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Probably At Work
Title is accurate cause I made this at work wheeee.

Slowly learning to draw/developing a style. The Morbit community has helped a lot during this. I'll try to remember to post. Comments welcome unless stated otherwise

Working on 4dopts concepts. This is a cloth eating moth. Planning to have different wing patterns and a button set of eyes as well. Also three antenna. Will see what I can do
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Got stressed at work, here's Seaside playing Jenga. I'll try redrawing it sometime, just needed to do something

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I'm gonna have to break this into 2 parts, but drew a few of my one word 4dopt adopts. Adding a little flavor text too, just things I thought about while drawing

Handmade, Flytrapz. She is a school project come to life. Her pot has a the word Flower on it, and picture of one, painted by the original owner. She acts as a teachers aid now, or a private tutor. V smart plant.

November, Dragoat. Like to imagine their paw pad is leaf shaped. Always cold, enjoys pumpkin spice, likes taking pictures of the trees.

Umbrella, Hamgumy. Also goes by Ella to close friends. Enjoys rainy days and puddles, not actually a fan of getting wet though.

Distinguished, sentient void. Also responds to her majesty. Enjoys reading to newer adopts, no one is really sure what she thinks she's in charge of but hasn't made it an issue yet
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Forgot to finish posting yesterday

Rogue, Lion dog. He spikes up his mane to make himself look big, uses way too much hair gel. Very protective, short tempered but means well.

Revionist, A regular cat. They're a painter, usually draws still life. Doesn't like having anyone watch them paint.

Opossum, understuffed kitty. Will also respomg to trash demon. Does not consider themself a cat, is training in hanging by her tail.

Also drew this today in the last half hour of work. Snowball saying hi. Dumbly proud of it, I feel like a year ago it wouldn't have looked as good. Its not perfect of course but its mine.
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I'm trying to practice my drawing with the tablet, but had a hard time really focusing today. Mostly played around with brushes. Still, have two things to share

Just some flying pigs.

Just a snail. Really wanted to mess with paint can. Hes kinda obnoxious but I like him
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Feeling kinda shitty, just gonna post here so I don't bug anyone


Streamy from the festive findings thread. Covered in sprinkles. Having a day.


Seaside, wearing a reindeer mask. Because I'm wearing a reindeer mask. Fight me
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these are so cute!! i love ur mask
Thank you!! Was really fond of that mask. Have it put to the side for next year

Work has been busy so got to drawings today

This was me fooling around yesterday cause we were all in a mood kinda.

And Soundwave! It now lives in my head forever rent free. Making a mood board for them as well, maybe I'll post it
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Two drawings tonight! Characters I got recently

First is my new Concept! Not sure what to name them yet, but we're vibing

And here's the character I bought from Dax! Supposed to be swimming. I wanted to draw the back fin.
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Oh these look really nice! I especially like the expression on the second image!
Obligatory Ghost Plug -->
Check it out! Help make some ghosts!
Unless you're seeing this in a help rin make ghosts thread.
Then uh. Whoops.
Alright! 2021 hits!
Here's the last thing I drew for 2020

I'd like to work on expressions in 2021, and hopefully continue to get better.
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Working on mood ring species for 4dopt. Worked on pups today, started the cat base. Here’s pups

[Image: JhZ7U4o_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium]
[Image: C5V7qHX_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium]

Might add more dogs later but ye
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[Image: Vwe9wpk.jpg][Image: B2Dshtp.jpg][Image: oyXHoUF.jpg]

Cats made. Next is either mice (fear) or rabbits (saddness), then I'll probably release them. Still plans for other animals/moods but these 4 are my intended start
Also wanna add wildcats at a later point.
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I want to see them succeed in whatever the hell they're doing

[Image: gDMuC2a.jpg]

[Image: r0WqHEc.jpg]

I will learn to draw them.
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Was trying to draw a lil mermaid facebank for a thing

[Image: Zo7xR4j.jpg]

Then I remembered this one

[Image: IrNZK03.jpg]

Here's Prophet meeting a mermaid ^.^

[Image: WzTd7tE.jpg]

I still really love facebanks, I gotta draw them more
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Merbanks for the win!!  I love these mischievous friends
There's a 95% chance I'm thinking of either a Pun or Mega Man at any given time

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