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Just a Passing Assassin...
Yeah, I went out...Steady was spotting me and I used my bots, and sure it was impulsive, but I still made sure to be safe about it.

...And look! Blood!
[Image: lil_lesbian.png]
Spiral: Steady and I went out to grab the crate. Steady spotted for me…

Spiral: I know it was impulsive but we were safe about it. I used my bots to help, see!

Cabinetta takes a look at the pair of drones.

Cabinetta: You could’ve held off til morning…

Cabinetta: Understand the eagerness though I suppose.. Please do be careful.

Spiral: We will.

Steady: Don’t blame her at all, he’s just wanting to make a good impression on his first day of the job.

Cabinetta: First day? You must be pretty unlucky….

Spiral: Eh…

Steady: Feel bad about it too, trying to be a good mentor here.

Spiral: We got you that blood by the way.

Cabinetta: R-really?!

Cabinetta: What kind of business are you working for though…


Cabinetta: You have access to all sorts of things, your goals here are vague..

Cabinetta: Perhaps it’s time to come clean about some details.

Cabinetta: As an incentive… I will share my fiendish secrets.

Cabinetta: Normally I don’t bargain but… I want some clarity, as much as I can get. Your group has me suspicious.
be honest about the situation, including the part where you're kind of stuck in the job. she'll get it.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Do we have a reason not to tell people about our organization? I don't remember anything like that from orientation. Screw it I don't care, share anything and everything your heart desires.

Don't even need the fiendish secrets.
maybe glance at Steady to see if there's any sort of look like 'yeah go ahead' or 'DONT. DONT DO IT.' or anything, before hopping into an explaination
You give Steady a look, one that she seems more than unsure how to really  respond to.

You mouth our something to make sure she knows what's coming. She freezes up but doesn't otherwise stop you.

Spiral: Steady and I work for a group that I've just recently been hired by.

Spiral: And by hired I mean today. We go traveling on jobs performing various tasks as far as I know.

Spiral: Our job was to rescue another employee who went MIA.

Spiral: There's all sorts of body modding and tech and all sorts of stuff I don't entirely understand.

Spiral: I signed up for it in a past life but I don't remember doing it.

Spiral: So I've been revived in a new body and have to work to pay off some debt.

Spiral: I don't even know if we're from the same world, honestly.

Cabinetta looks over at Steady.

Cabinetta: Why is this all such a big secret?

Steady: Organization is a pretty big mystery of this world you know

Steady: Can't announce ourselves to everyone constantly.

Cabinetta: Yes but, that doesn't explain why you need to be secret.

Steady: Truth be told, I don't know either.

Steady: We're just a bunch of pawns in some sort of bigger thing we don't get.

Cabinetta: Mm...

Cabinetta: Well I can't be mad at either of you for that.

Cabinetta: Admittedly this was some paranoia but... I worried you were both hunters.

Cabinetta: I've faced many in my life, including our local friend.

Cabinetta: My kind is still very much feared and loathed by many... and in recent years deemed valuable to collect for parts.

Cabinetta: Supposedly our blood is part of some elixir toward longer living.

Cabinetta: You really did not come for me... but I wonder if your friend did.
Reply there any way we can check that? because she might be onto something
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
[Image: 967129783966265414_unknown.png]

Spiral: Any way we can check that or... she might be onto something.

[Image: 965010223850991686_unknown.png]
Steady: Considered pretty bad manner to look at other people's job listings.

[Image: 963365009021358130_Seven.png]

4D: Aye, I'm not allowed to share someone else's files like that. Normally.

4D: What I can say is that your particular target from past experiences does do quite a number of bounty jobs.

4D: More alive than dead apparently.

4D: In theory I could pull some strings but...

4D: The truth may compromise your entire mission just now.

[Image: 1126655110009868338_image.png]

Steady: Do it anyway, transparency is key to surviving this.

Steady: We can't be playing games.

4D: One moment then....

4D: This is interesting now...

Spiral: What is it?

4D: The target is someone who is only to be disclosed by the client in person.

4D: So in other words... we don't know!

Steady: Shit...

[Image: 982166505041055794_unknown.png]

Cabinetta: What is it?

Cabinetta: Talking to headquarters?

Steady: Yeah...

Cabinetta:... What did they say?

Spiral: We don't know who their target is. The details of our co-worker's job were only given to them privately by a client.

Spiral: But...

Steady: They are a bounty hunter. Likely trying to bring someone in.

[Image: 1126656146581757982_image.png]

Cabinetta: In for what?!

Steady: We don't know. We're a service that offers a wide variety of services, mostly stuff where we collect data.

Steady: If we can wake them up we'll be able to ask directly.

Cabinetta: And what's to say they won't continue their mission??


Cabinetta: How do I know to trust you....?

There was a audible sniffle.
uhhh well you COULD beat your coworker up if theyre coming after cabinetta

cute spider trumps assassin
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
i mean like, we dont gain anything from them succeeding at their bounty if its bad...why would we side with them?

and like. nobody would notice if we took $5 from someone rude while theyre out- i mean uh,

yeah above post :3
[Image: 990316992793817118_unknown.png]

Spiral: If they act up I'll take them out.

