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Just a Passing Assassin... tempting as that is...

i want to figure this situation out first. but if shit gets bad, like, Really bad, i may seek you out and take you up on that. it's nice to have an out, at least...
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Spiral: Future of our world.... What do you mean?

Spiral: I guessed we were just from different ones? Are we time traveling-?

Cabinetta: Speculation admittedly, I just figured that…

Cabinetta: What I understand of where you came from, it’s not too far off from where our world is advancing.

Cabinetta: And some regions are so distantly apart, nothing to say we aren’t close ourselves. Maybe not in this town but..

Cabinetta: Just a thought. I mean… if it is this world, that does mean I can eventually find you if it’s a simple matter of waiting.

Cabinetta: I will live incredibly long, should all things go well.

Spiral: Mm..

Spiral: I guess then just… thinking about the offer.

Spiral: I can hold out longer, tempting as it is.

Spiral: I remember doing plenty of dangerous work. I’ve got a big hammer from my past life.

Spiral: And extreme circumstances like what we’re in right now aside, pretty sure most days none of us can actually die.

Spiral: Think I’d need a little time to decide on things, and I can tough a lot out myself.

Spiral: Tempting as it is, I think I’ll keep it in as just an option for now.

Cabinetta: Understood. I did say it was rather extreme for a reason.

Cabinetta: Admittedly I’m somewhat disappointed, it’ll be difficult to go back once we’ve handled the danger and all of you return…

Cabinetta: But I look forward to staying in touch however we’re able to..

She tries to smile, but there’s a very clear unsureness to her whole face.

The wheel wraps up, descending back down until it was at a full stop.

The doors open up, allowing both of you to exit.

Your mascot friends give you a little wave to catch your attention. They pause to look at the spider, whisper amongst themselves, and glance back directly at you.

One gives you a little gesture, seems like they’re more than ready to wingman right now.
get in close with the one who's gesturing and ask them what they think should be done, i have no idea if they talk but maybe they can gesture more (but subtly)
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
You step out ahead, holding the door for Cabinetta behind you. A little crack of appreciation across her face, though she remains fairly quiet for now.

It’s clear there’s a melancholy to her, she’s been trying to avoid letting linger to now.

You walk up to the staff, friendly little guys. They’re here to help, as a theme park would imply.

Spiral: If you’ve got any ideas, let me in.

Spiral: Don’t want to end things on a bad note.

The Mascots whisper amongst themselves before looking back to you, making direct eye contact.

You can head a voice echo in your head, its tones prompting you to keep your vision locked naturally.

???: You were once a witch, and this world is your station.

???: Though you forgot the spells you’ve cast, the rest of your mind does not.

???: While you are locked, there’s a frequency, a means to wow with magical arts.

???: A surprise with a gift may be what you need, to ease the kind fungi’s mind.

Spiral: I thought she wasn’-

???: She lied. It’s not very flattering to be called a mushroom.

Spiral: I mean it’s cute in a way…

Spiral: Are you talking or-

???: I’m more of a interface, a very responsive one.

???: Your bench in a way.

You find yourself with a signal and blank vouchers.

One that links you to every other witch and every pact they’ve sealed.

Beyond the short life you’ve lived so far.

Beyond what memories of before you’ve tapped into.

You recognize you’re in here because of a deal with someone you should not know.

And it’s only fair that further bargains gain you your freedom.

Whatever your past life did you trap you here, they certainly had a backup plan.

Spiral: Is this safe?

???: For now, yes.

???: You have free gifts to redeem. Effectively a blank check to bend the world you are currently in.

???: Give me a name, any name.

Spira: A-

???: Before you say anything, I mean any name.

???: Anyone who has ever touched the print of a witch, whether you knew them or not.

???: Whether you should know them or not.

???: And you will have their guidance and blessing soon enough.
Call upon See
Hmm...Gallows would probably be a decent choice...seems like a figure that might have some decent advice?

However, maybe something else would be more
I suggest Frida.
gonna say frida as well as hilarious as see would be
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Thirding Frida and seconding Gallows
There's a 95% chance I'm thinking of either a Pun or Mega Man at any given time

[Image: 12_10_10_23_11_44_26.png]Character thread here (always a WIP)! [Image: 12_11_10_23_7_45_27.png]
Spiral: Frida,

???: Don’t think you ever knew a Frida but…

???: Somehow that seems like a good pick. Natural one.

???: Ah… an entity.

???: That’s the logical choice it seems.

Electronic noises start to echo around you, static and buzzing with a distinctly silky hymn tattered backing.

