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Masa con Papas: Proxy's Memory
CW: Physical violence, injury, destruction of mobility devices.

[Image: unknown.png]

Without hesitation, your proxy swoops in and jabs them full force, catching an expression in genuine shock in the moment.

You send them crumpling onto the beach.

Charon:  We’re past that point.

Charon: Hands up.

A mist begins to form around you and Esperanto, the world a stage melting over. It’s hard to say if you’re in the middle of reality.

Your proxy looks back at you with a confident look, stronger than you’ve seen in a long time… it makes you feel happy.

Esperanto: Hardly sporting.. proud of you.

Charon: Excuse me?

Esperanto: You had every right and you pulled the trigger. Boss will be happy to know. 

Esperanto: Truth be told, I reported everything from last night that I could. There was a bit of hesitation but…

Esperanto: I assured them I’d make you a fine addition with a little polish.

Charon: Who is this boss? Why are you so invested in this?

Esperanto: Just someone who was asked to help tie loose ends from a long time ago, including yours

Charon: You mean Styx?I hadn’t thought of him in god knows.

Charon: You spent 5 minutes poking at my head, now I’m hearing him crystal clear again. If you were tying loose ends, you’re lousy at it.

Esperanto: An oversight.

Esperanto: Let me get rid of him, you’ll never have to again…

Charon: To be honest with you? I’m not sure I want to. I think…. Things will be different-

Esperanto: Don’t tell yourself that.

Esperanto: I know his type. You give him a single inch and he takes a mile.

Esperanto: You don’t need him.

They make an attempt to approach. You draw your weapon.

Charon: Back off, I don’t like how you’re looking at me.

Esperanto: Do you really trust him?

Esperanto: The amount he’s put you through.

Charon: I know.. I’m very aware and I can’t get too comfortable around him but..

Esperanto: But you know what he can do.

Charon: I’m willing to take that risk.

Esperanto: Baffling… I’m giving you an out and you’re protecting him…?

Charon: It’s my call on how I want to handle this. If the team has to take me off the job for their sake? So be it. But I want that vote made by people whose input I value more.

Charon: You’ve done nothing to merit my trust so far, and it honestly has me only questioning this job.

Esperanto: Really going to make this difficult… Well…

Esperanto: In that case I’m giving you a fair warning. Don’t complicate this.

Charon: No chance.

Before you can fully register what happens next, you’re sent crumbling into the ground by the full force blunting of a giant sword. 

Esperanto: Please stay down. It’s for your best.

You refuse.

Your proxy lifts you off the floor. Your entire body is in agony.

Esperanto: You’re really going to make this a big deal?

Charon: It’s all I’m good at.

They take another swing, this time the sharp end crashing down. You manage to catch it with your bare prosthetic hand, it digs in deep into the palm.

You take the opportunity to yank them in for a counter blow to the throat. It staggers them hard though not to the extent you were hoping for.

They quickly bounce back and return a headbutt.

You trade your own in time.

It seems to have more of an effect. You use your free hand to cling on and bite deep into the shoulder.

Blood is drawn.

The taste of it fills your throat.

Your entire body flickers and howls with a primal flame.

The sword digs deeper, burrowing into your mechanical wrist.

The Proxy dives in to push back. You pummel for your life.

Esperanto grabs you by the chest in return and pulls you in for a knee to the face.

And another..

And another…

And another…

It takes everything in you to keep conscious through this.

Eventually you recall your Proxy, the sword shatters your left arm into metal fragments and wire. You’re tossed directly into the dirt.

They place a foot directly on your remaining arm.

Esperanto: Where is he? I don’t want to be doing this-

Your proxy reappears and football tackles them off of you. They manage to grip the proxy and steer it directly into the ground like a bull flung by the horns.

You take this opportunity to grab a fragment of your shattered arm and jab it directly into their side.

They wheeze intensively, you finally land a blow that seems to have impact. You dig your hand deep into the void, your fingers around the handle of a short blade.

You’re cut short..

They grab your arm by the mechanical joint and immediately break the hinge with their bare hands. Your hand goes limp, the weapon falls back into the abyss it came from.

Your proxy swoops in to save you from their grip only to end up in a stranglehold.

You’re out of options.

You can’t trade in any meaningful way.

Your proxy is pinned.

You have no way to hold a weapon.

All you can do is bite and kick and scream until your lungs give out.

Esperanto’s grip tightens around the Proxy’s neck.

You can feel that tightness.

Esperanto: Right now you’re in a world you don’t have a lick of control over.

Esperanto: You may be walking but you never truly woke up.

Esperanto: You only  hit me because I let you hit me.

Esperanto: Any little moment of advantage? I gave you that.

Esperanto: I’m not asking anymore, where is he?

Styx: I’m right here.

The devil slow claps as he enters the room.

Styx: Couldn’t have the guts to throw hands with someone your size?

Styx: Pity.

Styx: In a fair fight, my bets would be on the kid.

Styx: Respect him a ton even if we don’t see eye to eye often.

Styx: Me personally? Not having much fun watching this, neither are you for that matter.

Styx: Put him down.

Esperanto drops you onto the floor, you don’t have anything left in you to stand back up.

Styx: Good dog.

Esperanto: I’m lost, what’s your angle?

Styx: Nothing. Don’t got all that much love for the cuss personally but..

Styx: Made a deal to protect him.

Styx: So go ahead, have at me. Not much left to kill really.

Styx: But don’t figure you’re the good guy after all this.

You move your mouth but your throat can’t make a cohesive sound.

He looks right at you.

Styx: You did your part, now stay down yeah?

Styx: When the time comes, you’ll be a better devil than I’ve ever been.

Styx: Happier one.

Styx: For now just sleep, yeah? Things will be good when you wake up.

Styx: We’ll settle this out nice and easy…

Styx: Talk to you again soon.

You black out.

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