Spiral: Our mission got bumped in priority, right? So we should out rank them.

4D: There is a ruling that a rescue job's objective overrides the previous job's. Getting your target out of here safely is more important than letting them finish their bounty.

4D: Besides that, hard to promise anything...

Spiral: Then that's what I'll do. If they start anything I'll kick their ass.

[Image: 964879946751287366_unknown.png]

Steady: Spiral...

[Image: 1126944560547893351_image.png]

Cabinetta: Are you not allies? Would you not be harming a comrade?

Spiral: It's my first day on the job, hardly know anyone. Doesn't bother me.

[Image: 971471150548914206_unknown.png]

Steady: Yeah and... honestly saving a town feels way more important right now. I'll try talking to them if they wake up but... worst comes to worse, we can just.

She pounds her first into her palm.

Steady: And if I can sweet talk the heads I can set this place up to be a safe zone. Bosses love partnerships with fancy castles.

Cabinetta:... What does that involve?

Steady: Case by case, but they could probably provide blood from time to time in exchange for help.

Cabinetta: I'll have to really think on that...

Cabinetta: Just... don't make me regret letting you in. I've had this happen too often...

Steady: We won't, promise. Just.... we can prove it to you somehow.

[Image: 1126944803305828453_image.png]

Cabinetta: I really want to believe you... you've been all good company so far..

Cabinetta: It's been the first time in awhile I've had something nice to do.. All of us have been terrified this past month.

Cabinetta: So... no more secrets, okay?

Steady: No more.

Cabinetta:... I'm such a mess right now, look at me...

Cabinetta: Nobody would believe I'm lord of this castle.
wipe the spider tears. be smooth
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
okay but what if the above but you twirl first. twirls improve all attempts to be suave unless you trip.
With a little sleight of hand and a twirl, you wipe the spider’s tears with a flourish.

Spiral: You’re all good.

[Image: 971471150548914206_unknown.png]

Steady: Damn,

The rabbit had to hold back from giving a thumbs up.

Cabinetta gives a bit of a sheepish look.

[Image: 984130771369484318_unknown.png]

Cabinetta: That’s silly. You’re all so silly…

Cabinetta: I guess the question that comes now is.. What’s next from here?

Steady: Personally? We just treat this like a bit of a slumber party. Keep folks entertained, close together so if something happens in the middle of the night well.. Yeah.

Cabinetta: Mm…

Cabinetta: Being separated right now sounds like a really bad idea…

Spiral: Is the hunter doing okay?

Cabinetta: As good as he can be after a fight like that. He’s had worse so I’m hoping he’ll bounce back soon.

Steady: Yeah? Like what?

Cabinetta: Me.

There was a certain glee to her response there.

Cabinetta: Spiders are the fiercest killers in the animal kingdom. So imagine a big one…

Steady: Like uh…

She makes a gesture with her arms.

Cabinetta: Bigger.

Steady: Wow..

Steady: Can you really do that?

Cabinetta: Maybe! You’ll have to see!

[Image: skill.png]

Steady: Hopefully on good terms,

Cabinetta stops to grab the end of the crate.

Cabinetta: For now, let me help you two!

Steady: You sure? Might tire yourself out there.

Cabinetta: Mm… I need my blood so…

Cabinetta: Think I can take that risk.

Steady: You know if you really needed it that bad, I’m sure someone would be a willing donor.

Spiral: Steady.

Cabinetta: Oh? Who?

Steady: Hard to say. But if you run out of supply again? Someone for sure.

You can’t tell if this rabbit is flirting or setting you up. Help.
offer The Blood Offer The Blood
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Offer the blood but be really dramatic about BEQUEATHING THE WORLDS TASTIEST JUICE or smth
You give Steady the look, the one that tells her immediately that you’re going to go for it.

She responds with a playful smirk, one that says “Do it, you won’t.” directly to you.

[Image: 1156303502985936996_image.png?ex=65147b0...b96019b42&]

Spiral: Second that, perhaps I can bequeath you taste from live blood?

You catch her eyes flicker briefly. A certain nervous and conflicted smile tics onto her face.

[Image: 1156302763676930128_image.png?ex=65147a5...height=187]

Cabinetta: Um..

Cabinetta: I don’t think that’s the correct meaning of that word but.

Cabinetta: I suppose I have to consider that.

Cabinetta: You both seem surprisingly eager toward the idea. I do have to wonder.

Cabinetta: I usually would prefer not to bite if I can avoid it but, a certain vampiric impulse does nag me to consider….

Cabinetta: Strangely bold in the face of a being of my nature, perhaps I have downplayed myself too much if you’d even go as far as joking about the idea, much less..

Cabinetta: Possibly considering it in sincere?

Cabinetta: It does tempt me, but to do so I have to fully disclose my true nature….

Cabinetta: I am not merely a spider fiend of the garden variety after all. But to reveal who I really am, I need to know you’re both prepared for such a revelation…

Cabinetta: For I fear that may change how you two may feel about living here during our crisis..