???: Be wise with your bargaining chips, you only have so many before you’ll face real consequences.

Spiral: Should I be worried?

???: Connection made.

???: Good luck.

You are in a room.

Across is… a rabbit??

A very strange looking one at that.

[Image: frida.png]

Frida: Hi! Know I'm uh.. kind of spooky looking but you know. Don't bite.

Frida: Guess no point in worrying about that, you're a witch and right now you got teeth in your throat as we speak so...

Frida: You seem pretty brave? Like she could just steal your soul and all of your blood right now, kinda impressed.

Frida:I've got the footnotes on what's up out there, up to speed probably?

Frida: In the middle of a date, currently linked your mind to a spider woman, had a talk that might’ve gone in a few places, offered to merge with you?

Spiral: Mm.

Frida: That’s pretty intense for a first date actually.. I mean I’m guilty of stuff like that so guess I can’t make fun of anyone. Got kinda serious in a way where she’s kinda just sad now.

Spiral: Yeah, trying to lift the mood a little.

Spiral: Looking for a gift?

Frida: Uh…

Frida: I mean if you’re still linked to her we can easily find something to take ideas from but that feels kinda rude without asking.

Frida: But… I can help you, Make something maybe? A plush? A blanket? Maybe a nice little thing to put on the shelf. Pricing uh… we can talk later. Not really big into making deals that clients have to super commit to. Maybe a favor at some point if I’m in the area.

Frida: Not much of an entity I guess, don’t like the word all that much either. I’m just Frida…

Frida: If you want some help besides that I can? I do proxies, I can loan some of my power, hell people don;t like to bring it up either but if you wanna be an avatar for a bit go nuts I guess? Just don’t be a dick about anything and we’re cool.

Frida: And um.. Ideas? If you got any I can see what I can do. Don’t really want much in return, know you got some wild goods on you right now but eh… don’t meddle in that kinda currency. Maybe grab me a bite later or something. Not all that picky.
Uh...a plush or something sounds like a good idea...ideas.

Are probably the most needed, advice. Like...

There's so much. To worry about. What's even a good decision here? If you were in this situation would you be looking for power? What DO you even do here. It's really overwhelming. The mystery, the omens, the choices.
She doesn't want to be left alone, I think. could you give me some kind of connection to her? something nigh unbreakable that'd let me talk to her or even  visit her without having to use the organization's portals?
Spiral: A plush or something sounds like a good idea but…

Spiral: Need advice too?

Spiral: Obviously want to gift something but.. Should I look for power in this sort of thing?

Spiral: Not something I was super seeking out but, now that you’re here I probably should… right?

Spiral: And with Cabinetta… I dunno. I think I want to just… not leave her alone I guess.

Spiral: It’s clear she wants more people in her life. A connection, a way to visit her, something unbreakable that the organization can’t intercept. I dunno.

Frida: Well.. former I mean..

Frida: I can make a plush no problem? Just toss me a prompt.

Frida: Power? Not that kind of proxy but you sound like you’re in a bit of a bind. Some creature I think from what I was told?

Frida: Uh… Hmm..

Frida: I guess if you fill me in I can give you something. Not sure how much I want to though, don’t like to charge folks like that but also don’t want to find out you became a tyrant.

Frida: Don’t give me the vibe that you would.

Frida: And as for the last part?

Frida: I can cook up a few ideas but she’d probably have to agree on that. Like… It’s hard to.imagine she’d say no?

Frida: She offered a link, a pretty intensive one so…

Frida: You know..

Frida: Could set you up to be a sort of like… pseudo entity?

Frida: Take her offer, and I can make it so you can just anchor between yourself and her mentally at anytime. Let you do both. Granted she probably also just wants to eat your soul a little, fiend temptations and such but..

Frida: Don’t think she’d hurt you? Dangerous choices but you know. Sometimes you do.
Frida: And if you got that sort of contract thing going on… well…

Frida: Could even make it so you can share abilities with her, lord knows she could keep you safe as part of her easily with some of the stuff you managed to pick up today like..

Frida: Probability manipulation? Why do you have that?

Spiral: I shook hands with a rabbit.

Frida: Yeah that checks out.

Frida: You could like, make her super strong. Be able to just scan everyone and give her copies of all those abilities…

Frida: She could be even better at protecting her home in general. Maybe even bust you out one day herself.

Frida: I dunno a suggestion.

Frida: Something more physical is possible too but…

Frida: I’m gonna need some hefty bargaining cause that just becomes a full contract with me and I don’t want people hanging out in my space like that either?

