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REFURBISHED [Morbitia Renovarse]
Reader Version to Be Added Soon
File 1-1: The Package
[Image: 5hExBYi.png]

[image description: Two people in the room. One is masked and wearing robes. Two sets of arms, one coming from the sleeves of the robe resting lazily and the rest through the chest, smaller in frame and shape, Savvy, the protagonist, is a vague humanoid muzzled furry with a bit of a melancholic expression. Their gaze shifts away from Despina, the previously mentioned robed and masked sorceress who's mask is in permanent smile.  ]

You’d spent the last hour or so pretending to sleep, the familiar footsteps of neighbors pacing in and out of their apartments flowing through your ear.  

Wasn't too long until you were given a knock on your door.. usually a good sign you spent too much time in bed. You've got a bad habit of sleeping in.

Stiff bones and tired muscles make the temptation to rest longer strong.. you shake it off regardless. Frantically fishing around the apartment for something to wear, you manage to piece things together.

Crack open the door for the sorceress, their mask smiling as always.

Despina: Finally awake..  you sleep okay?

Savvy: Good morning, best I could.
Despina: Good afternoon actually… thought you were sick…  
That’s the third time in a row…  most people would get the slip for that...
Just talk your way through this, 'Spina’s understanding enough.  
Savvy: I’m fine.. Promise I’ll make up for it-  
Despina: Make up for it?  
Savvy: Yeah, let me think of-  
Despina: Relax. You’re not being punished.  
Savvy: No?  
Despina: Course not.  
There was a long pause.  
The sorceress places a front hand directly under the lip of their smiling mask, a serious cadence betraying the face they hide behind.  
Savvy: Something else wrong or…?  
Despina: I’m concerned..  
Savvy: Over a little too much sleep?  
Despina: It’s been recurring, are you staying up late?  
Savvy: Not really..  
Despina: Honest answer. Not that I doubt you just…  
Savvy: You want to be sure.  
Despina: Mm.. hate to be intrusive but I need to-.  
Savvy: You’re fine, went to bed around 12 last night.  
Despina: I see.. We should call a doctor, get someone to evaluate you. It’s been a bit after all…  
Savvy: I guess.. It’s not that big a deal honestly..  
Despina: Maybe. Could you show me your hand?  
You hold out your left arm, detached and yet held together by phantom fibers that flux in their physicality. They take it gently with a frontal hand and give your palm a squeeze with their thumb.  
Despina: No further degradation, but hardly stable either… any pain?  
Savvy: Always a little, but not more than usual.
Despina: We'll figure out something to help manage it long term..  Going to be good for work today?  
Savvy: Yeah, if you got details lay them out.  
Despina: A delivery job. Nothing too complicated but stay safe as always..  
They place down a large guitar case next to your bed.  
Savvy: We smuggling a gun?  
Despina: No, but close. Don’t go opening this up in public spaces. You know how it is.  
Savvy: Gotcha. Metal detector safe?  
Despina: Not at all.  
Savvy: Noted.  
Despina: Once you leave the sanction, straight to the courier site immediately.  
Savvy: This a solo job?  
The witch shrugged at you.  
Despina: Maybe.. I’ll ask someone to meet you halfway. After that it’s out of my hands.   
Savvy:  I can work with that.

Despina: Wouldn't ask if you couldn't but.. you know.

The witch took a moment to pause and look round the room a little

Despina: Ah good! You've managed to get the analog radio installed!
Savvy: Yeah well.. kind a hassle if I'm honest.

Despina: Yes well.. it's traditional. Everyone who works in our field should know how to operate one.

Savvy: Most people got phones for that..

Despina: You don't want to be making pacts with odd devils through a phone, it's inviting them far more...

Savvy: Yeah, I know. It's been handy for my testing at least.

Despina: Mm! You have anything in mind?

They pause and take a look at the brain on your counter.

Despina: Should I be concerned?

Savvy: Guy volunteered as long as I don't break anything.

Despina: And who or where is that "guy" exactly?

Savvy: I dunno, probably chilling. It's fine, they offered.

Despina: Mm.. I'll have to check in on that then.

Savvy: I can stop.

Despina: Trust me this is tame. Just.. wasn't anticipating you to dive in so quickly to the mad science aspect of this career.

Savvy: When in Rome.. that's a place, yeah?

Despina: It is.