Cabinetta: But perhaps...

Fiddle sneaks into your communications.

[Image: 1015387828387070065_unknown.png]

Fiddle: Huh, that reading...

Fiddle: I don't think she's exaggerating.

Fiddle: There's something resonating beyond her previous scan data.

Fiddle: I would proceed with caution but.. if you do take the risk perhaps get a additional scan in?

Fiddle: I suppose you'll be in more than enough direct contact either way..

Fiddle: She's a fiend who practices on the feeding of blood. Do not take anything she says as flirtation.

[Image: 1156307287879725117_image.png?ex=65147e9...e543abf3c&]

Steady: Perhaps..? Is that a maybe?

Fiddle: Steady no!

[Image: 1156309006168637511_image.png?ex=6514802...43c656e80&]

Cabinetta: Mmm.. but I mustn't... to tease one like myself with such offers is cruel frankly...

Cabinetta: I will be careful but... If either of you have any hesitations toward this I suggest you clarify before it's too late to stop.
youre no coward you will give the spider the juice
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
"I trust you."

do iiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
ok but you dont understand fiddle losing a large amount of blood CAN be literal and flirtation at the same time

[Image: 1156657020905201705_image.png?ex=6515c44...bb1b7511e&]
 Spiral: I trust you, do it.

You can see Cabinetta’s eyes flicker yet again, her smile twitch just a little.

As she approaches, you can see her visibly struggling.

Spiral: You okay?

[Image: 1156659461126094999_image.png?ex=6515c69...d5d021943&]

Cabinetta: Taking it slow, under normal circumstances I’d be done by now but..

Cabinetta: I rather walk you both through the process this first time.

Steady: I mean you’re just gonna take a bite, right?

Cabinetta: If I were merely a spider fiend? That would very much be the case.

Cabinetta: But in truth, the spider part is somewhat misleading. More of a container I suppose?

Cabinetta: Some of us are a little less stable in our existence, able to manipulate cells to a further degree than simple shapeshifting.

Cabinetta: I can transform cells to replicate others, both my own and those I make contact with in a way that makes me less of an insect and mammal, or really an animal of any kind. More of…

[Image: 971471150548914206_unknown.png]

Steady: Like, a fungus?

[Image: 984131012063809566_unknown.png]

Cabinetta: Don’t phrase it like that! Admittedly closer but that’s not correct either…

Cabinetta: But by design, I am meant to feed in ways beyond the normal methods of my species, capable of assimilating the organic material of other beings.Not that I’m fond of the practice, find it a little offputting to acknowledge…

She walks directly up to Steady.

Cabinetta: When a fiend bites, a tiny amount of venom will release causing the target to relax. This is still very much true. But when a fiend of my specific nature takes a bite, a temporary link forms. For a moment, we will share a mind, So….. try to picture something nice I suppose? I wish to avoid biting too hard..

[Image: 1156657647110598696_image.png?ex=6515c4e...79bdb188c&]

Steady: No worries. I got it figured out, go for it-

Steady: A-

[Image: 1156660606527602798_image.png?ex=6515c7a...6c2c0176e&]

The spider dips her dramatically, before taking a chomp on the rabbit's shoulder.

[Image: 1015387828387070065_unknown.png]

Fiddle: Steady...

Fiddle: I suppose I'm not surprised but...

Fiddle: May as well get some data from this..

Fiddle: Don't either of you die over this, don't think I can stand being alone for the rest of the mission...

THere’s a surprised noise that comes out followed by her body instantly relaxing, eyes in a clear daze. After what seems like an eternity, Cabinetta releases Steady, the rabbit gone quiet as she processes what just happened, with a hint of a tiny smile sneaking onto her face.

The spider’s face looks a little embarrassed after that.

[Image: 982005899809943572_unknown.png]

Spiral: Is uh… she going to be okay?

Cabinetta: S-She’ll be fine! Just… perhaps we got a little too eager there…

Cabinetta: Your turn if you’re still up for it…. Just focus on something nice. 
imagine something....Gay

you may as well fluster her a little
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
imagine the warm welcome you were received here. after losing your memories and being resurrected, Cabinetta made you feel welcome in a world that had moved past you. let her know how much that means to you.
I agree with the above posts. It would also be funny to see if thinking of it really abstractly on purpose would confuse her but that would also be kinda mean spirited and maybe get you bitten too much so. Not really a good idea.
You take a moment to ponder what you want her to see during all this.

Something warm for sure, maybe enough to fluster her.

You weren’t expecting your first day of being alive to go like this at all but… it’s nice to see a few friendly faces even under the circumstances. She’s certainly made an impact on you in such a short amount of time..

You can’t help but wonder just a little what’s going to happen with her after the job is done but you hope you can see her more down the line. She’s made you feel more than welcome.

So much of your past life is scattered, if not outright missing from your memories. It’s hard to really find something of worth to share that fits that description..

Perhaps something a little more surreal? But maybe not too much so… it’d be funny to throw her off but it might cause her to rip into you by accident.

For now just tap into feelings…

You give the Spider a nod of confirmation, being scooped before you can fully react.

