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Masa con Papas: Proxy's Memory
[Image: image.png]
The two of you seat yourselves at a table in the middle of the tent setup, Bern tries make herself look busy and pretends to examine equipment, keeping an eye on the conversation.

She’s a smart cookie, being present yet in the background to make the observations you may have missed in the moment.

Ali shuffles through he coat pockets for personal belongings.

Bucket: Is everything alright?

Ali: It’s fine. You need a card spread? Smoke? Do you still do those?

Bucket: Not really, both have rotated out of the realm of interest for me.

Ali: She takes her hand out of her pocket.

Ali: Good, for the best.

Ali: So, the auction.

Bucket: Mm. Intelligence has told me much about an upcoming auction in a region not too far fromTaverne.

Bucket: Are you familiar with Plaza?

Ali: Mmhmm, one of my daughters came from there. Bit of a construct sanctuary, attracts a lot of attention overseas for its tourism.

Bucket: Exactly..

Ali: I saw the details. Equipment from another world beyond our wildest imaginations. Potentially a good spot for the Judgment armory.

Bucket: You mean for Your armory?

Ali: Same difference, no offense but Erica does a piss job with hers.

Ali: Basically a storage room for poorly maintained gear. With how long our family’s been in the business, should be an open archive for the people.

Ali: Instead it all drowns in the odd chance a wanderer passes by and happens to be in desperate need of a knife.

Ali: Pity really. For the best that the family relics are no longer in her possession.

Bucket: Do you know where they are?

Ali: I have tabs on them…

Ali: Regardless, this is an opportunity to add. Nothing makes for an active guild more than a library for the community.

Bucket: Right..

Ali: But this isn’t just about that either. It’s about who’s involved in the auction.

Bucket: A few people Spit has in her pocket are going to appear. She has quite a few wealthy advocates keeping her cult going.

Ali: Mm…

Bucket: Reason to believe that this info is a detriment to the world should it be in her hands. Arms of the inhumane nature, modifications for warfare, and potentially the key to immortality.

Ali: Saw the footage leak your insider managed their hands on. A truly undying body..

Bucket: Something that should never be in the hands of anyone looking to weaponize such a concept. Frankly debatable of such a thing should exist at all

Ali: Have to say, not sure who you met to get in on it but you’re one lucky dog. I’ve seen your plan, it’s interesting. Assemble a crew alongside your contact, get an invite to the auction one way or another, have a secondary saboteur team ready to burn the place down if your heist fails.

Ali: Though I have to say, I’m curious why you picked me over other immediate family. Erica would help, no?

Bucket: Erica is… someone I rather not risk being compromised for this job. Should the cult find her involvement, it’s troublesome for a large number of important people. I don’t wish to risk that…

Ali: You mean the kid?

Bucket: Mm…

Ali: He was in that footage you know. Makes me wonder how many little things your side of the family’s been trying to keep under wraps. Feel like whatever experience lead to that would’ve been one you’d have all more to say on.

Bucket: I’m not even entirely sure, Erica’s very familiar with it however.

Ali: As am I, even if not directly so..

Bucket: Mm…

Ali: So, who are the invites here?

Bucket: A number of those involved in this incident, including my mother’s pupil.

Ali: Ah, the rabbit.

Bucket: Is that what he is?

Ali: Mm. Erica and I were both involved in a mentoring program at Plaza around the same period, nothing too special. During that we each manage to find ourselves a diamond in the rough.

Ali: Well… don’t know if I’d call hers that. He’s got the maturity but his potential is so low. Hero category but a weak one.

Bucket: Hero category?

Ali: Those in the family tend to be easy to assign into three styles: Hero, Nemesis, Courier. Category Virgil’s parents came up with to examine our family on a historical level.

Ali: Hero types are straight laced. They’ll perform well, have an honest career, and retire at a relatively normal age for their species.

Ali: They’re certainly rare in recent history though. You had the makings of one but your potential is… too high, lets put it at that.

Bucket: What does that make me then?

Ali: Nemesis. The blood knights of the family. You, me, and your mother all fall into this. Monsters on two legs. Generally have the most notable potential among the family. Hopefully you won’t waste yours.

Bucket: Right…

Ali: You might be a inbetween but your abilities are absolutely of the nemesis variety.

Bucket: And what if the courier type you mentioned?

Ali: Soft types, destined to retire young and unremarkable.
Ali: Your um… Charon was it?

Ali: Is absolutely one of those. Falls back on weak lesser magic, reliant on equipment to keep up…

Ali: His eyes say a lot more and he certainly has the potential but…

Ali: He’ll fumble over his own two feet.

Bucket: Think it’s a bit unfair and cruel to count him out so fast…

Ali: What’s your point? Am I wrong? Erica chose to not train him despite his interest in maintaining the legacy.

Bucket: Stop talking about him.

Ali: What can I say? Your kid’s got a little bit more potential if set right but at this point? Too much of a softie to go in this world.  Granted, my kids need to toughen up too but at least the rabbit’s shown her work.

Bucket: You’ve never been good to your students…

Ali: I’m preparing them for the world, you wouldn’t be alive without me.

Bucket: I’m on the run *because* I took your job recommendation…

Ali: You didn’t have to.

Bucket: You pushed for it..

Ali: You took a god’s offer before a month passed. That’s on you.

You start standing up from your seat.

Bucket: I-

Ali: You what?-

Bucket: I thought that you had my best interest. You always spoke about wanting people to walk out living an easier life than you did. I wanted to believe that all the hardship was genuinely to put me on the right place and-

Ali: And it worked. Nobody knew what that god of yours was up to. You took the job too early, found out too late. I told you to take a year contract to gauge the scene and you were too excited to play hero for a crowd to notice the red flag.

Ali: All you’re proving is that nothing I ever taught really stuck.

Ali: Erica left you too trusting for your own good. No wonder it went to shit.

Ali: Same thing’s going to happen to your kid, worse even.

Ali: Fragile, reactionary, fights with his heart first and brain last.

Bucket: Enough-

Ali: He’ll fight tooth and nail for every win and barely scrape by each time.

Bucket: He won’t be a knight anyway, Erica has actively-

Ali: He has his license Bucket, he trained and registered and took the exam at the continent’s biggest proving ground in order for every guild in the continent to recognize him.

Ali: You think he’s going to do better than you?

Ali: Kid needs a cane to walk by the end of each day.

Bucket: …When did this all happen?

Ali: I have access to a lot of money and info, that’s why you came to me.

Ali: I know where and what every member of this family is up to.

Ali: Tell you this, kid could be a pretty damn good witch if he cleaned up his work. My kid could put him on the right track fast. Also pretty soft but she’s got so much talent there.

Ali: Did everything I can to make ure she works with the best tools, the best crew, got her education.

Alli: You? You know even with being on the run that you haven’t done enough.

Bucket: Bringing you in was a mistake…

Ali: One you’re going to grin and bare if you want this job funded your way. If you don’t I’ll figure out my own plan. I can get whatever info you’re keeping in your pocket from somewhere else you know?

You sit back down and take a deep breath.

She looks at you with a smug grin.

Ali: That’s better. Hard lesson of the day for you. You want saying power at the adult table? You make sure the cards in your pocket are bigger than anyone else’s.

Bucket: Let's start over then...

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