Despina looks over at the clock on the radio.

Savvy: Time to go?

Despina: Soon as you can. If you're unable, I can find a sub-

Savvy: Should be fine. Any last minute job details?
Despina: No, the less the better.  If you must, you can take a look inside the case but I can't really inform you more than that.
That’s… not a good sign.  
You were tempted to ask for more details but from experience, that’s a sign of probing and cognitohazards being something to watch out for. More common on the job than anyone liked to admit.
You’ve pushed through weirder...

Despina:  Also....
Savvy: Meds?  
Despina: …If you could.  Running low.
Savvy: I’ve seen you without them, not taking any chances. Leave things to me for today.
Despina: If you’re sure.. And of course you’re always welcome to opt out-  
Savvy: Nah. Told you I'd be fine. Want to get something done today.
Despina: I know..  
Despina reluctantly lets go of your hand.  
Savvy: I’ll handle it quickly, grab your meds, maybe bring home some pizza or something.  
Savvy:.. Does sound nice actually…  
Despina: Now uh.. Out of my room for a bit, yeah? Gotta shower, prep, you know.
Despina: Of course.  I'll see you at the lobby?

Savvy: Yeah. Soon.
They quickly scuttle through the door, closing it behind.  
You let out a noise of relief and take a moment to organize your priorities right now. Breakfast, a shower, quick visit to Huevo's... 
File 1-2: Parting Gift from A Nameless King

[Image: Parting%20Gift%20from%20a%20Nameless%20King.png]

[image description: A image split in two. On one half Huevo, a small anthropomorphic dog with large gel'd hair and glasses stands next to Savvy, who is visibly way taller. On the other half, a strange forked metal sword with both metal points connected by bars.}

You quickly scurried down the stairs with the case in hand toward Heuvo's apartment, as always decorated with a seasonal wreath.

You gave it your usual distinctly firm knock.

Huevo: Savvy?

Savvy: Yeah!

Huevo: Give me just a sec...

Savvy: Yeah! Sorry..

Huevo: You're good! Just uh-

He cracked open the door a little. Canine, bit on the short side, hair done up with tons of product as always and looking up at you with his reflective lens.

Huevo: Sup-

Savvy: Need you to take a look at this.
You dashed in and slammed the case down on the dog’s work desk, getting a bit of stink eye in retaliation.  
Huevo: Seriously dude!? You ever break that shit I'm having you pay.

Savvy: Sorry, got a bit excited..

Huevo: Hijole..  

Savvy: It's important..
Huevo: Yeah, won't be if you handle it around like that. This Spina's?
Savvy: Yeah. Maybe?

Huevo: Were you told not to look?

Savvy: Nah. Didn't want to give me too much info on the thing though.

Huevo: And you're coming to me for this for...

Savvy: Curious, you know how it is.

Huevo: There's actual mind readers out there dude, if it's too important you're gonna get tracked.

He opened the case up.  
He examined the blade thoroughly, little expressions wrinkled across his lip and nose telling a story. A troubled one.  

Savvy: That's the bad look.

Hevuo: Maybe. Complicated feelings from this one..

Savvy: What’s up? Everything alright?  
Huevo: Not gonna sugar coat it, type of shit better off buried.
Savvy: Is it cursed?

Huevo: Could be, plenty of problems with it too. Too big to smuggle, shape’s bit unwieldy, no way anyone can carry that for daily work. A relic really, probably a nasty one.

Savvy: So perfect for a archival service like ours?

Huevo:  I mean yeah, guessing they're expecting you to drop it off it the big library.

Savvy: Mm..

Huevo: Someone's brand touched it but.. I can't pin it down entirely.

Huevo: Probably jumped between a few hands. That enough?

Savvy: Not really..

Huevo: Sup?

Savvy: Don’t like secrecy, if I’m going to risk my ass for this I wanna know why.  Like....

Huevo: Got trust issues?

Savvy: No! Just.. complicated?
Huevo: Spina’s a softie, not gonna pull a fast one on you like that.  
You can’t help but grumble a little in response to that.  

Savvy: I don't wanna die for nothing, you know?

Heuvo reaches into his bag and pulls out several fluids. 
Huevo: I’ll tell you what, I’ll do a little work here. Give it the old touch, weed out the nature of it. Design-wise? The type of thing that probably would've only gotten used for fancy LARP, theater, maybe a few recreational religious practices but... I dunno. Something bout that shit feels hardened so..

