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Masa con Papas: Proxy's Memory
[Image: unknown.png]
The stack of flapjacks standing before you is perfect in every form.

This is the ideal breakfast for a cold day in fall.

Charon: You’ve really outdone yourself with these…

Geezer: Cute…

Fenton: Like them?

Charon: Mmhmm. You really didn’t have to…

Fenton: Tis the season, darkest night is rearing up and we have some time to appreciate the season.

Charon: I’d assume the prep work would be more intensive… hard to celebrate when you’ve got a potential doomsday timer.

Fenton: It will be, but we’ve got plenty of hands on board and a few backup options..  We can afford little things like this.

Geezer: You mean bombing the place?

Fenton: Mmhmm. Don’t want to resort to that but.. It’s potentially dire enough.

Charon: Honestly I’d be tempted to… anyway what’s keeping breakfast held up?

Fenton: Just-

You hear someone approaching the entrance, the dialogue becoming clear as it gets closer.

Manzana: You’ve never seen the prequels?

Opera: No! There’s only one movie back home.

Manzana: No….

The two fiddle with the door knob.

Opera: Shoot, forgot keys…

Geezer scoots on over to unlock the door.

Geezer: Gotcha covered, what’s up?

Opera: Juice, coffee, milk.. Breakfast things.

Manzana: Covered the expenses, sorry about yesterday…

Geezer: No biggie, I’ll be back to full after visiting the shop.

Manzana: Surprised you’re walking so soon after that..

Geezer: Fenton’s good with machines. Anyway hurry up, don’t want it all getting cold.

The two shuffle inside and start laying everything out on the tables. Fenton finishes with handling plating, stacks of pumpkin pancakes for everyone.

Opera: You’ve really outdone yourself with these…

Opera: So cute…

Fenton: Hehe, well you know.

Opera: Let me grab the others, excited to try these… you really didn’t have to…

Fenton: It pays off when I see everyone happy…

Opera rushes up stairs to call the others.

Charon: Earning your praises.

Fenton: Got to hear them again. Never mind that…

Fenton: Charon, mind grabbing the syrup and napkins? I can uh… explain the fiend thing to them while you do.

Fenton:  Figure it’s best for them to not worry.

Charon: Mm… it’d be appreciated.

Fenton: I got your back, we all do.

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