Frida: Like… I dunno? There's probably something even wilder if you think hard enough.

Frida: Like... what if I gave you a gun? Maybe she can have a gun? Two guns?

Frida: Maybe I can make you into a rabbit... with a gun... dude...
Pseudo-entity...that sounds? Promising. Kind of dangerous, but could be a good play.

Rabbit with a gun sounds more like a good plush idea than practical one though. Probably. Maybe. I don't know.
As long as there's a way to break the link safely if both of us end up hating each eventually or otherwise not get along, then I think that's the play, the mental link pseudo-entity contract thing.

And for plush make it have a hammer-gun with real transforming action. what kind of plush? oh yeah rabits fine. seems like theres a theme with rabits and magical nonsense, might as well lean into it.
Spiral: Rabbit with a gun makes for a good plushie idea actually..

Spiral: But can it be a gunhammer? Bit of a trademark…

[Image: frida.png]

Frida: You got it! Let me just uh…

And so it was. A neatly wrapped box that feels the correct weight for what was described.

You're honestly excited to see the final result yourself...

Frida: Bam, easy.

Frida: As for the other part…

Spiral: As long as you can like.. Let me break the link safely if we end up just..

Spiral: If things don’t work out.

Frida: Easy. Just make sure you do it in person, yeah? Sweet person like that deserves a proper breakup.

Frida: Also it’s safer that way if the contract ends…

Frida: You lucked out with me cause I’m not feeling like charging for something like that.

Frida: What you’ve got in reserve’s a little spensy for me to ask for it honestly..

Frida: Your adventure’s gonna ask you to question a lot of things I think. Who you are, who you can be, sculpt yourself into something new if you wanna free yourself of your past.

Frida: Meeting folks who care too is nice.

[Image: frida2.png]

Frida: For now have fun, enjoy your date, become one with Spider! Lotssssss of perks to that!

Spiral: When you say become one-

Frida: She is 100% going to eat your soul. It’s safe and she needs it. Let me know if you hit a rough spot! Byeeee.

You snap back into reality, the plush on your person and not a moment seemingly passed, besides Cabinetta looking at you with a mild suspicion.

Cabinetta: What have you been talking about with them? 
Haha, you're not the only one with a bag of tricks it seems. First, a present. Then let me tell you about this one weird trick, mysterious organizations hate her.
Oh, you know, normal witch stuff. Like where to find COOL GIFTS.

Then, present COOL GIFTS.
Spiral: Normal witch stuff…

[Image: 1156779587116728421_image.png?ex=6516367...b46f72c17&]

Cabinetta: I see… odd..

Cabinetta: If something is wrong you can tell me...

Spiral: No just.. magic stuff?

Spiral: Maybe with some cool gifts? And a few tricks up my sleeve.

Cabinetta: Oh? Maybe I-

You present the package.

Cabinetta: You managed to cook this up for me?

Spiral: Maybe…

Cabinetta: Hmm.. I think I want to wait til after you finish.

Spiral:  Really?

Cabinetta: I want to save this to the end, keep it a mystery… for now tell me.

Spiral: Right so uh.. Let me tell you about this one trick, organizations hate her!

Cabinetta:... Who’s her?

You fill her in as much as you can.

Cabinetta: An entity went undetected.. How strange..

Cabinetta: But not unheard of but…

Spiral: If you really want to try this out, we can mess with a bond like she suggested? Like what you mentioned but… more flexible?

Cabinetta’s face turned red.

[Image: spoderhearteyes.png]

Cabinetta: R-really? Well.

Cabinetta: If you insist then…

The face she gives you is one of both blissful excitement and perhaps a monstrous component you maybe shouldn’t have neglected.

She lunges at you for a bite, you find yourself being yanked mentally around..

She makes happy little noises, perhaps a bit too into this concept…

After just a little bit of work you suddenly feel yourself completely enveloped, consciousness regaining from the spider’s position..

Cabinetta: I’ve always wanted to bond with someone like this.. Even if it were temporary…

Cabinetta: To be accompanied by one in such a way... I always found it romantic in a way that feels forbidden since well..

Cabinetta: Finding one willing to allow such is difficult.

The gift box seems to have manifested into reality, sitting on the shelf....

Cabinetta walks the two of you over to another side of the room, Steady seemingly have left to allow you two privacy.

Your original form has been placed carefully and comfortably on a large chair.

You two are looking directly into a mirror, your face a lack of form.

[Image: Cabinetta%20mass....png]

Cabinetta: You can return whenever you’d like but..