Savvy: Sounds eccentric.

Huevo: If it was built as recent as I think it was? Yeah...
He gestured for you to back off as he slid on a protective mask. You quickly backed up just a nudge.  
Huevo: Further, don’t want you getting blasted by the fumes.  
You scooted just a extra smidge further before he gives up and starts working away, pouring one of the fluids just a drip, only to get sparks in response  
Huevo: Ah. Looks like we’re cooking.  
Savvy: Got a strong smell.  
Huevo: Yeah, that’s a good sign. Try not to breath any of that shit in, gonna hurt like a mother.
He dabbed a little more fluid on a cloth and started layering it on, the flurry of colors and embers were indicative of a witch’s touch. You unleashed a coughing fit.  
Huevo: Told you, shit could make an onion cry. Gotta say though, this thing’s kind of souped up. Stained with some twisted shit.
He took a cold, wet towel and rinsed things down until the fumes were minimized
Huevo: Two witches involved? Maybe not a witch… something else. Looks like a Santanawork. Bit of a divisive fucker but.... can't deny that hand. Vintage piece at that too. Doesn’t make them like she used to.  This one's kind of a oddity though...
Savvy:...that a bad thing?
Huevo: Maybe. You can tell a vintage because there's a a few quirks that later stuff don't got. Kinda happens overtime when the original founder's not involved, current owners play into the image but anyone worth their salt knows it's a bit Weekend at Bernie's.

Savvy: A bit what?

Huevo: Uh... check the lost world archives, lots of little oddities like that worth a watch. Anyway... Not a clue who’s the other hand on this, stronger input of the two but a complete unknown to me. Shit’s like the embodiment of wild magic though..

Savvy: Is it dangerous?

Huevo: Probably. This thing got fine tuned and swung around by someone who's barely human if at all. Looks like it was soulbound until recently too, but couldn't tell you for sure how. Owner could've died, could've been brute forced to resell.

He packed up his equipment and secured the sword back in its place.
Huevo: Lot can be learned from that thing, all it takes is the right hand to decrypt its signature. Can’t really do that here, too complicated for our spot’s skill level. If I were you, I’d ask for backup getting this delivered.  
Savvy: Despina said say someone would meet me halfway..  
Huevo: Figured. Now do me a little favor and-
Savvy: Not gonna rat you out, promise.  
Huevo:.. I was gonna just tell you to stay safe actually. Bring a little heat if you gotta. Say hi to Spina as well? Feel bad for not checking in lately...

Savvy: You take them out somewhere, probably would appreciate that.

He gave you a stern look, you couldn't help but smirk.

Huevo: No.

Savvy: C'mon.

Huevo: Not playing around with this wingman shit today, ask yourself.

Savvy: Worth a shot... like...

Huevo: Spina's sweet, loved working with them but...

He rubbed a temple to the side of his head.

Huevo: Nah, not getting into that. Just... be careful, yeah?

Savvy: Alight.

He made a gesture at the door, on the verge of having you shoved out at this point.

Huevo: Get your ass out of here and watch out for rabbits. Don't want to get in trouble with those fuckers.

Savvy: Rabbits? Which ones?

Huevo: Any of them.

He closed the door behind you, the sound of chains and locks snapped into position.

Probably brought up a sore topic...

Before you have too long to settle on that, a familiar bird taps your shoulder. He's younger than you, bit of a prodigy in this business

Justicia: Hey! You going down to the lobby?

Savvy: Yeah, why?

Justicia: Mind if I walk with you? Want some advice if that's all good.

Why is he asking me?

Savvy: Alright..
File 1-3: The Bird from Casa Justicia

[Image: Justicia%20Introduction%20Small.png]

The two of you make your way toward the main building with a certain tension coming from the bird. He's a bit younger than you, 24 if you recall correctly.

Like you mentioned, bit of a little genius who started working at a early age. Doesn't really irk you though, he can be pretty modest about his talents.

He's struggling to make real eye contact with you, but he's clearly nervous.
No point in letting him suffer.

Savvy: What's up?

Justicia: Me? Not much really.. just on the way to get briefed on some job details for today. You?

Savvy: Same, confirming a gig.

Justicia: Mm!

Savvy: Said you wanted something before then?