You feel her teeth pierce into you, the venom from her bite immediately flowing in. You feel a disconnect from your body growing until you’re yanked out of reality.

[Image: 1156779587116728421_image.png?ex=6516367...b46f72c17&]

Cabinetta: I’ve got you…

Spiral: You look different..

Cabinetta: Mmhmm.. That’s expected. Hope that's not a bad thing..

Cabinetta: You’re different too… a bit um..

Cabinetta: How do I put this politely…

Spiral: Mm?

Cabinetta: Unfinished?

Spiral: What do you mean?

Cabinetta: Your inner self is um…

[Image: 1156780756702609500_image.png?ex=6516378...a610f7cdd&]

Spiral: Oh…

Spiral: Huh…

Cabinetta: Mmhmm…

Cabinetta: Not a common phenomenon.

Cabinetta: You and Steady also have somewhat of an artificial taste.

Cabinetta: It gives me plenty of questions but…

Cabinetta: It feels unfair to intrude while in this position right now.

Cabinetta: If I were to guess, I’d assume both of you are familiars.

Cabinetta: You especially, a fresh creation perhaps.

Cabinetta: It’s not uncommon for one’s inner self to be drastically different from their body but..

Cabinetta: There’s barely anything here?

Cabinetta: Right now you're completely safe from anyone listening in so...

[Image: 1156785107500269738_image.png?ex=65163b9...7cd30ea75&]

Cabinetta: You can talk as honestly as you'd like.
I'm freshly resurrected and don't remember much from my old life. Gotta work off my literal life debt to the organization that brought me back.

It makes sense that I'm just an outline, a full person without the context of memories or a past. Was it that way for you when you first appeared?

maybe that's why it was so easy to fall for you.
Spiral: I was just resurrected, don’t remember much from my old life. Bits and pieces here and there but nothing solid…

Spiral: Working off the literal life debt to the organization that brought me back.

Spiral: Feels pretty unfair, don’t even know how much of me is the same person who made the sale in the first place..

Spiral: So I guess it makes sense that I’m just an outline, a person without any context of the past or… anything really.

Spiral: Was it like that for you when you first appeared?

Cabinetta: What do you mean?

Spiral: Fiends, you just kind of… show up, right?

Cabinetta: I suppose so. Thoughts and feelings but.. Not really sure who besides that. That’s common for any fiend created out of the void.

Cabinetta: Though I don’t know if I started this barebones before… Turnip was in a similar situation…

Cabinetta: Poor soul who wandered into town, took him in and offered him the chance.

Cabinetta: He’s recovered what he’s can but he’s still filled with a number of blanks.

Cabinetta: That’s the way of familiars, you seem like whatever you are now isn’t too far off from that at all.

Cabinetta: Though you can still have a happy life under such circumstances..

Cabinetta: I hope you are able to escape your debt some day for certain.

Spiral: Mm…

Spiral: I guess you understand then, that’s nice. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy to fall for you…

Cabinetta: You um… thought that out loud.

Cabinetta: Not that I mind. Think it’s cute, even if I’m not used to this much flirtation in my own home.

Cabinetta: I do like the company you and your friends have brought, it’s much needed after so much of the town has had to evacuate…

Cabinetta: Though I have to say I’m rather split on the idea of rushing right into something after just meeting people, even if the impressions so far have been quite strong.

Cabinetta: There’s a lot of rough edges to someone like myself, and there’s the matter of.. Whether you can commit I suppose?

Cabinetta: Doing this with Steady has made it more than clear that the two of you came from very far, I don’t know if I could handle getting so attached to someone without knowing if I’d ever see them again….

Cabinetta: But I am willing to entertain the more playful side of this I suppose? At least for now?

Cabinetta: I don’t know, I know I’m asking for a lot…
commitment is hard, much of my life is up in the air, and i don't know whether i can commit to a relationship, as much as i really like you...

i don't think you have to worry about rough edges, though- i like everything i'm seeing here, fangs and all.

...maybe we could swap contact information, at least? long distance is hard whether it's friendships or otherwise, but at least we'd have some way to talk on quiet nights...
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
You're right, I think. this is going too fast. You've just been so welcoming. we've been eating snack food, playing video games, having a sleepover! It's the most fun I've ever had. It's the most... down to earth thing I've had since I woke up. You've been so good to me, in a way no one else has been. that I can remember, anyway.

I want to spend time with you, even if it doesn't go anywhere more intimate. Whatever happens I just want to enjoy this, whatever it ends up being.
[Image: heart%20icon.png]
 Spiral: Right now so much of my life is up in the air.

Spiral: Guess thinking about all that, we’re going pretty fast and I can’t even say for sure if I can commit to a relationship like that..  You’re probably right.

Spiral: I mean.. I like everything I’m seeing, fangs and all. Don’t think you have to worry much about rough edges.

Spiral: And you’ve been so… welcoming? Like..we’ve been eating snacks and playing games, basically a group sleepover?

Cabinetta: Nice way to think of it…. Does feel better than worrying about what’s going on out there.

