple stuff that works. Sometimes all your petz need glasses.
Love the idea for her story, fits the vibe so well. Im very happy you like her.
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rin mortis

hi, the past few days have been really rough due to Sickness Issues, but have a blog entry!

the first few images were from a session two days ago with our newest system member, bubblegum! she's excited to meet people and hang out, so give her a warm welcome. she likes loud, synthy music, being silly, and candy- with lots more to figure out over time, i'm sure.
[Image: 2_27_02_24_4_18_36.png]
[image description: a petz collage of namesake, a small cat hex with one big cutesy eye, pink and yellow starry patterns, and a sweet expression. she is running around, hissing, and looking generally indignant. it has a starry animal crossing background.]

namesake is a scrimblo of an animal but bubblegum was happy to adopt her as her own little guy to take care of. with her alley cat personality, namesake is full of Hate, and seems especially prone to hissing at the camera and being aggressive about anything and everything. not sure how much of that is the base personality or stats coming into play...something to look into eventually!

fun facts: namesake was built around fears of surveillance put into a cutesy form, though i cant remember the specific prompt...i think canonically she has a Scary Voice though. custom sounds eventually...?
[Image: 2_27_02_24_4_18_43.png]
[image description: a petz collage of namesake, this time in brightly colored checkerboard pants, a purple sweater, and a yellow head bow. she seems pleased with the clothes, aside from hissing in one image.]

here's the outfit bubblegum chose for her. we feel like we've outgrown our current wardrobe a bit, even with how good this fit is...i think we need to go make more basic sets of clothes soon in different themes. maybe some pastels and floral patterns for spring? i dunno!

namesake looks cute here, though, even if she continued to get pissy when taking pictures. she actually really enjoyed being dressed up itself, but the second the camera came out she was out to Kill. maybe she's the one who doesnt like being surveyed....
[Image: 2_27_02_24_4_18_53.png]
[image description: a petz image collage of namesake playing with a small green balloon and eating raspberry cheesecake. she seems playful, but has plenty of angry poses too.]

playing was interesting. she seems to have a low confidence stat, at least from our first guess- she fled from objects when introduced, but got over it pretty quick. she likes carrying around the green balloon and jumped right into eating some cheesecake. still fucking pissed at the camera.
[Image: 2_27_02_24_4_19_01.png]
[image description: a petz collage of namesake and teddy, rin's personal hex with a black, white and blue palette, a feline jester look, and tiger print patches. teddy is wearing bluee and white starry pajamas and a black starry party hat. him and namesake don't seem to get along.]

since we were both fronting, we tried getting teddy out to meet namesake. they didnt really vibe much, unfortunately....when will this bunch acquire True Friendship!

then, yesterday, while i was fighting the Great And Terrible Tummy War and suffering psychic damage from the tumblr AI exodus, i decided to make a hex of my personal moodboard creature from ace...
[Image: 2_28_02_24_3_52_41.png]
[image description: a petz image collage of bedtime bear, a small, toy sized teddy bear hex with a blue front half with varying shades of pink hearts, a blue and white starry balk half, fluffy cheeks and legs, a peach gradient, rat-like tail, heart and moon earrings, and a pleasant smile. he is playing around and having a great time, and poses frequently for the camera. and the image is set to a playroom wall background from animal crossing wild world.]

enter bedtime bear! i decided to make him tiny because of one of the inspos on his moodboard being a beanie baby, and man, what a cutie he is. persian personality so he's sleepy, of course, but he seems pretty active despite that. randomized personalities at work i suppose
[Image: 2_28_02_24_3_52_54.png]
[image description: a petz image collage of snooze and bedtime bear interacting. snooze is also wearing brown glasses and a green bow. the two seem to be intrigued with each other.]

and now time to introduce the bedtime creatures together...snooze and bedtime bear met up and seemed to be pleased with each other while together, but showed no issue separating when it was time to put bedtime bear away. snooze does not truly care in the end...
[Image: 2_28_02_24_3_53_04.png]
[image description: a petz collage of snooze and mackerel, a soft looking, chunky cat with big, shiny fish eyes, blushing cheeks, a dorsal fin, and a little fish tail, interacting. the two petz are sniffing each other and gazing at each other fondly. ]

people in-chat suggested we introduce snooze and mackerel together due to them both being personal petz of percy's...and they got along really well! they sang together and nuzzled and maybe they're into each other-

[Image: 2_28_02_24_3_53_14.png]
[image description: a petz image collage of snooze carrying around mackerel like a ball, while mackerel is the same size as her. she's also batting him around like a soccer ball and balancing on him.]

