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[TCP] Server Owned Cats
Alright! Hello, I’ll be posting the server tcp here. Other people are welcome to contact me and help me post these, as they are not solely mine. They belong to us all. I’m just getting the information together, but I can only post 1 cat an hour.

If I forget anyone just tell me, if you wish to have me update the information, contact me on discord, if you wanna post fanart go ahead.

Posting in no particular order.

Table Of Contents

Apex Predator
Deathgod (Death God?)
Meatcone (Meat Cone?)
Unnamed (?)

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Apex Predator

Name: Apex Predator
Pronouns: ???
Type: Stilts (weapon)
Modifiers: Sweet, Spotted
Conditions: Ravenous
Anomalies: Fluid, Skin
Ability(ies): ???
Personality: ???, Probably likes sports
Other: N/A
Credits: Created in the #morb-bot channel on discord, designed by Ringor, paid for by Infomatis and Ace.

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Name: Bookmark (His alter ego is Pretty Boy Bloodbath, a... superhero, of sorts)
Pronouns: He/Him
Type: Magical girl (creature)/Bookshelf (Storage)
Modifiers: Artificially Flavored
Conditions: Nope!
Anomalies: Tail (s) (Many ribbon tails he can manipulate separately, all braided into one tail during the day)
Ability(ies): He can store books in his chest, but only if they have glitter in/on them.
Personality: Compassionate, Idealistic, Perfectionist, Proud
Other: During the day he works as a math teacher in a low-income area in Monte, trying to help to students that often get overlooked, and at night, he fights crime. He always seeks to defend, and tries to fight non-lethally, though he has killed when he's believed the situation needed it. He works alone, both because he believes partners would just slow him down, and also because absolutely no one wants to work with him anyway. Otherwise, he's extroverted, and a good friend in casual settings... he just never can see partners (on projects and the like) as anything more than students, leading to him being very patronizing. He constantly offers criticism but never takes it, he doesn't really listen to other's input, even in situations clearly out of his control, and usually gripes that others are slowing him down, even if only to himself. Pretty Boy Bloodbath is where all of his worst flaws and pride really come to light, and as of such, is not the most well-liked superhero.
Credits: Idea from Kalny, designed by Ringor, paid for by King-Clod.

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Death God

Name: Death God
Pronouns: Death God
Type: Ouroboros
Modifiers: Crinkly
Conditions: Inverted, nullified, overclocked
Anomalies: skin, tail, fluid
Ability(ies): A living being is randomly chosen within the range of this TCP’s aura, unknown to both the TCP and its target. Said target cannot die, even if pushed past the point of natural death.
Personality: ???
Other: Morbit Denny’s god
Credits: Created in the #morb-bot channel on discord, designed by Ringor, paid for by Infomantis

.png   HELL.png (Size: 999 bytes / Downloads: 94)
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Name: Grovel
Pronouns: Any
Type: Jack o’ Lantern (nature), Decay (body), Tiger (creature)
Modifiers: Rotten
Conditions: N/A
Anomalies: Legs
Ability(ies): Can create decaying jack o’ lanterns to mark its territory. These markers only last as long as the pumpkin does
Personality: A bit antisocial, prefers not to have anyone near or touching their stuff, more likely to cry rather than fight you though, stubborn but anxious
Other: Notable that I will continue to mention Wipeout and dropout together as the comedy duo that they are.
Credits: Created in the #morb-bot channel on discord, designed by Rin, paid for by Ace.

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Name: Meatcone (also occasionally called Deathcone)
Pronouns: It/Its (?)
Type: Meat (food)/Fear (body)/Slime (body)/Ice Cream Cone (food)/ Facebank (storage)
Modifiers/Conditions/Anomalies: scrap infused (nostalgia/rot, major), limb anomaly (major, none), levitating (minor), nightmarish (major, death/demons)
Ability(ies): Can be consumed for health, regen, and energy. Can create slime laced with fear hormones. The health cost for both can be negated in exchange for money.
Personality: Likes horror movies too much, pops up in dark corners to freak you out, would lick a coin if you put it in front of them and then float away backwards, trying too hard to be scary when existing is kind of enough, not good with people, actually a big softy if you get past the staring phase.
Other: How did this end up looking good?
Idea comes from a horrible recolored Vanillish from Rin and Como’s W/B 2 randomized run. This is what happens when you tell me not to say something looks like a TCP. Types and additions were created based on what you guys gave me as answers, so this is partially everyone’s fault.
Credits: Designed by Ringor, Paid for by Ace. Thank you for your patience with this dumb shitpost.

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Name: Wipeout
Pronouns: ??? (He/him has been used)
Type: hologram (Machine) /hellbender (Creature) /coffin (storage)
Modifiers: energized
Conditions: N/A
Anomalies:  legs, eyespots
Ability(ies): Can store dead/undead beings and project holograms of them, the stored being having complete control of the projection.
Personality: Dorky but in like a space way, uses outdated slang like totally tubular and doesn't care, says he can skateboard can't, owns heelys, will beat you at Mario Kart but will also help you get better, doesn't let you give up, runs a Twitter that's just outdated memes he wants to bring back, forgetful, parkour, easily distracted, easily entertained, pranks.
Other: Was originally designer, but that got kind of lost. Wipeout will forever get Grovel involved in dumb ideas.
Credits: Created in the #morb-bot channel on discord, designed by Ringor, paid for by Ace.

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Unnamed (?)

Name: Currently a thread going on to name this guy:
Pronouns: ???
Type: Carousel Horse (Creature)/Anxiety (Body)/Kelpie (Creature)/Party (abstract)/Plush (creature)
Modifiers: Seasonal, Juicy, Glow in the dark, Sandy, Plush
Conditions: Horror Exposed
Anomalies: Piebald (Skin [Moderate]), Striped skin pants (Legs [Major]), Ram Horns (Earnubs [Major]), Has a mouth, with a toothy grin (Mouth [Major]), Claws (Hands [Intermediate])
Theme: Sweet Treat
Ability(ies): ???
Personality: ???
Other: Made in this thread: the first of hopefully many. Continue the thread!
Credits: “Donated” and designed by Ringor. Idea created by all the lovely thread contributors.

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Name: Fateful
Pronoun: ???
Type: Puppy Love, Tragedy (Genre), Sweetness, Anthophobia, Hanahaki Disease
Modifiers: Etheral, Profound, Lyrical, Feverish
Conditions: Lycanthropic
Anomalies: Heart shaped hole i chest, litte heart shaped ears, no eyespots (love is blind), a pair of doves wings
Theme: Shakespeare Love Interest
Abilities: Can infect a fear of flowers and hanahaki disease simutaniously, and can ascend to invoke either intensifed feelings of cuteness/desire to protect others, making others actions seem more innocent/sweet, or visions of tragic stories, all of which are overly dramatic and frilly.
Personality: ???
Other: Made in the thread. Continue the thread!
Credit: Created in the above thread, designed by Ringor, paid for by Ace

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