Cabinetta: While you are here, perhaps you’d like a face to allow others to know who you are?

Cabinetta: Not that I mind but..

Cabinetta: If you are to be part of me, you are more than welcome to the benefits of such power...

Cabinetta: I will guide you to make it easier...
Oh wow this is wild. Absolutely amazing. Uh... Face. Face... Faaace. Uhh ok how about something shrouded in darkness, with like spikey anime hair, ooh and fangs, little fangs that stick out of the mouth even when it's closed. Loved that about the body they gave me. I think it's cute
[Image: the%20face%20shed.png]
 Spiral: Wow this is wild, amazing actually…

[Image: goofetta.png]

Cabinetta tried to put on a more villainous tone, coming off more silly than anything.

Cabinetta: The allure of fiendish power is a dangerous temptation, one that’s potentially yours… if you wish it!

Cabinetta: You may have the front while we get you situated.

Cabinetta: For now, feel free to play with your features a little. The benefits of being a shapeshifter after all…

Spiral: You can just do that?

Cabinetta: Most fiends can if they’re given the correct nutrition to maintain it!

Cabinetta: As well as access to a shell’d form so to speak. Usually big and monstrous but harder to maintain and well.. Difficult for living in society. A giant creature has trouble entering most buildings..

Spiral: What’s yours?

Cabinetta:... This technically. I’m a bit of an oddity..

Cabinetta: I’m more of a humanoid shadow mass with a vampire outside? Though that means this form is stronger than typical even for fiends.. disproportionate strength relative to size, a massive affinity for scrap magic, manipulation of cells and neurons, able to feed off far more than shreds and blood to regenerate, the works!

Cabinetta: It can grow wings and shift somewhat around too! Though full disguise require me to shed or feed if I rather not be exposed..

Cabinetta: Because it’s a shell that grows back, recovery is incredibly quick and easy since all I’d have to do is cover up the cracks.

Spiral: Like a porcelain figure? Are you a slime?

Cabinetta: Not entirely off…  I am more solid than a slime, roughly the same shape and size rather than a blob..

Cabinetta: Suppose that should be disclosed before you trip over and scare yourself when you see a crack on your face…

Cabinetta: Or if you end up molting in the night..

Spiral: Huh…

[Image: 982167032994873384_unknown.png]

Cabinetta: You take more casually to this than I’d expected. It's refreshing admittedly but…

Cabinetta: Face? I believe being able to distinguish is important for operation's sake..

Spiral: Right! Uh….

Spiral: Shrouded by darkness.. With Spiky anime hair? And little fangs that stick out, love that about the body they gave me…cute ones…

Spiral: Is that okay?

Cabinetta: Mmhmm!

Cabinetta: Exposed fangs… those do sound cute..

Cabinetta: Perhaps I could tinker with those myself if you love them so much…

Cabinetta: But also I did it once for a costumed event and had trouble figuring out how to talk with them normally..

[Image: 984132829824827412_unknown.png]

Cabinetta: People made jokes about some man named Dracu Alucardo, I m not even sure who that is…

The spider’s face and the majority of her head cleanly cracks off like a mask to reveal a wispy under section similar in shape and flow to her hair, albeit less defined in its solidity.

Before you can really process it, it’s fully reformed into the appearance you requested.

[Image: Steadydafuck.png]
Steady: Yoooooo…
What is happening tho…

You see your rabbit friend hiding at the doorway, she probably hasn’t been filled in on anything that’s happened in the past god knows how long and just saw you pass out and also suddenly manifest the present sitting next to your body prior to this..

Hopefully she doesn't think you're dead...

Cabinetta: There you go! Feel free to mess around later, but for now I am hands off on anything other than the face…

Cabinetta: I have a wide wardrobe as well if you’d like to stick around for a bit and would like something more to your comfort, but you’re more than welcome to go back at any point. I just wanted to configure some simple settings, so to speak. They will be saved for now…

[Image: Spiraletta.png]

Spiral: Noted!

Cabinetta: I.. actually feel different somehow? Is something going on?

Spiral: Uh...


The Link is made..

Due to unusual interactions with the way you were brought into this world, scanned skills are now possible to pass down at your whim..

Cabinetta is now able to use the scan feature… say cheese..

Cabinetta’s Castle is now established as your “Entity Hub”. Welcome home…

At any point you may link between forms to communicate and visit back and forth…

At current level of link, physical items will not be carried over, except for those considered “soulbound.”

Your gunhammer is “soulbound”, Let it rip…

Cabinetta has no current “soulbound” item. For now…

You now have the ability to link into the “Escav-Broker Foundation network”, allowing you to send yourself mentally back and forth through homebase’s signals. Become the malware you want to see..