....maybe a little too much. snooze realized she could carry him around like a ball (something we'd never actually seen in our own game even after years of playing) and wanted to do That And Only That, including kicking him around and playing with him like a toy. mackerel didn't even care. he's cool with it. jesus christ.

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vanilla mortis

past few days have been pretty rough mentally and physically...such is life! i don't really have any petz of my own yet buuuut if i'm out for a while, i'll work on that. for now, i went to the second Petz Party event yesterday and the day before, and had a really fun time participating! we ended up participating in a petz breeding event (a very interesting use of 2-3 hours...) and some other stuff, which i will get to within the post...
[Image: 2_04_03_24_3_00_56.png]
[image description: a petz collage of ire and fooly, a teal and white clown-like creature with red, yellow, and blue stripes, a party hat, and balloons tied to his curled up tail. the two are presented neutrally, and a mountain-focused animal crossing wild world wallpaper makes up the background.]

since the themes of the petz party were "pot of gold" and "rainbows", it made sense to bring out our two rainbow-y petz from our personal crew- ire and fooly. the two had never met before and we're still learning a lot about them, so it seemed like an interesting time. a fun fact: fooly is based on an adoptable designed by @cheet!

[Image: 2_04_03_24_3_01_07.png]
[image description: another petz collage featuring ire and fooly. the two of them are flirtatious, clearly interested in each other.]

oh they like each other. okay. they immediately hit it off and started flirting and cuddling, which is really cute and sweet...i think this is also the first relationship that's really popped off in this crew aside from whatever the hell you could call snooze and mackerel's dynamic. love is in the air!

fooly actually had a kid with ire during the course of this because we forgot to fix either of them so i guess if anyone has suggestions for features to mix go crazy??? we're thinking a time themed jester look for sure- ire is a robot, if it matters.
[Image: 2_04_03_24_3_01_18.png]
[image description: another collage of ire and fooly, with both wearing green-heavy outfits. notably, ire has a wizard hat, butterfly wings, and swirly glasses, while fooly has butterly antennae and glasses that dont line up with his eyes.]

then there was a fashion show event...for context, you can get petz to have sort-of random clothing put on them if you shove a bunch of clothes on the ground, get some auto-rolling balls and let them bump into everything while the pet runs through. it is a time-honored tradition in the petz community and a good excuse for some hilarity. it's very common to have the justification be "the pet picked it out", so here we can observe just how good ire and fooly are at dressing themselves. ire was the one entered in the contest, and while it didn't win, it did do pretty well! fooly was just there for fun.

we didn't do a huge gameplay session during this event because we did get kind of overtaken with The Breeding Challenge Event but it was fun! we will definitely be doing it again, and will have to return with The Time Clown when we make that for fooly and ire....

pokemon OCs later maybe!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
ringor mortis

things have been hectic over here system and life-wise, haven't updated in a while. even still, i managed to get petz out and running yesterday and got a session's been genuinely really hard to enjoy our hobbies due to our mental stress levels, but we're starting to do some personal stress management after reading a bit of resources on the subject and working with our therapist, and i think it's showing pretty promising results...with any luck, we'll be able to play more and post more, especially with como's IF plush en route to our house....we will Have to start taking toy pictures or we'll die.

for now, though: i made a new little guy based on the backlog we've had for a few months. the downside to being so behind and having chosen seasonal themes is that the next one in my queue happened to be a VERY christmas-y one- but honestly, she ended up being so cute and fun that i didn't mind one bit. @AceOfNothing did an amazing job on her design!

[Image: 2_13_03_24_2_43_52.png]

[image description: a petz image collage of Elf, a green, red and white mouse with huge ears and a bright red ball nose. she has a goofy cartoony smile, and a stocking for a tail.]

here she is...elf! she's a little mouse with uhh. i guess a lot of personality is a way to put it. even with her being a persian personality pet, i just feel like she has the energy of a single mom who's out to get the best deal at the department store. she has goals in life. she takes no shit. i like her a lot.

her face is also really silly, which makes me happy. we had to try and emulate the face ace did as much as possible, knowing how cute it'd be in petz.

as is customary for introducing a new pet, we have to see some of their budding relationships with others...we decided to start with the existing winter seasonal petz we have, in order to stay very fashionably late and festive.