Spiral: It’s been the most down to earth thing I’ve done since waking up, you’ve been nothing but good to me… maybe we can swap contacts? Long distance stuff is hard, friendship or otherwise but… it’d be nice to have someone to talk to on quiet nights.

Spiral: I just wanna spend time with you even if it’s not intimate, just enjoy this..

[Image: smileeee.png]

Spiral: Whatever this ends up being.
[Image: 1156785107500269738_image.png?ex=65163b9...7cd30ea75&]

Cabinetta: Absolutely! I have an online setup here, mostly just look up guides and talk to a few forums but…

Cabinetta: Would be nice to do something like that.

Cabinetta: You know, Steady actually asked for the same, said someone on the team might miss me..

Cabinetta: But… yeah.

Cabinetta: Honestly doing long distance doesn’t sound that bad, as long as I know I get to see that person here and there.

Cabinetta: But…. I’d be pretty sad if it never happened.

Cabinetta: Admittedly I’ve tried before with no luck when it comes to romance.

Cabinetta: But my experiences ranged from clear incompatibility to genuinely horrid to be around…

Cabinetta: In the past I’ve been too eager when it comes to offers. Perhaps a aspect of my manifestation but…

Cabinetta: Maybe I’m talking too much right now, I want to get to know you!

Cabinetta: While we’re linked like this, our imaginations are tapped into each other. In a sense we’re one, possibilities of the spiritual and mental are grand! Such mental melding is powerful even if temporary. The power to exchange thoughts, knowledge, the exchange of the essence of soul and memory.

Cabinetta: In here a minute of thought is potentially hours.

Cabinetta: So… perhaps I can grant you a few wishes, certainly even helping you find yourself at that?

Cabinetta: And in exchange, I don’t know..

Cabinetta: But, this could be a date in itself, low stakes friend test date but...

Cabinetta: I guess, what do you want to do? We have a little time before I have to release you..
Have you ever been to a carnival? Have I? I think that'd be fun. Lots of little stuff to do. Could win you a brain plushie for your brain home.
[Image: 1156780756702609500_image.png?ex=6516378...a610f7cdd&]
 Spiral: Have you ever been to a carnival? Have I actually…

The not-fungus, sorta-spider's eyes flicker with excitement.

[Image: spoderhearteyes.png]

Cabinetta: Never, not even once!

Cabinetta: I’ve seen them many times in works of fiction but…

Cabinetta: Beyond that? Nope!

Spiral: Let’s do that then! Think it’d be fun, lots of little stuff to do..

Spiral: Could win you a brain plushie for your brain home.

Cabinetta: Do I have one of those..? I suppose I could.

Cabinetta: Right now we're in a bridge that combines our outer most thoughts effectively. What is here is what we are willing to share, thoughts and consciousness transferring back and forth through through a single bite. In theory we could send gifts, even visit each other's spaces which.. would be a place to put that I suppose?

Cabinetta: Not too far off from walking one home after a nice evening, though choosing the spend the night over is likely not ideal...

Cabinetta: Very well then!

The ground rumbles as entire forms and structures start to erect from the ground below you, terraforming into a festival of light and color.

A few castles and big towering metal serve as the backdrop, the sky full as can be.

Dancing mascots of avian and reptilian variety in jesters outfits seem to run the booths and tents for games, rides, and food.

Light music plays, setting the mood. You don’t recognize it as anything particularly carnival though, perhaps… from a game?

It’s… a lot more abstracted than you were initially expecting though. Some things didn’t seem to entirely load in.

It feels like a Carnival but you get the sense that this isn’t quite right, your memory may have a few blanks.

Spiral: Huh… is this how that works?

Cabinetta: What do you mean?

Spiral: I mean… uh..

Spiral: Feels like something’s missing I guess?

Cabinetta: Well.. if we’re linked like this..

Cabinetta: And I’ve never been to one…
Spiral: And I can’t remember shit..

Cabinetta: It seems to be a mish mash of components from both of our understandings…

Spiral: Huh…

[Image: MOOOOON.png]

You look up directly at the moon, a chunk visibly missing.

Spiral:.. Is that like.

Cabinetta: Hmm?

You point her toward the sky.

Cabinetta: AH!

Cabinetta: That’s a pretty big spoiler…

Spiral: For what??

Cabinetta: I can’t say! You’ll have to find out another time.

You fear what oracle knowledge she contains, this spider

Cabinetta: For now…

[Image: Cabinettta%20gayer.png]

Cabinetta: I would like to go on a ride...
ferris wheel time get really scared and have to hold her hand go
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Carousel! get really into the act of riding an animal. ham it up.
I second Ferris Wheel, also perhaps they have one of those Adult Jungle Gym type areas with rope ladders and such with good look out spots
There's a 95% chance I'm thinking of either a Pun or Mega Man at any given time

[Image: 12_10_10_23_11_44_26.png]Character thread here (always a WIP)! [Image: 12_11_10_23_7_45_27.png]
Ferris wheel makes sense...other than that, Jousting! That's what carnivals are all about right? Or is that fairs? What's. The difference anyway?
[Image: smileeee.png]
 Spiral: How about a Ferris wheel? Bit of a classic, you ever been on one?

