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Masa con Papas: Proxy's Memory
[Image: image.png]
Geezer: We’re here. Everything all good?

Manzana: Mm.

Manzana: Platino’s giving me some details, Zinnia wants to talk to people one on one.

Manzana: Members of the family, and people who were part of the abduction.

Geezer: I mean that’s just all of us.

Opera: We’ve got a couple of crew members who don’t fit that bill so…

Geezer: That’s fair, yeah. None are here with us though, makes it easy.

Opera: Mm! Guess so…

Charon: Any reason?

Manzana: We’ll have to find out.

Manzana: They’d prefer if you went first actually, you two met before?

Charon: In a way…

Manzana: Then you know the drill.

Charon: Any other instructions?

Manzana: Show up ready to spar.

Opera: He just got in a rough fight earlier..

Charon: It’ll be fine, it’s different with them. Zinnia’s a duelist at heart. Best way for them to communicate.

Charon: I’m actually looking forward to this one.

Geezer: He’s got this one, I wouldn’t worry too much.

Geezer: Any other instructions?

Manzana: Mm. Wanted to see you last actually.

Manzana: Said it might get long.

Geezer: Dang, first time meeting like this and they’re already gonna chew me out.

Geezer: I can live with that.

Opera: Guess I’m in the clear then, huh?

Manzana: You and me both.

Opera: What did you even do?

Geezer: Dunno, but we’ll find out.

Manzana: Did want to talk to me and Plat together apparently.

Opera: Anything for me at all?

Manzana: Nothing specific, but you’re included in this either way.

Opera: Guess I’m not special, figures.

Opera: Got mixed feelings on talking to them in general though.

Charon: Feel you there.

Opera: Went through a lot ‘cause of that incident, you know?

Geezer: Yeah.. feel that one.

Opera: Is it bad? Like..

Opera: Can’t blame everything on them entirely but…

Opera: I dunno.

You look directly at them and quietly open up your arms.

The cat doesn’t hesitate to take the hug.

Opera: Thank you… you ready to go handle things?

Charon: Mm… best as I can.

She pulls away.

Opera: You knock things out.

Geezer: Yeah, do what you gotta do. We’ll be here after.

Manzana: Don’t got much to say personally, just be careful out there.

Charon: I will.

You give your whole body one last stretch before you make your way out of the bus.

The door to the apartment is unlocked…

Your chest pounds a bit.

You can’t tell if you’re excited or scared.

The moment you step inside, you’re no longer in Plaza.

You find yourself surrounded by familiar imagery.

A display of memories and the cracked remains of the world you escaped from long ago.

Your proxy is live,you prepare your weapons at your hip.

The old Judgment’s voice echos through the room.

Zinnia: It’s been a good while since we’ve done this.

Zinnia: You’re all grown up. At least in a couple of ways.

Zinnia: About as tall as I was back in my day…

Zinnia: Hopefully you were informed but..

Charon: I’m ready to spar if you are.

Zinnia: Ah! Good! Hopefully you’re prepared then.

Zinnia: Picked a familiar arena, for old time’s sake.

Zinnia: Hard memories for both of us but..

Charon: You want to see me back in that moment.

Zinnia: Aye.

Zinnia: A little reflection is good for anyone.

Charon: Had plenty as of late but… I’ll manage.

Zinnia: Mm.

Zinnia: Your cadence is so different.

Charon: It’s been a decade in my time.

Zinnia: Perhaps so, but I don’t know what you’re trying to do here.

Zinnia: Not a mannerism seen among modern knights.

Zinnia: But not quite homage to those before either.

Zinnia: You’re quite the fan of fantasy I can tell.

Charon: What’s it matter?

Zinnia: Nothing but…

Zinnia: With all the little differences between our current and past meeting.

Zinnia: I simply wonder how the scars of time have healed.

Zinnia: Your posture is strong, but your body is tired.

Zinnia: Your voice cold, and yet there’s a timidness there..

Zinnia: To be vulnerable is not showing weakness.

Zinnia: You’re allowed to be scared.

Charon: Can’t really afford to be as of late.

Charon: It’s a bit tiresome really…

Zinnia: Mm… I understand that.

Zinnia: Something does bother me about the gaze in your eyes admittedly.

Charon: Metamorphosis-

Zinnia: I'm very aware of what that is.

Zinnia: That's expected.

Zinnia: What gets me is... I can't see the same person from back then at all.

Zinnia: Not hiding, not trapped...

Zinnia: Who are you really?

Charon: .... Pardon?

Zinnia: Before I saw a dog and a entity.

Zinnia: Now all I see is the entity...

Zinnia: But now that I bring this up...

Zinnia: The fear in your eyes seems too genuine...

Zinnia: I'm... going to pick my next words carefully.

Styx, are you there?

As much as I can be. I wasn't looking forward to this conversation if I'm honest.

Did you know something?

I had my theories but... I mean you've clearly put it together by now too..

Otherwise you wouldn't be panicking my way.
Styx please...

Don't you find it odd? How different you've become? The fact that your proxy still clings to my power long after you'd done me in?

I mean..

Esperanto's immediate hostility seemed so drastically out of character to Mercury, despite claiming to know them, no?

I shouldn't be here after you'd done me in, and yet here you are talking to what's left.

What happened between you and I back then wasn't you purging me from your mind and body.

Your soul had been claimed long ago in the contract. You overextended.

You are not the original Charon. A pastiche at best really.

Residual feelings, memories, a remnant desperate to stay in this world.

to maintain your sense of person.

If you were still entirely you, you'd be more like your little cat friend. She's more in line with who you were meant to become I imagine.

Zinnia: Charon, talk to me... who's there with you?

Even now that name feels a little detached, doesn't it?

I'll give you credit though, I've never seen a husk cling so desperately before.

Makes me more pathetic doesn't it?

Losing to what amounts to less than a shadow?

Charon: Zinnia?

Zinnia: Yes?

Charon: Give me the terms for our duel.

Zinnia: Are you sure? You seem quite out of it.

Defiant to the end as always...

Charon: I want you to help me figure out who I am.

Zinnia: Then... it's true.

Charon: Maybe. Don't care.

Charon: Hate to call in a favor right away but-

Zinnia: No, you're more than fine. I owe you over two decades of birthday gifts, consider this a start.

Zinnia: I offer you a challenge, nothing but your best.

Charon: Name your terms.

Zinnia: First to surrender. I'll give you a pass or a fail based on your performance.

Charon: Accepted. I toss initiative to you.

Zinnia: Really? Are you sure?

Charon: Done this before, I'll be fine.

Zinnia: Consider it done then. On your call.

Charon: Duel going live, begin.

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