[Image: 2_13_03_24_2_44_28.png]
[image description: a petz collage of elf and bauble, a doll-like creature with a wreath on her neck and tail, a pale skin tone colored face with blush, and baubles and earrings adorning her.  her and elf seem to get along fine. ]

bauble is a little guy hex designed by @queenie, and she's soooo cute. we haven't gotten the chance to see how she interacts with others yet, so this was a nice excuse to take her out and let her run around. regrettably, she's completely neutral towards elf- but elf seems sad whenever she's put away. maybe a one-sided admiration? i will say, bauble just kept trying to pounce on her, but they really don't seem upset at each other. weird.
[Image: 2_13_03_24_2_44_19.png]
[image description: a petz image collage of candycane and elf interacting. they seem to be good friends!]

next up is candycane, who's been featured here before and still has his cute little outfit on. i was really pleased to see him and elf get along well, giving elf her first friend in the bunch! the two get along really well, and i'm glad she has someone to hang out with early on in getting to know the other...characters, i guess they are?

[Image: 2_13_03_24_2_44_11.png]
[image description: a petz image collage of two interaction combos. the first is elf and cappy, a blue, starry wolf with a red pajama and earflap hat set. the second is elf and snowcap, a black and white snowy quadruped with a red earflap hat and a red and white scarf wrapped around his body. no one gets along in either combo.]

and then we introduce the cap guys and it all goes to shit. cappy was designed by @AceOfNothing and snowcap was designed by @gyiyg, and for some reason we got really uninspired and named both of them based on their hats. for some reason BOTH of the earflap beasts got along terrible with elf! snowcap especially just did not get along with her, and poor thing ran all over the place.
[Image: 2_13_03_24_2_44_01.png]

[image description: a petz image collage of two interaction combos. the first is elf and bedtime bear, and the second is elf and teddy. both seem fairly neutral. ]

then because i was out, i let elf meet my two guys. both of them were also totally neutral with her, which is Fine I Guess, but always kind of a letdown. i want my guys to make friends!!! ah well, at least they dont hate each other. 

also: we are working on a side site for this petz crew! we're still figuring stuff out, but it's a work in progress.

[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
iris mortis

hi everyone, it's iris! i haven't been around for a bit, but it's great to be back around and i am going to get this journaling show back on the road. we haven't posted in a while despite having lots to talk about because rin has been pretty overwhelmed with life stuff....but i am ready to post.

[Image: 2_24_03_24_10_00_36.png]
[image description: a photo of a sylveon/unown fusion plush made of socks holding a miyoo mini+]

new toys new toys!! technically the sock plush belongs to como but he gets an honorary mention here. his name is micheal, and he's significantly squishier than what we have now dubbed "the puppies", which honestly, we like a lot. it's nice to have variety between them, it feels more special and unique that way...really speaks to our object sentience shit.

in addition to micheal, our miyoo mini+ finally got here. while we try not to talk about Emulation™ much on this forum for legal-ass-covering reasons, the death of the yuzu and citra emulators were the really big push for us to get one of these things and load it with games we can have forever. it's been an amazing ride even after just a week of having it, and we're completely smitten with it. we've mainly been playing Mario Picross 2, which is a game made by devils and is so fucking awesome, and a Pokemon Emerald run using a randomizer we've been wanting to use for years- it does fun colors! we'll talk more about that run later, but for now, we have bigger fish to fry...

last week, @SHIVERS visited us for the first time!! it was our first time meeting it IRL and while it was a lot on both of us physically and emotionally, it was also an amazing time and something we'll hold onto for sure. we mainly just flopped around and chilled, but watching Beef together, discussing project ideas, and eating Taco Bell in person is really nice to think back on. we don't get the opportunity to have friends visit nearly as often as we'd like, but it was so good. one of our favorite parts, however....

[Image: 2_24_03_24_10_00_45.png]
[image description: a petz image collage of an abstract, wireframe-like creature with surrealistic features. its tail appears to be made up of eye-like shapes, and it has a distinct diamond face. its colors are bright indigo and red. this collage (and all of the other vitrisection collages) have a space background from animal crossing wild world.]

...was hexing something together IRL! meet vitrisection, a new addition to our personal crew that shivers designed entirely- and actually got its hands on hexing up close and personal! even with it using pet workshop directly for the very first time, it fucking nailed it and made something really otherworldly. this thing looks so crazy and we're totally obsessed with it, though we want to explore more of its personality and eventually do a public release with different shape variations...