Cabinetta: Never! I’m a bit of a shut in these days and in the past haven’t had the chance.

Spiral: Just a bit of a recluse?

Cabinetta: Couldn’t tell you what kind of spider to be honest, I don’t think my kind are truly possible to categorize as such regardless.

Cabinetta: Well… even moreso with myself…

Cabinetta: But yes I do live a quiet life often, away from the crowds.

Cabinetta: Any experience in a place like this is new to me..

The noise of machinery flickering onto life catches both of your attention

Cabinetta: Although…  I did assume this kind of thing was meant to be the end of the adventure? Perhaps?

Spiral: We’ll just have to come up with something to top that then, start strong and end even bigger.

Cabinetta: Absolutely! So where-

[Image: payasosososo.png]

A clownish mascot taps at both of your arms.. Or in your case, strange scribbled formless mass, trying to catch your attention.

You should really figure out who you are more, at least enough to have a body in this place...

It seems to be offering assistance.

Cabinetta: Adorable… I wanna squish it…

It’s ears(?) Perk up at that, hopefully it won't become your rival..

You’re filled with a natural sense of guidance, perhaps it’s something you’re familiar with more than your date…

You know that this creature is here to help you with everything and anything, and will do whatever it takes to make sure your date is a success.
give yourself a form that embodies some kind of euphoria for yourself- something makes you feel Confident and Happy

and also do a group hug with the mascot
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
maybe being a clean slate isn't so bad, image wise. perhaps having lost your shadow, to be just an outline, is enough to define yourself. Maybe that's what you are, a lost shadow, an empty outline, an absent silhouette.

Go with the flow, this jolly entity seems cool. also hold da girl's hand. you're going on a romantic ride.
You decide to take a chance and go for a group hug but first…

You probably need to be something a little more solid than a few lines to do that. In fact..

Maybe even play into this formless nature for now, make it your whole thing.

Your body out in the world is perfectly fine for now but you can really be anything it seems as you get more experience and samples to work with.

Fiddle and Steady very clearly had reasons to pick theirs after all….

And why not indulge the same in here?

An absent silhouette has no fears, just take it the next extra step and expand on the concept..

You swoop in with full confidence, scooping up both Cabinetta and the mascot, despite her alone standing over you.

THe mascot gives a happy little squeak at that, the spiderish fiend making a cut, insectish little hissling of a noise as well.

[Image: Gathered22.png]

Spiral: There you go!

[Image: Cabinettta%20gayer.png]

Cabinetta: Brave today!

Spiral: Just thought it’d be nice..

You place the two down. The spider’s face gives a little pinkish glow.

Cabinetta: I did need that I think..

Spiral: Hehe..

Cabinetta: So um…

You slip your hand into hers, she squeezes firmly to confirm.

Spiral: I’ll lead..

You shoot the mascot a look, it directs you to the now fully formed ride.

The aesthetics are certainly more dramatic in its anarvictorian frame that adds an old time vibe. At least it feels that way based on what your brain can remember,

You take her up the steps to the main carrier. The mascot surrounding all getting ready to operate.

Cabinetta:.. You know I’m not good with heights now that I think about it.. Which I suppose can be seen as ironic all things considered..

Cabinetta: Could you um….

She’s clearly a little embarrassed right now about having to ask for help.
Aww, she's cute when she's flustered.

Put a hand on her shoulder while keeping the other holding her hand and help her into a seat. be gentle, just support her, don't push if she doesn't want it.

"no place to face your fears like a place where they can't hurt you. I'm here for you, we go at your pace."
[Image: little%20dreaming.png]

You place one hand on the spider’s shoulders and offer her another.

The spider takes the offer as you start leading her in.

Cabinetta: Thank you! I’m just… admittedly bad with the unfamiliar sometimes.

Cabinetta: A common sentiment among my kind really..

Cabinetta: You’d think eternal halloween would make this trivial.

Spiral: No worries, we’re going at your pace.

Spiral: Besides! No better way to face your fears like a place where they can;t hurt you, right?

Cabinetta: You are correct. I would like to go to a place like this in person some day though..

Cabinetta: Even if we do keep this somewhat casual, I wouldn’t be opposed to going on a few ride together but…

Cabinetta: Either way, I like being here.

You both are seated, the little mascot friend makes sure the two of you are safe and secure in the road before the others start putting it into motion.

The spider seems startled at first, clinging onto you.

She calms down though as the two of you lift toward the top.

Cabinetta: You can see it all here…. It does remind me much of town during evening.

Cabinetta: Don’t think this place is within a path of traveling fairs and carnivals though, finding one would likely require me to travel.

Spiral: You do much of that?

Cabinetta: Not really… I’m very much a homebody.

Cabinetta: Though perhaps one day maybe..

You spot a castle at the distance, much grander than anything from this town.

Spiral: That anything?

Cabinetta: It’s the representation of my mind!

Cabinetta: A look into my head, so to speak… Yours should be on the opposite end..

