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Masa con Papas: Proxy's Memory
[Image: unknown.png]
The two of you walk back into the place, smell of pumpkin pancakes filling the air the moment you open the door.

You spot your friend working on plating, Geezer giving him a little salute to catch his attention.

Geezer: Yo Fenton!

Fenton: Geezer! 

Geezer: Talk to me, how’s breakfast looking?

Fenton: Practically done, just-

He gets a look at you and stumbles, startled immediately. You avoid eye contact on instinct.

Fenton: Charon..?

Charon: Mm. Morning.

Fenton: You uh.. Got a little something on you.

Charon: Very aware, may need your assistance here.

Fenton: I’d say, how old are you?

Charon: 24? I don’t see what that has to do with anything..

Fenton: Ah… you seem a bit late but it’s still in the typical window.

He takes a closer look at you.

Fenton: You bit someone.

Charon: Mm… got in a scuffle with Esperanto.

Fenton: Really?  I’m surprised…

Charon: What do you mean?

Fenton: Known them for a couple of years, met them when doing a favor for Erica.

Charon: You’ve kept in contact with her?

Fenton: Mmhmm. Oddball, not entirely sure what their deal is but they’re not the type to start fights…

Charon: Have a hard time believing it after the past 24 hours.

Fenton: I mean… what was it over?

Charon: Seems to doubt my capacity to handle the job, or at least our mystery employer here does…

Fenton: Huh…

Geezer: You know anything about them?

Fenton: Little bit. Unfortunately not at the liberty to out their identity for safety reasons..

Geezer: What’s that mean?

Fenton: Being targeted by someone, very selective on who’s allowed to know..

Charon: You can’t tell us?

Fenton: No, would be risky to them… but I can promise you they’re a friend.

Fenton: And I wouldn’t let them put you in danger either, not that I think they would..

Fenton: Anyway…  your current problem… might be going through an awakening of sorts.

Fenton: Fiend hybrids like us go through a bit of weirdness with age you know? You ever had the urge to feed before?

Charon: Occasionally, I try not to… can count the number of times on my hands... Rather not drink blood if I can help it since… you know.

Fenton: Once a fiend starts drinking regularly, becomes harder to go without it.

Geezer: Explains a lot actually, never Charon or Erica drink before.. Except maybe the one time where you bit whatshisface. You went kinda berserk.. ..

Charon: Hence why I try not to.

Geezer: Yeah…

Fenton: What were the other times?

Charon: Mm well… had a former partner who was quite into the idea..

Geezer: You’re going to talk about that here?

Charon: Not going into graphic detail if that’s what you’re worried about..

Fenton: Mm..

Charon: Never had it change me this much before however, not off just one heat of the moment bite.

Fenton: That’s because the circumstances for an awakening are.. Little precise?

Charon: Oh?

Fenton: Gotta bite someone in a bit of an extreme, someone who’s got some fixation on you and pushes you to a state of special tension.

Fenton: A rival, a nemesis, anything of that sort.

Charon: Mm…

Fenton: Esperanto isn’t anything close to normal so… that checks out..

Fenton: Granted, nobody’s seen their true form.

Charon:... What do you mean?

Fenton: They’re an illusionist, you noticed right?

Charon: Mm..

Fenton: Have that eye of yours, the angel poisoned one..

Charon: Could see that much but couldn’t gaze past the magic at all.

Fenton: Really? Terrifying..

Fenton: But it sounds about right for them.

Charon: So… what is this awakening exactly? Heard things here and there but no concrete answer.

Fenton: Aye, the inconsistencies between people.

Fenton: But the origin comes from first generation fiends. They show up, target someone they have a grudge against, and then when they do the job they move on…

Fenton: But if you feed on someone in the heat of the moment? Might lead to places.

Charon: Don’t exactly know them..

Fenton: No, but they tend to play into their opponents… insecurities to put it bluntly.

Charon: Ah…

You can’t help but grumble under your breath at that.

Fenton: Don’t take it personally when I say that-

Charon: I didn’t.

Geezer: Charon..

Charon: Just.. moment. Sensitive.

Geezer gives you a little nod.

Fenton: The awakening tends to play into existing feelings and escalate them. Us fiends are well…

Charon: Emotional.

Fenton: Absolutely.

Fenton: Awakenings for first gen fiends are very cathartic but…

Fenton: For someone like you or me? Hectic. Parts of you that are or aren’t start clashing until they balance out, the fiend side becomes passive, or it becomes the primary you.

Fenton: It’s healthy but… upsetting until it resolves.

Geezer: How long is it going to last?

Fenton: Variable. Few days, a week, maybe two?

Fenton: Could potentially overlap with our schedule the entire time…

Fenton: You’re a spider variant, right?

Charon: Yes..

Fenton: What’s your breath type?

Charon:... Web.

Fenton:... Rough then. Chance you might cocoon for a few days at some point. Metabolism might also pop off… and you might be a little more…

Charon: Volatile.

Fenton: Mm…

Charon: I… don’t think I’ll be a good fit for this job.

Charon: They sabotaged me. Wasn’t on the invite list, baited me into biting.

Fenton: They’re the type to make people sink or swim but… don’t think they intended that last part. Seems like a bit of a ridiculous gambit.

You can’t help but glare at him briefly, watching his face sink immediately before backing off.

Fenton: Sorry…

Charon: Likewise..

Fenton: I’ll talk to them, Mercury too.

Fenton: Both of us know them better than anyone else here. All this seems off as hell…

Fenton: Honestly though, if it comes down to it I’ll vouch to have them removed from the heist. After everything, think I’d prefer you were there.

Your ears perk up.

Charon: Are you sure?

Fenton: Job’s gotta get done one way or another, but think we’d all miss you. Worst case, you’ll help me in the workshop.

Charon: Did talk about collaborating like this one day…

Fenton: Still up for making good on it?

Charon: Maybe… I’d like to. Feel like screaming but…it gives me some assurance.

Fenton: For now just get situated, we’re just waiting on Opera and Manzana to finish their errands.

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