[Image: 2_24_03_24_10_00_53.png]
[image description: another petz collage of vitrisection, this time with it sleeping and making exaggerated poses]

due to vitrisection's really surreal look and added glitchy sound pack, it's really fun watching it run around and just generally Be Weird. it can't wear clothing much at all, but that doesn't stop it from being a mix of surreal to look at and honestly, pretty cute. the way it runs is so fun, and it moves surprisingly well for all the body mods shivers did to this thing.

[Image: 2_24_03_24_10_01_03.png]
[image description: a petz image collage of vitrisection and REZIDENT meeting for the first time- they're very happy to see each other.]

to make things even better, vitrisection and REZIDENT get along really well! i really hope they get up to all sorts of crazy adventures together... i wonder if either of them like dancing?

[Image: 2_24_03_24_10_01_16.png]
[image description: more of vitrisection and REZIDENT interacting, this time with them sleeping near each other.]

these two look so funny when sleeping, gentle masses of orbs and wires connecting's really endearing to see entities like this so relaxed and enjoying themselves. i dunno why it feels kind of profound, but maybe that's a side effect of getting creatures designed by one of our best friends. [Image: tcp_smile_small.png]

we will have to do more exploration with vitrisection another day...something i wonder if we could get for it as a little toy would be a custom radio, styled like a scifi one...something for it and REZIDENT to dance to!

and as mentioned, we were playing an emerald randomizer...of course, it's also a petz run. what do you take us for? we already have so many of these fucking runs but we just can't help ourselves, and it's a lot of fun to just curl up in bed at night with our little gameboy thing and play through a game we haven't properly touched since we were 12. so far, our team is:

Strawberry Lemonade- a red and yellow ekans (and also our starter)
Truffle- a brown and red shroomish
Creme Puff- a tan gengar
Mini Mint- a pastel pink and blue rapidash
Pancake- a golden persian
Pitaya- a deep magenta female nidoran

and in the box:

Fruit Punch- a pink and yellow spinda (SO HYPE)

as you can see, going for a food theming on names as best as we can...and all of these will be hexed at their "ideal forms"- aka whatever we stop evolving them at based on design preference. our early game was ROOOOUGH due to the ekans starter just knowing wrap for an attacking move, but truffle came in clutch once we eventually picked her up. mini mint ended up being the MVP of our team for the first gym, and we have high hopes for pitaya evolving into a nidoqueen down the line. sadly, creme puff, despite being one of our favorite pokemon, is absolutely shit in his current state, and will need a lot of training and TMs to really become...usable. he will probably be the first guy booted off the team when we get something better, sadly. sorry creme puff, you are just not going to make the cut. a Gully you are not. (context: gully was an absolutely stupid busted gengar from our BW2 turbo randomized run- stats, moves, abilities, the works.)

we're currently just having beaten the Dewford gym- we were fully planning on pausing and doing another hexing break after catching up to the first gym's batch last night, but we...didn't actually end up catching anything before the dewford gym. they sling that shit at you like, IMMEDIATELY after rustboro. it's crazy. 

however...that means we have three designs to show off from the hexing batch! all of our mons for this run are going to be based on stuff from our Pokemon OC Generator, to make them extra special and unique. while we don't have set characters for any of them, or any idea what their ~trainer lore~ will be like, we'll see how it goes and i'll probably bullshit some stuff and i write this entry.

[Image: 2_24_03_24_10_04_41.png]
[image description: a petz collage of a tall, tan gengar with pink eyes, cat-like paws with lines for claws, and a gentle expression. the animations are extremely jank.]

okay so full disclosure: our gengar hex is probably our least favorite thing we have ever made in modern years, aside from the witchikins hex for friendzoo. it is JANK. it does not move well at all, and we've never been satisfied with it. all the same...creme puff has stolen our heart a bit, and we're trying to learn to love the jank. he's got a modest nature and the generator says his overall personality is linked to his type...toxic modesty, perhaps? going to have to think on that one. his special attribute generated "retractible claws", so we gave him little kitty paws. what a weird little guy....who only knows how to lick people for an attacking move. please learn to do other things.

[Image: 2_24_03_24_10_04_54.png]
[image description: a petz collage of a rapidash with a pink body and blue flames, with its back half being covered in slightly darker pink scales.]

mini mint generated with scales as a special feature!! she's some sort of weird...kelpie...dragon thing, and definitely the MVP of our team, as mentioned. ember is a really good early game move when the entire rest of your party has just about jack shit to work with, and it's honestly so nice having what is basically a my little pony character on our team. we really want to explore more about her...