You take a look around, seeing a cleared out lot for construction. Framework for what appears to be the start of a cozy little cabin.

Spiral: Not much there yet…

Cabinetta: If your memories are so lost, that would make sense..

Cabinetta: It’s not a blank though, there’s a sense of you there still.

Cabinetta: How it builds up overtime? That really depends…

Spiral: Will mine get as big as yours?

Cabinetta: Difficult to say, it will grow for certain.

Cabinetta: Maybe wider, maybe deeper underground.

Cabinetta: The interior is what matters more really.

Spiral: And what’s yours like?

Cabinetta: Mm… complicated.

Cabinetta: A maze perhaps? Many of the rooms abandoned yet not mine to claim.

Cabinetta: I am a remnant of many, so to speak. So there are parts formed from what belonged to others once, even if they are not there. There’s certainly aspects I’d like to share for certain, but I do warn you’d no longer be on neutral ground if you are curious.

Cabinetta: Just a hunch, but I do suspect you are capable of similar connection yourself now that we are linked like this.

Cabinetta: Could be useful on your future ventures, but there are dangers when going that far in. Could get snagged by some rough memories, could disconnect while still inside in which case well..

Cabinetta: You can picture how that goes.

Cabinetta: But it’s something I could pass along, if you’d like to do something a little more productive with the time we have now. I don’t mind anything really..
"I don't want this time to be 'productive'. I just want to enjoy your company. enjoy living again. later, it's going to be hard, I'm gonna have to fight. Fight for my life, fight to be free, and that feels so painfully familiar. But I won't let that be my entire life. gotta build something in that lot I'll be proud of."

Lean on her and enjoy the moment
learning is fun. who doesnt love learning. nothing bad has ever happened from learning cool skills. but also lets not be TOO productive
i think thatd be a great idea...but let's savor this moment first, and then go have An Adventure
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Spiral: Don’t think I really want this to be a productive thing, not right now..

You lean on her shoulder, she gives you a little pat on the head in return.

Spiral: I just wanna enjoy the moment, being alive again.

Spiral: There’s a lot of work ahead of me, a lot if I want to get my freedom back I guess…

Spiral: But it’s nice to like.. Think there’s something to build up to, you know?

Spiral: Maybe in a little bit but… for now just let the moment be the moment I guess.

Cabinetta: We can do that later, after you walk me home perhaps..

Cabinetta: I did need this break myself..

Cabinetta: It’s been quite hectic lately, and with how little anyone’s been able to deal with the threat to the town..  I just needed a bit of a distraction. Here where we’re safe and there are no limits but our imagination..

Cabinetta: It’s nice…

Cabinetta: Admittedly I wish it could be like this more. I have good people around me but.. Having someone around all the time. I don’t know..

Cabinetta: Even if our adventures tonight are merely a shared dream..

Cabinetta: Because at the end of the day, the feeling is real.

Cabinetta: I’m scared to go too far from home often because I know not all people are this kind toward fiendish folk.

Cabinetta: The Hunter is kind but… he’s too busy with the town.

Cabinetta: Turnip is wonderful but tends to be bad at crowds too.

Cabinetta: Until I feel braced, this is a good alternative when someone is willing to meld minds like such..

Cabinetta: Steady was able to show me many things too but.. There’s something nice in someone who’s also figuring quite a bit out.

Cabinetta: The two of you have quite the distinctive taste by the way, not that I mind.

Cabinetta: You’re really not from around here..

Spiral: No idea where I’m from.

Cabinetta: You and your friends are always welcome to visit if it’s difficult out there though. I don’t mind having guests.

Cabinetta: And honestly I’m sure I could find a means to help you escape from those clutches if they bother you so much..

Cabinetta: Negotiate, perhaps find you both work where I’d be able to oversee things so they can’t hurt you. Worst case scenario I could smuggle you out by letting you stay in here and let them sort out where you went on their own.

Cabinetta: I don;t know… I wish I could help you there too.

Cabinetta: Steady has.. Her own complicated feelings on this from what I can tell. She doesn’t seem to have a place to go despite being more than capable of paying off her debt. At least there she has people she knows and cares for. People she can protect Here it’s all a mystery I think.

Cabinetta: Guess I’m just… coming to terms that the first kind people I’ve met in so long are going to be scarce in opportunities to spend time with them.

Cabinetta: Do let me know if.. anything really.

She pauses, lost in thought for a moment before taking a good look out the window.

Cabinetta: We're so high up right now... I can't imagine how people work on aircraft daily...
I don't think I mind doing the jobs(any more than I'd mind doing some corporate gig), and the body mod stuff they have set up is a pretty sick benefits package. If the gilded cage had no bars it'd be a swanky place to live, ya know?

Hopefully by the time I figure out myself and what I want from a second life I'll have gotten to the point where I can pay off the debt. But I'm not going to end up like Steady. I'll visit as much as I can. Having connections to people who live in the world instead of just being transient mercenaries is important, I think. Plus you're wonderful and I love you spending time with you.
offer to hold her hand, but no pressure.

as for talking, ask her what she would do in your position, stuck in this job but unsure of where to go from here
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Spiral: Don’t really mind doing the jobs from what I know about them, don’t hate it anymore than I’d be into a corporate gig.