Justicia: Yeah.. you're close to Despina?

Savvy: Yeah, what about them?

Justicia: Want to talk to them about potentially going back home for a bit but... I know that's kind of a lot to ask right now.

Savvy: Something happen?

Justicia: Folks are dealing with some struggles. The Blanc family is pitching in but I know they don't want to rely on them forever.

Savvy: I could talk with them for you.

Justicia: R-really? I mean its not a guaranteed thing or anything...

Savvy: No? Need help making the fare back or...

Justicia: Not just that, that's something I've been saving for. Just... anytime I offer they keep telling me not to worry. Only makes me feel worse...

Justicia: So I guess I'm just not sure what to do anymore. House got blasted by a blizzard, the roof collapsed. They're being offered housing and support in some small spot in the middle of Wonder but..

Savvy: They live overseas?

Justcia: Well.. I mean they're on the islands near Taverne and a few of them are on the main continent but...  

Justicia: Whole mess, getting all those rides over isn't cheap from Hearth and-

You give him a little pat on the shoulder.

Savvy: I'll see what I can do. Help you get your foot in the door, but think it'd be best to give the specifics to Despina so I'll ask for them to talk to you.

Justicia: Mm, thank you..

Justicia: Sorry to drop this on you, just not really sure how to approach them a lot of the time.

Savvy: Just talk to them? They're not a cryptid.

Justicia: Technically they are...

Savvy: What's that supposed to mean?

Justicia: ...Do you not know?

Savvy: Probably not, only memory I've got is on weird selective autopilot so-

Justicia: Right, sorry..

His posture slumps a bit.

Savvy: You're okay dude, just-

Justicia: No, should've been more careful with words.

Savvy: Flew over my head so, you're good. Just uh... yeah I don't know shit. Probably should fix that...

Justicia: You'll figure it out. Not always a bad thing anyway.

Savvy: Oh? I mean... I guess if I got pressed they'd find jack.

Justicia: Think it gives you protag vibes personally..

Savvy: Easy for you to say..

You teasingly poke at the sword in a scabbard at his waist.

Savvy: Really carrying that thing around all day..

Justicia: It's cultural..

Savvy: Yeah I know. How's the other guy in there anyway?

Justicia: Highroad? He's been good..

Justicia: Doesn't like being cooped up in hammerspace so he's here listening in.

Savvy: Mm.. life of a proxy. Be a ghost in your head or be a comfort object.

Justicia: A sword's not really a comfort object...

Savvy: You feel comfortable with him around?

Justicia: I guess?

Savvy: Congrats, you're neurodivergent.

Justicia: Wait what-

Savvy: Or you got anxiety. Maybe both...

Justicia: Think now I've got insecurities.

Savvy: Congrats.

He poked out his tongue at you.  The two of you finally make it toward the main lobby of the library, a fortress of knowledge bustling with plenty of unusual and witchy folk handling various day to day business. Despina is having small talk with the proxy at the lobby, a polygonal phantom with a transparent body.  She turns to give you a playful little wave.

Savvy: That's my spot.

Justicia: Same.. What kind of job you handling anyway?

Savvy: Courier shit, meeting halfway before someone else takes it the rest of the way. You?

Justicia: Rendezvous for a delivery...

Savvy: Ah..

Justicia: It's the same gig.

Savvy: Yeah.

Despina finally catches eye of the two of you, giving you both a friendly gesture.

Savvy: Good thing we've caught up then.
File 1-4: Rollout

[Image: 01XNOMF.png]

The proxy tries to catch your attention, her body angular and sharp contrasted with her silly body language. You poke your tongue at her.

Savvy: Sup.

Cevo: Not much. You caught us just as we were wrapping up. You and Justicia about to head out?

Savvy: Busy day for the two of us.. Doing something a little different today?

You gesture to the top of your head. The proxy leans just a little closer to give you a good look.

Cevo:  Like it? Went for a bunny look, something new.

Savvy: Stick with it for a bit, think you're onto something.

Cevo: Maybe, think I could push it a bit further. Wanna drop by and workshop after?

Savvy: Maybe, depends how day plans go. How's the other guy?

Cevo: Viche? Moody, doesn't like me bringing over friends lately.

Savvy: Got caught?

Cevo: I'm allowed! They just get so... doom and gloom, you know? "My proxy's got more rizz than me!" I can introduce you to people! You can ask!