[Image: 2_24_03_24_10_05_02.png]

[image description: a petz collage of a persian with a golden front half and a brown back half, an orange bow on the base of her tail, and an orange gem.]

meet pancake! she is...probably also not going to stick on the team because boy persian is not a great mon stats or movepool wise. but she's super cute, and even if we accidentally made one of her eyes a single pixel bigger than the other one, we're pretty pleased with the hex. she also generated with a small scale, persian?

that's what we have so far for this run...eventually we will have to see how these guys feel about each other. we did introduce creme puff to our other gengars and sundae the clefable, but we'll save that for another post, this one's already pretty long. 

one last thing...

[Image: 2_24_03_24_10_06_31.png]
[image description: a petz image collage of a ratty looking blue and white bunny plush hex with pink cheek blushies.]

there was a second Petz Party event this month with a bunny hexing contest! we still don't know the results yet, but this was our entry- the first in a line of files called Knicknackz. they're plush toys! we'll give it a proper release once como helps us get a special background image done for the meantime, please enjoy this scrungly little guy. it's based off of the velveteen rabbit, which is a story we've never read (somehow) but always liked the cover for. maybe i'll make a bunch of customs for it today...

Show Contentcurrent wishlist::
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
dazzle mortis

uh, hi- i'm a new system member here! i've got the collective memory thing going so no need to reintroduce yourselves, but i guess it's my turn on the xbox to update this log. we've spent the past week or two working on a new emerald run + associated petz quest, and we're all caught up to badge why not write about it?

first off, though- our birthday was 5 days ago, and oh jesus christ we have gotten so many wonderful little guy-styled gifts to turn into petz hexes. rest assured they will all be hexed and featured here- we're considering doing a MASSIVE birthday party update once they're all done...the whole pile....but three are done so far so we're doing it we're doing it and it's gonna be so fucking awesome, we love them all and we want to celebrate with a big ass event with them. expect some streams advertised on the discord, perhaps? thank you so much for showering us with little guys!

we were also spoiled by rime, ace, and como, when it comes to IRL plushes...while ace's gift is coming later this month and will definitely be featured when it does, rime's happened to uh- serve as a catalyst for me showing up, actually. consider this both a plush reveal and a face reveal for me specifically?

[Image: 2_09_04_24_8_30_27.png]
[image description: a jointed style teddy bear with long rainbow fur, kind looking eyes, and a yellow neck ribbon.]

rime scooped up our first ever Charlie Bear, a brand that we've been super interested in ever since coming across their 2024 releases video... and i guess i latched onto her as soon as she got here, so she's me and i'm her now. i guess! we've got toy style introjects up in this and that's just how it is. eventually i'll do a proper ref of how i look in headspace, but it's basically just this. this brand is super cool due to being handmade, based on that lovely jointed art bear style- but the real selling point for us was that a good portion of their collection is child-friendly, which means they're safe to have in a bed and cuddled. congrats to me, i am hug-safe. this is pretty important to us when buying plushes! thank you huge to rime for making this happen!

[Image: 2_09_04_24_8_36_31.png]
[image description: a drawing of the same bear pictured above, now standing up and proudly displaying a large caught fish.]

cheet also drew this art of me after a really fucking funny conversation while i was high off of two microdose edibles. thank you cheet!

como also picked us up two new plushes for the collection recently- one deliberately for our birthday, and another while out shopping because it was a damn good price and we didn't have any plushes of this pokemon yet, despite it being our first ever favorite. let's see them...

[Image: 2_09_04_24_8_44_13.png]
[image description: a photo of a jester plague doctor squishable, specifically the purple and black spencer's exclusive color. it is the mini size, but still pretty huge.]

no idea what to name this guy yet, but our first ever squishable! we've kind of observed the plague doctor squishables longingly from afar, but it was never a very good time to pick one up. como found this guy while out shopping on the morning of our birthday, and brought him home- he said that this plush was the last one in the store, and it was simply meant to be. if you shake him, his jester cap rattles!