Spiral: Body mod stuff is a pretty nice deal I guess. What I’ve got for now works but nice having all those options, you know?

Cabinetta: Mmhmm! Steady has certainly commented as much herself.

Cabinetta: She wasn’t even a mammal when she first started according to her. From what I understand both of your friends are modified to preference after collecting enough samples.

Cabinetta: I do hope you’re able to fill the gaps for yourself!

Spiral: We’ll see, maybe this mission will give us something to work with.

Cabinetta: If you’ve scanned me, which I presume from how Steady explained it works, I would greatly advise  the fiend gaze.

Spiral: THe what?

Cabinetta: It’s a thing!

Spiral: What does it do?

Cabinetta: Well… you’ll have to find out really!

You reach out for the spider’s hand.

Spiral: Maybe I will…

Spiral: Haven’t been doing this for much, being a blank slate with a bunch of options though kinda feels right?

Spiral: If the gilded cage had no bars well.. It’s honestly not too bad. Maybe even better than my old life if I was in that much debt…

Cabinetta: Mm, I understand..

Spiral: But I have plans, I’m not gonna end up like Steady where I feel stuck there you know?

Spiral: I wanna live in the world, know people there. Be more than a mercenary. I’ll visit as much as I can really…

Spiral: Really love… spending time with you I guess. It’s been wonderful.
Cabinetta: Ah! Well…

She smiles.

Cabinetta: Mm. I do hope you’re able to pay what you owe.

Cabinetta: I do think you’re in good hands, Steady seems already quite attached to you despite your short time knowing each other.

Spiral: Mm…

Spiral: Can I ask something?

Cabinetta: Mmhmm!

Spiral: You got any advice for all this?

Cabinetta: What do you mean?

Spiral: Like.. being stuck here. What would you do if it were up to you?

Cabinetta: Me?

Cabinetta: I don’t think I’d do well in such a climate, if I am to be entirely honest.

Cabinetta: Even with good people, I think the lifestyle is far from stable…

Cabinetta: I’d make plans of course, an endpoint to look forward to if I choose to return up there…

Cabinetta: But I do not think I’d be able to feel right knowing every aspect of myself is not truly my own..

Cabinetta: Even if you pay off your freedom, Steady has told me they keep you longer by charging you for anything they provide if you wish to walk out. That includes your physicality.


Cabinetta: Mm… If you do not have a vessel awaiting you outside of there, you’d have to buy one.

Spiral: Nothing’s ever that easy.. Nobody mentioned that.

Cabinetta: She planned to explain that once you received your check for the job, would prefer to cover how the debt is handled once you have means to pay some of it off from what I understand.

Cabinetta: On the brighter side.. Steady has told me this job being promoted in scope means you’ll certainly have a good chunk paid after however so that’s nice..

Cabinetta: But if you wish to leave quickly, you’d be doing a good number with such a risk level, if not moreso. The idea of having this kind of work gamified is scary to be quite honest.

Cabinetta: But perhaps it’s just me, every detail I heard when we were linked up just makes it sound dystopian in concept. Is this really what the future of our world looks like? 

Cabinetta: I am not sure I’m a fan.

Cabinetta: To properly answer your question, I think I would just… run away from it all myself.

Cabinetta: Even if things were to all go perfectly, I find the idea too bleak to dedicate so much of my life to.

Cabinetta: Once this town is rid of the thing that trapped you here and your comrades, you can be beamed up at any moment though. So running away wouldn’t get very far…frustrating.

Cabinetta: If you wish to continue, I will support you as much as I can. There are people in your same situation who share solidarity, you will be cared for.

Cabinetta: But I do offer a potential out, albeit a rather extreme one.

Spiral: And what’s that?

Cabinetta: Right now we are existing in what is effectively a neutral mental space, an even melding of our thoughts and emotions.

Cabinetta: When I release you, you’ll wake up back where you belong.

Cabinetta: But if you were to stray too far into the other person’s mind and not leave before the connection is cut off? Very real chance you would not go back to your body.

Cabinetta: And at that point it becomes very difficult for anyone to claim you.

Cabinetta: I would make what accommodations I could and I more than likely would be able to put you back, should you regret it.

Cabinetta: I recognize it’s an extreme however.

Cabinetta: I am conflicted myself. I'd like to have you around more for certain but... it's a leap of faith for both of us, even if I am willing to.

Cabinetta: Living as a fiend has many hardships of its own in this world. I cannot promise it'll be the better choice for you long term. But it’s an option I place on the table for you because I do feel you deserve some out.
Wait holdup what do you mean 'future of your world'? I thought this was multiverse bullshit, not time travel bullshit!

And I appreciate the offer but I think it's too soon to be making rash decisions about my person-hood. I can work within the system while I get my bearings, I don't remember much but I think I used to do dangerous work, got a big fuck off hammer, had to be for something. also barring extreme circumstances like we're here to save someone from, I think I can't die. I'll be fine for at least a little while, so I can figure my shit out.

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