Your option drones will follow your mental signal regardless of what form you take, similar equipment will follow the same rules..

Home base connection is on the weaker end… Capacity to make a warp spot weak...


[Image: Spiraletta2.png]

Spiral: Maybe? 

Cabinetta: I mean we can do whatever you want next, we're killing time until the sunrises and its safe enough to go outside... I have given suggestions and any of yours are certainly worth hearing out as well.
Okay, so, logically it would make sense to catch Steady up a little bit, but also.

Let's try the soulbound item thing! GUNHAMMER EQUIP!!!!! LETS SHOW OFF A COOL HAMMER TRICK.
Can you like, transfer it back mid swing. Is there some potential for silly hammer based magic shows???????
Think of the potential.
This is the perfect opportunity to mess with Steady. something like 'oh no, cab ate my soul, I'm stuck in here! save me before she digests me!' or just act like a complete goofball and refuse to explain.
 You turn your eyes discreetly toward the rabbit watching in the corner. You should really catch her up on everything but…

You decided to goof off a little bit.

You instinctively reach out your hand, calling over your hammer.  With a little flourish it manifests with your hand, you take a moment to play it up with a few little showish flairs.

Cabinetta: That’s silly.

Spiral: It’s… what it is.

Cabinetta: I don’t mind I like that sort of thing.

You decide to approach the rabbit, who’s gaze seems to be looking toward every hypothetical exit.

Spiral: Hey-

Steady: You gotta explain what’s going on right now.

Spiral: It’s me! Cabinetta ate my soul, I’m trapped inside-

Steady: Yeah I saw that, yeah I can tell dude.

Steady: Like.. it’s kinda obvious it’s not her in control/

Spiral: Ah..

Steady: She okay?

Spiral: Uh.. we’re sorta linked now?

Spiral: Went on a head date.

Steady: Same? Sorta? Maybe not the same kind.

Spiral: Spooky voice asked me to call in a favor, a weird demon rabbit showed up..

Steady: Was she cute?

Spiral: I mean yeah, she was chill too.

Spiral: But like… I don’t know?

Steady: Entity, you know those?

Spiral: Uh.. kinda? Exists somewhere in my memories I guess.

Steady: Yeah. You made a pact with her?

Spiral: Yeah, one to connect me and Cabinetta. SHe uh.. Offered to merge?

Steady: That’s pretty cool.

Steady: You know I can’t believe you let her eat your soul though.

Steady: Like, her whole cute spider thing is kinda obvious vampire murder seduction into becoming food.

Cabinetta: It is in the playbook technically…

Spiral: Wait was there a chance she would’ve just eaten me for real?

Steady: Yeah but you got lucky she just wants company.

Cabinetta: You don’t have to put it like that…

Spiral: So like… why didn’t you say anything?

Steady: Had a hunch it’d work out. Honestly was more worried she’d drain you too hard which uh..

Steady: Your body is a bit flushed looking, she was biting down for awhile.

Cabinetta: A-Ah! Sorry… I got caught up…

Spiral: Is it bad?

Steady: Uh.. not dangerous but you need some rest. No straining yourself.

Spiral: Ah..

Steady: Look good though.

Steady: Oh yeah, your entity left you a goodie too.

She gestures over toward the gift box still resting on the shelf.
Spiral: You noticed?

Steady: Yeah, it’s pretty obvious honestly.

Steady: You can feel that radiation. Yum..

Steady: So uh.. Yeah. I can scan if you want by the way, Fiddle can see how the merge has impacted both of ya’ll.

Steady: Is she in there listening int?

Spiral: Mmhmm..

Steady: Cool, so uh..

Steady: Kind of a whole lot going on and not sure what to do about any of it. What now I guess?

Cabinetta: That’s a good question… Spiral?

Spiral: Good question..

Right now in this state you feel strong enough to do anything, a bit of a rush from just being fed combined with the latent power that she's likely been hesitant to show off too lightly.

Honestly you wonder if you could throw hands with the creature outside even..

There's a number of instinctual feelings as well. A passive urge to feed like a case of after dinner munchies, the desire to speak in a slight touch of prose and laugh like a noblewoman, the fascination with dressing comfortably spooky, and the primal obsession to shoot web and cocoon everything that moves.. is this just how fiends work?

Steady: You’re the queen of this castle now, flex a bit.
accept the scan, does cabinetta feel about taking on the creature outside? make sure to be really confident about it.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]

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