[Image: 2_09_04_24_8_44_30.png]
[image description: a photo of a large mew plush, its paws sewn to its face in a cheery expression.]

and then...mew. our first ever favorite pokemon was mew, and yet we haven't had any goddamn merch of it! it's crazy to think about. iris has already laid claim to this thing, which comes as no surprise to those who have been around a while and know his whole deal. the sphynx cat wants a mew, a huge surprise. it's really big in person though, and a nice quality! we kind of wish the paws and back of the tail weren't sewn onto the head, because iris is longing to dress it up...we might carefully cut those threads if we're feeling brave, because we think build a bear clothes might fit it...

thank you to como for our new goobers!

[Image: 2_09_04_24_8_44_44.png]
[image description: a photo of the micheal, relic, and phong plushes posed to look like they're playing in a circle.]

one last plush update: trying to get more into taking casual photos of our plushes hanging out and doing things together, in an effort to dispel any shame over "playing pretend" and really engage with our hobby. have the fusion boys hanging out! como actually established the other day that the three are in a gay polycule together, which both felt entirely correct and makes us thrilled that he's engaging with that and playing With us. it's really good for our mental health to have people we care about support our weird object sentience and play thing! congrats to relic, phong, and micheal, for being established gayboys.

onto the run, though...

okay, so: the conceit of this run is that all caught pokemon must be evolved to their "ideal" form (whatever we like best/is hexable), and hex them, as usual...but this one additionally has the clause of the hexes must all resemble a "pokedoll" style! the pokemon doll line of plushes is well known for being cute, chibi versions of many (but sadly not all) pokemon designs, and are considered highly collectible. we have a good few IRL, but we have a lot of fond memories of browing the official Pokemon Center website during gen 4's peak and fantasizing about owning some someday...and now we will make a million digital ones. yeehaw. 

as mentioned, not all designs have pokedoll equivalents...and these will have to be made mostly-quadrupedal, so we're winging it a bit with what these things will look like. still, i think we've got the spirit. let's see the results of the first two gyms, before we get out of hand and speed ahead to the third one...

[Image: 2_09_04_24_6_54_14.png]

[image description: a petz image collage with two rows: one row displaying the boulder badge, featuring emmy the wurmple, applique the zangoose, and jiggle the slowpoke. the second row has the knuckle badge, with felt the skiploom and marschino the ampharos. all of these pokemon will be described in more detail in following collages...]

so we actually have a fair bit more pokemon in-game than these guys- but these are the hexable ones we're working with. emmy the wurmple and jiggle the slowpoke were caught specifically because they're cute and stuff we've wanted to hex for a good while now, but never really made it onto the team and likely won't. they're just funny little guys. applique the zangoose was our party member for the first badge, though he's been swapped out for a dratini named green bean since. don't expect good ol' gb to show up for a long while in petz form, seeing as it needs to be evolved into a fucking dragonite first...

felt the skiploom is another "pet" one that just got picked up because rin really likes skiploom, lmao. since this is a hex just based off of the head ball, we'll probably just scale it up a bit for a normal skiploom file- which means we'll have our first full line of evolutions done! wow! marschino the ampharos came fully evolved and is a proper team member- we honestly just scrunched our normal ampharos file down and did some small tweaks, nothing dramatic hugely necessary here. quick and easy! and ampharos is a favorite, so we're really happy about it...

we're going to keep the other team members secret aside from screencaps shared on discord...we'd rather figure out their characters and introduce them as they're finally made up in petz.

before we go onto the individual descriptions of each mon's personality and characterization- what is our trainer character for this run like? we really wanted to do something different for this run with the pokedoll theme, so i'm leaning more along the lines of a psychic plush collector who animates their plushes and Swears that they're good for pokemon battling just like any "real" mons. in this sense, these designs are the canon appearances, even when quadrupedal- that's just how this trainer designs them, and we might do some proper art later.

any other details are a mystery...but we will get there!

[Image: 2_09_04_24_5_31_14.png]
[image description: a petz collage of emmy, a magenta, green, and pale yellow wurmple pokedoll hex. she seems attentive and friendly.]

according to our random generator rolls, emmy (short for embroidery), is most content being a partner pokemon. i like to think that the trainer made emmy early on in their plush making career, and loves her dearly, even if she never gets to see the battlefield directly. even if she's not really in The Party, she still rides around on her trainer's shoulder, and is a well-loved member of the team. she has a hard time trusting people, but does love being held and cuddled. complex concepts go over her head easily, and prefers familiar, safe places- going out anywhere requires her trainer very much present.