Justica: Um...

The bird raises his hand, looking to interject. Cevo points over to him.

Cevo: Sup.

Justica: Are you... seeing people without your source involved?

Savvy: She's allowed? Dude-

Cevo: It's no big deal, relax. Yeah, serious right now but..

Justicia: Anyone in particular?

She turns her head toward you.

Savvy: Yeah well..

Justicia: O-oh! Just.. don't mean to be rude, not something I've seen much of. Guess I've heard stories here and there...

Cevo: Know you don't, you're fine. Gotta say though, this one here's clearly got a type..

You turn away from the two of them toward Despina, eyes begging for help and only getting a playful shrug in return.

Savvy: I just... connect better with-

Despina: You don't have to explain yourself. Mr. Justicia...

Justicia: Y-Yes?

Despina: I'm goin to send you ahead since you've been briefed. Cevo will give you your routing options.

Justicia: Of course. Um...

The proxy turns toward a laptop set to the side and pulls up a map.

Cevo: Keep to the rooftop routes, detour through safehouse if you can. Objectives done in strict order, you'll be fed info when to be close to the rendezvous point.  Lower routes are too risky, under construct and a massive hazard. You get stuck there, little we can do but hope someone can scoop you on time.

Justicia: Mm..

Cevo: Main roads are high security, setting up for a parade tomorrow so they gotta watch out for people pulling a stunt.... you remember all that?

Despina: Of course he can, we're trusting him with all these tasks for a reason.

Justicia: Mm! I'll keep it quick and simple.

The masked sorceress passes the bird a card, the foxy mask they now wear matching the more serious tone of their word.

Justicia gives a little wave to the three of you, sword on hip rattling against his belt the entire way out.

Savvy: So how about me?

Cevo: Uh.. I mean I'll feed you details too but for now... gonna have to go around til you reach the north central stop. Can't have you both calling attention by sharing the same routes.

Savvy: Figures...

Despina: You're smart, you'll figure it out. Could always do your usual...

Savvy: Yeah.  Anything to look out for while carrying the goods today?

Despina: Normally I'd say look for someone who bares the same mark as the case but.. one of our rivals on the search for it also has it. Heed caution.

Savvy: Who's that exactly? Haven't told me much.

Despina: Potentially a affiliate group of Santanaware. There's a bit of a fixation on collecting this type of old tech.

Savvy: that being?

Despina: To be honest? Not entirely sure. Its a weapon and metal detectors don't like it though.. also try to keep the temperature monitored.

Savvy: Wait, why?

Despina: Contains a type of smart slime as a heat sink, bit of a innovative quirk back then that never caught in as much as it should've. So...

Savvy: Keep things clean.

Despina: please.. Cevo?

Savvy: Train route?

Cevo: Knock yourself out, just uh..

Despina: We can't give you extra pay for choosing a more hazardous route.  Letting you know.

Cevo:  Could take them to eat.

Despina: Maybe, off the record though. More arcane leaning options are also-

Savvy: I'll be fine.

Despina: You didn't let me finish.

Savvy: I'm not gonna get shoved in some portal or walk through paintings or whatever, I'll take my chances.

Despina: Ah.. well.. I could offer you somethin extra as reward for your time if you really have to but-

Savvy: Off the record, like you said.

Despina: Mm.. they don't like me paying people extra for methods they don't approve of on top. Safety hazard.

Savvy; I get it... you changed outfits.

Despina: Heading out myself, going to be negotiating toward some potential partnerships. It'll be okay.

Savvy:.. Stay safe.

Despina: Me? Always.
[Image: jIcdXri.png]

The masked mage slides over a card to you as well.

Despina: You know what to do with this.

Savvy: Yeah. I'll be back before dark.

Despina: Mm..

You start heading out, giving a wave to both of them. Cevo returns a flirty gesture while Despina gives you a little subtle bow of the head. As you exit, the sound and smell of the city rolls in. It grows stronger, louder as your little path through the alleyways takes you toward the bustling streets.

