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Masa con Papas: Proxy's Memory
[Image: unknown.png]

Erica: What’s that over there?

She points to the big wooden sword left on the side of the porch as you two exit.

Charon: Just been training some more…

Erica: With that big nasty thing? Seems a bit much…

Charon: I mean… I wanna look good the first time people see me.

Charon: So I think if I could lift a big enough sword, I’ll get noticed anytime I walk to a new place.

Charon: That’s worked for plenty of knights, right?

Erica: Yeah, got me there.

Erica: Still… thing is so beat up. Where did you find it?

Charon: Armory. Looks like a lot of work went into it so…

Charon: Maybe that could rub off on me, you know?

Erica: If you say so.

You walk on over to it to show off. You make a few broad overhead swings. Erica gives you a puzzled look.

Erica: You got the technique down but.. You’re kinda thinking too in the box with that.

Charon: The real thing’s dangerous so… can’t really make mistakes there.

Erica: Guess not.

Erica: It’s a good look on you for sure.

Erica: Not what I would’ve picked for you but… exotic weapons like that are fun.

Charon: Really?

Erica: Mm.. granted, you know what they say about those types.

Charon: The path of most suffering..

Erica: Nothing comes easy, especially not a big ol’ sword like that.

Charon: Maybe not…

Charon: But when I become a knight, I wanna make it special.

Charon: When people think of the name Judgment, I want them to say good things because well…

Charon: Because It’s your name!

Erica: Maybe. Truth be told, we’ve done a lot of wrong behind the curtain.

Erica: For every great hero, there’s a heck of a lot of drama.

Charon: I’ll change that too.

Charon: Even if you won’t train me, I’m going to make it happen.

Erica: Can’t really stop you if you want it that bad…

Charon: And… maybe we’ll find you-know-who?

Erica: We don’t talk about you-know-who because you got no clue who that is.

Charon: I think I do… and… I get why you don’t want to tell me.

Erica: Oh?

Charon: The knight in solitude, B-

Erica: What about?

Charon: They’re my uh… I mean.. Is there a word for it?

Erica: Probably. But I can’t confirm or deny anything.

Erica: Whoever asked me to raised you wanted me to promise never to confirm.

Erica: Granted… it’s only going to get more obvious as you get older.

Charon: Things like web texture, hair, fiend canines, pigment changes…

Erica: You know the answer you want to hear, and you know the one that’s obviously true.

Erica: Hopefully? One the same.

Erica: That said, wouldn’t advise going to Solitude of all places.

Charon: I know, went “missing” and all…

Erica: Mmhmm. Their god doesn’t look kindly on us. Pray we don’t have to deal directly. Buck’s gotten into some deep stuff..

Charon: We should save them then, right?

Charon: Like… they’re family and all.

Charon: And… I know you keep in contact.

Erica: I mean… I want to.

Erica: But everyone else gets put at risk if we’re too obvious. You, me, even your dozen cousins.

Erica: I’d lay low.

Charon: For now…

Charon: But… when I become a knight, I’ll go out there and save them too. Whoever they are in the end.

Erica: Mm….

Erica: You got a big heart, keep that.

Erica: Don’t think we can do much anytime soon but..

Erica: If you manage that? You’d be doing a lot for me too…


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