[Image: 2_09_04_24_5_31_38.png]
[image description: a petz collage of jiggle, a purple and white slowpoke pokedoll hex. she seems proud and excitable.]

jiggle is a gentle and relaxed pokedoll that enjoys playing dressup- we'll definitely have to actually go about doing that at some point. she prefers sleeping outside and in the wild, so i imagine she's frequently on the trainer character's patio or backyard. imagining stuff like how we used to play with our "warrior cat" plushes in the woods, playing with them among the leaves...that sort of thing. she likes fresh air and dreams of going to magical places someday, though she doesn't have particularly strong feelings in any direction towards her long as she's pampered, she's cool with whatever.

[Image: 2_09_04_24_5_32_13.png]
[image description: a petz collage of applique, a white and light pink zangoose pokedoll hex with yellow claws. he seems irritable and aggravated.]

applique is the Big Bitch around here. he is the Motherfucker. i think the big reason why he's kept around despite being outright mean and a bastard is because emmy loves him dearly (more on that later) and his trainer can't bear the idea of rehoming him and separating them. he gets worked up easily, but does love to snuggle- you just have to catch him in the right mood. even with everything, he does love his trainer, even if he also bites the shit out of them regularly and causes trouble. his biggest secret is that he wants to be treated cutely, like the other plushes...

[Image: 2_09_04_24_5_32_32.png]
[image description: a petz collage of marschino, a red, black and white ampharos pokedoll hex. she seems content.]

marschino....they're a quietly spiteful soul that looks down on non-doll pokemon. they desire to be shown in pokemon contests (and we may figure out doing so later! it'd be fun to try and show the ones that roll wanting to do that, seeing as we're in emerald and ready to go.) their biggest desire in life is to be spoiled and pampered, covered in cute accessories and shown off. with that said, they don't care much for their trainer, and despite currently being an active party member, remain distant...maybe they wish they weren't made to battle so much?

[Image: 2_09_04_24_5_32_46.png]
[image description: a petz collage of felt, a pink and yellow skiploom pokedoll hex with purple eyes. she seems pleased, but it's hard to tell when she's just based on a head ball.]

felt is a pleasant little friend to many, but oscillates between being quiet and moody with others. it likes to get into scraps when let out of its house a bit too much, and is kind of oppositional to its trainer. as such, it doesn't leave the house much- but i think it doesn't mind. it just wants to do its own thing.

onto relationships...let's see how these guys interact!

[Image: 2_09_04_24_5_33_02.png]
[image description: a collage of applique and emmy interacting- the two are clearly in love.]

right off the bat, applique and emmy fell madly in love. such a funny fucking pairing, i love it. applique and his little worm gf. they care for each other deeply, and i get the feeling that emmy is one of the few people that truly understands him...maybe she helps him pick out cute accessories, even!
[Image: 2_09_04_24_5_33_13.png]
[image description: a collage of multiple pokedoll interactions. felt and emmy seem neutral, as are marschino and emmy. jiggle and emmy seem hesitant, but not super notable otherwise.]

emmy gets along with the rest of the crew fine, nothing super notable. i think emmy wanted to be casual friends with some due to her reaction when they were put away, but didn't really show any active interest otherwise. quietly longing from afar...
[Image: 2_09_04_24_5_33_29.png]
[image description: a collage of multiple interactions again. jiggle and applique seem tense, applique and marschino seem neutral, and applique ignores felt entirely.]

applique interactions! completely neutral with everybody, though it's hard to tell whether he dislikes jiggle or if it's just his alley-cat-personality-resting-bitch-face.
[Image: 2_09_04_24_5_33_42.png]
[image description: a collage of multiple interactions. marschino and felt seem to be friends, while felt and jiggle are neutral.]

felt interactions- marschino and felt get along great! the two probably enjoy being moody bitches together. they gossip. you know they do. jiggle and felt kind of just exist peacefully together, content to parallel play and nothing more.
[Image: 2_09_04_24_5_33_53.png]
[image description: a collage of marschino and jiggle interacting. the two of them absolutely hate each other.]

and then, to end it off...marschino and jiggle hate each other, with jiggle terrorizing marschino pretty readily. marschino, in all of their haughtiness, doesn't get along with a pokemon that also enjoys dressup and vanity...maybe they have squabbles about appearances and outfits? who knows!

that's all for that this entry is done, we're going to get right back into the quest. we also have been continuing our infinite fusion hex quest with knux- maybe we'll post about that soon too, considering we havent tested any fusion relationships in petz yet!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]

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