This is home.
File 1-5: The Successor

[Image: Min%20The%20Cunty%20boy.png]

There’s no way you’re going to make it onto public transport with something this big, so maintain the old tried and true method: Hopping freight.  
If you knew your routes and you were brave enough, jumping onto a moving train is a completely unregulated means of getting around as far as you’ve been told. It’s a bit of an old tradition in this city as far you can remember, one the old family who owns the company doesn’t seem to mind to maintain. As long as they can deny ever witnessing you, nobody can stop them.  
  You take the beaten path to where the station goes, finding yourself lucked out to see a train in the middle of a checkpoint stop. It was pretty common as a means of allowing staff to switch as shift required, you don't want tired conductors trying to maintain a tight clock. You look down from a bridge, it's a pretty easy jump to make once you'd gotten used to your legs.
There's a guy? Looks like another train hopper like you, he waves at you a little.

Savvy: You want something?
???: Nah bruv! Just saying hi, you know? Unless you're a fed-
Savvy: Do I look like a fed to you?

???: Depends if you can make the jump! I'd say it's 70/30?

Savvy: Being a fed or sticking it?

???: Both maybe? You a custom?

Savvy: Sorta!

???: Then don't bother! I'm not messing with any data collectors like that!

Guy's either a clown or a fool, is he seriously having this conversation right now?

You make the jump regardless, he won't attack first.

With a quick sprint off the ledge you land on the platform with zero issue.

???: Yooo, you really manage that in heels like that?

You give him a quick scan before a tired smirk.

Savvy: You got down here, yeah?

???: Cheated a bit to be fair.

You can smell something off on him, a trace of something that doesn't belong.

Savvy: You work with a guy?

???: Not somebody you'd know.

Savvy: Entity? Two of them maybe?

???: There's a guy I work with and a guy I'm dealing with, we'll leave it at that.

Savvy: Who?

???: I'll give you one, gotta trade for the other.

You ponder it for a moment. If his employer isn't on your radar it's pretty useless, but if his enemy is your enemy you're more than fine.. right?

Savvy: The guy you're dealing with.

???: Santana.

Savvy: The brand?

???: The rabbit, she's a bit of a mess not gonna lie. We do this sort of cat and mouse every week-

Savvy: You know her?

???: Yeah, let me finish. She's always up to some shit, I gotta burst through her window, we do this routine and then I jump out through another window. Not honestly that bad for a literal corporate entity and all but.. yeah.

Savvy: You've thrown hands with her like that?

???: I mean... kinda? Sometimes we fight, sometimes we talk it out while she cries, sometimes I gotta wingman for her on a date-

Savvy: Sounds fake as hell.

???: Scout's honor! Night was a disaster by the way, totally flubbed it.

This is ridiculous but you'll humor him. Least he doesn't seem like a threat.

Savvy: Yeah?

???: Yeah.

Savvy: So what happened?

???: Her date started hitting on me, we had a fight-

Savvy: Which spot?

???: Uh, you know Freddy Flats? Shit was crazy, it was Flat Fuck Friday and they brought a live gator-

You.. are pretty sure you heard someone talk about this recently actually.

???: They were so pissed, promised I'd pay the damages after all that but-

Savvy: You wanna side quest a bit?

???: I mean I gotta head up north, stopping at a archive house-

Savvy: Same, it's on the way.

He pauses for a moment, getting a good look at your eyes.

Savvy: You wanna back off a little?

???: Sorry just... checking something. You uh... got a proxy?

Savvy: No.

???: But you're with the archive too?

His eyes turn toward your case.

???: And you're in the middle of a run, yeah?

Savvy: ...If you pull something I'm jumping off.

???: No just.. You uh.. got a mark on that?

He flickers a finger, diamonds matching those of your case.

Savvy: Pick your next words wisely.

???: You got my sword, you're the courier dropping it off at the big locale. Shit got lost on a job. Usually can call it back but....

Savvy: Something went wrong with the soulbinding.

???: Aye. So?

Savvy: You're coming with me, we gotta verify things up front before I can transfer it over.

???: You could just give it to me.

Savvy: Not taking chances with a job from the top.

???: 'Spina?

Savvy:... Yeah.

???: Figures.

Savvy: So, gonna play ball?

You flash him the side of the case with the emblem facing outward, his eyes widening.

???: Yeah. Thing's pretty old and important. My guy would kill me if I lost it for real...

Savvy: Name?

???: Romero.

Savvy: Savvy.

Romero: Alright... we should get situated, train's gonna be going in the next five minutes likely. Lets scoot somewhere a bit safer, conductors won't mind.

Savvy: You lead.

File 1-6: Mole

[Image: zgIO1YV.png]

[image description: Savvy standing in a gap between train cars with a puppet of a cartoon mole with glasses and no eyes wearing a librarian-esque outfit, with hair tied in a ponytail and a shirt.]

You follow Romero to a blind spot between two train cars, getting comfortably wedged in.

There's usually at least one car open and cleared out on these things, said to be kept for "Emergency cargo" but we all know the owners of this company are softies. Not a problem, it's more than appreciated by anyone brave enough to slip in to save money on fare. There's a few folks you've bumped into that practically live on these things...

The local police departments probably know enough about them to consider them worth intercepting, its a miracle they've been untouched for so long..

Back to business.

Savvy: So, you mind if I ask a few questions?

Romero: Sup?

You tap on the guitar case you're carrying.

Savvy: People used to carry tommy guns like this, you really keep a sword in one of these?

Romero: Me? Nah. Keep it in my sleeves.

Savvy: No, shut up-

Romero: Serious! Well, little more complicated than that but you know what they say about a good magician.

Savvy: Show.

Romero: Uh.. I just-

Savvy: You don't gotta explain how, show me something magic.

Romero: I mean you're part of the archive crowd, you're used to it by now...

You give him a look, he caves in pretty easily.

Romero: Fine uh... Check this out.

There's a ruffling in his coat like a animal stirring.

It reminds you a bit too much of a horror movie you watched with 'Spina once. You raise you guard a little.

Romero: Give me just sec, doesn't usually take this long-

A head pokes out, then slowly comes out the rest.

A cartoonish mole with a felt body, book held in arm as a permanent prop. You can see wires peeking from underneath, you're instinctively compelled to pretend those don't exist.

Something about it feels incredibly out of place and you can't pin it down but..

you recognize its true nature pretty quickly.

Savvy: A proxy! Cute!

Romero: Don't tell it that...

Savvy: Got a name?

Romero: Yeah it's uh-

It whispers into his ear.

Romero: Ah, nevermind doesn't want me to share that.

Savvy: Really? Why?

Romero: Said you got poser mean girl vibes.

Savvy: What...

Romero: Yeah, what's up with you today?

It whispers again.

Romero: Thinks you're trying too hard. Probably just in a mood, give it time.

The proxy avoids looking directly at you.

Savvy: Rude.

Romero: Give it time, things will ease up.  You can still talk, just a heads up.

Savvy: Kind of don't want to right now..

Romero: It'll listen in either way so..

Savvy: Right.... you got a pact?

Romero: Yep.

Savvy: This sword got anything to do with it?

Romero: Mmhmm, same with my buddy here. Got a good deal in exchange for helping with favors on occasion, I'm doing pretty good for myself. Granted its off the record when it comes to business.

Savvy: What'd you give up exactly?

Romero: Guy's a collector., simple as that. I send him interesting stuff, he returns the favor where he can. It's been working out for us..

Savvy: Mm..  There's another involved..

Romero: Yeah, Santana..

Savvy: No pact but.. close.

Romero: We're not friends or anything but we meet on the regular. Usually breaks out into a fight,

Savvy: Odd.

Romero: I mean there was like.. one time where we just hung out a good while back but that was kind of its own deal. I can tell you've been marked too.

Savvy: Me? Nah.

Romero: I dunno, you got something fuming off you and it's  got me on theories.

Savvy: Share with the class then.

Romero: Mm.. maybe. Don't wanna say anything too out there.

Romero:... Also Despina? You two friends like that?

Savvy: Like what?

Romero: Like, you hang out? Not like trying to say anything more than that, just.. I dunno iss good to see them have more friends.

Savvy: Not the first time I've heard that.. you know anything about it?

Romero: Uh..

The muppet of a proxy interrupts to whisper again.

Romero: Ah! We're near our drop off spot. Tell you what though, if you come with me I'll fill you in on the way. You dig?

Savvy: I'm on a bit of a timer..

Romero: I'll be quick, its my package anyway. Gotta be there to verify its mine and I'm not risking it getting jacked cause I got there late so..

Savvy: his place involve a shortcut?

Romero: You could say that..

That's ominous but.. you might as well. You could use a few shortcuts of your own if you're honest with yourself...

Savvy: Make it fast.

Romero: Aye, get ready to jump off in a sec then..

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