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[GAME] The House
Perspective: Simon
Subject: George, ghosts.
+ Negative Event
+ Examine Relationships (Simon's general thoughts on the other TCPs)
+ Examine Anxieties
Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle you are correct


[Image: WOxKePR.png] [Image: DGVV5eJ.png]

Simon's Log

Day 28

I've had enough of this shit. Hearing Bunny go on and on about "the afterlife" is too much for me- not to mention those damn ghosts, watching me and following me around. They think I don't notice them looking at my every move, but I do, and I'm fucking tired of it. We've been here a whole damn month already and no progress for weeks, and I'm just going to have to deal with this myself. If these dumbasses want to stick around and play the same arcade games the rest of their lives, that's up to them.

George tried to stop me, on my way out. It said that people would miss me- as if. I know that no one has good opinions of me in this bunch, not when they look at me like I'm nuts the way they do. Something about sticking together, and I told it exactly where to shove that. In the end, it let me go, and I made a good amount of progress putting distance between me and that arcade.

...I'm getting out of here, regardless of what any of them thought. Mist's probably going to end up eating someone- for all we know, that little Shrump guy. They're definitely not going to last in here, the second someone big enough to take advantage of them comes along and Mist isn't around to protect's over. And then that, fucking Bunny...

Good luck with that guy, that's all I gotta say. He's dropped enough hints that he's suicidal and I'm not here to deal with it.

Just wish I didn't keep hearing this strange noise...
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Perspective: Simon
Subject: Do you regret leaving?, Weird noise
Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle you are correct


[Image: WOxKePR.png] [Image: DGVV5eJ.png]

Simon's Log

Day 29

Found a new area today. Some kind of weird clock tower that goes, as far as I know, infinite directions both ways. I've gone up and down until my legs felt like they were gonna give out, and couldn't find any way out. I don't know how long I'm going to stick around, but it's something new, and that's better than what I'd been doing for god knows how long.

That weird noise is still going every now and again, but I've gotten good at ignoring it. Some kind of strange whisper in my ear- maybe I'm finally fucking losing it in here. It's not even intelligible, so what's the point? At least make yourself clear if you're going to be some kind of voice in my head.

There's part of me that kind of wants to go back, but I know that's horseshit. I know that going back would just put me in the same situation I was, getting nothing done and putting myself at risk with all those ghosts and everyone else's weaknesses. I can take perfectly fine care of myself!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Perspective change: George
Subject: Simon, where he went
[Image: lil_lesbian.png]
George's Journal

Day 30

A whole's hard to believe we've been here for a full lunar cycle. My snails have grown accustomed to our life here, and I don't mind it anymore...

....but my mind won't stop turning to Simon. He's only been gone for two days, but I worry about him...he did say he knows these houses better than any of us, and I can't stop thinking about that. Layers of the afterlife...if we're to believe Bunny. I know he definitely didn't...

I wish that at the very least, we had phones or something. Walkie talkies, even...though it's hard to say how distance works in a place like this. I might start adventuring myself, just little stretches outside the arcade, just to try and find some technology like that. It'd be nice if we didn't have to worry as much about someone getting lost, or separated.

My snails have been whispering about going after him, to which I'm surprised...I always figured they disliked him, but I think our worries are building up too much to avoid it.

Should I ask someone to go with me? Should I go it alone?

I don't know...
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Perspective shift: Shrump
Diary topic: Possible hobbies before this place, Dance
[Image: lil_lesbian.png]
The Adventures of Shrump Boondoggle

Day 31

Thinking and thinking and thinking about a life before this...whether you can call it an afterlife or not, this world's definitely different! I've been trying to put all these pieces rattling around my head together...

I think I spent a lot of time with my partners. Whenever I think of them, I feel a deep sense of longing...thankfully, Mist has been extremely patient and caring about listening to me rattle on about whatever scraps of information I can cling to with them. My life was lonely otherwise, spent mostly at work or at home while my partners were out and about...but I enjoyed the time we did get to share. I remember doing all sorts of puzzles and brain teasers and even video games- that probably explains why I'm so at home with the arcade. Smile

But...I remember something I always wanted to learn was dance. I have two left feet when it comes to moving around, which is part of why I sit on Mist's shoulder when we're traveling...but I always wanted to learn, and whenever a good song comes on, I wish I could whirl around and enjoy it.

Mist seems to tap her foot whenever a nice song plays from one of the arcade cabinets we have- there's a few we gravitate to here and there, and seem to turn on at regular intervals. Good for if we need a certain mood set...

I wonder if she'd like to share a dance with me, someday. God knows how that'd work out size-wise, but I would love to try!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Perspective: Mist
Topic: Talking with Shrump
Examine Relationships: Shrump
+Positive Event
Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle you are correct


[Image: WOxKePR.png] [Image: DGVV5eJ.png]
Mist's Journal

Day 32 was...

I'm not sure how to describe it.

It feels both...beautiful, and terrifying.

Shrump and I went back to the grotto today to talk, with Shrump saying they had something important to tell me. I figured it'd be something more about their previous partners, seeing as it's been on their mind a lot and to some degree, it was...

But they confessed that they had feelings for me, and that they hoped I felt the same. Which...I do, I genuinely do, but that's- I was stunned, I didn't know what to say at first. They simply placed their tiny hand on mine as I struggled to find words, and stayed with me as I made every stalled up sound under the sun. Eventually, I was able to speak...and I told them that of course I feel the same, it's just-

There's so much. There's so much in the way, and I was scared of acting on any of it...I find them beautiful, of course, and that scares me- while my cannibalistic urges thankfully still do not apply to them, I worried that getting any closer may cause them to kick in...

To which they said that they trusted me, and held out their arm. I was terrified at the obvious offer- I refused at first, saying that even just a taste would potentially push things over the edge. They said that if it made me feel better, they could have a small chunk of my own body as well, and we could swap. That way, our health would be mutually regenerated, and it could be...a sign of trust. A safety pact.

At first, I thought that was ridiculous. Aside from the obvious- consuming my body just makes other people hungry- It just didn't seem fair, the idea of me taking so much to them, and whatever portion they would receive from me barely doing anything...but...

The trust in their voice swayed me, as well as the fact that they brought other snacks for us to munch. Their new hunger would be sated quickly, they said.

I decided to take a piece from my left knee, seeing as it was hovering anyway- it wouldn't interfere with me being able to walk at all, even if we were going to heal each other regardless. Shrump pulled off their left hand, and we sat there for a moment, holding pieces of ourselves and thinking quietly. Shrump's hand was squishy, wet, and dripping with raw tempura batter- completely unappetizing, even separated away from the person I love. Shrump spent some time tapping at the hard surface of my knee, commenting that it was almost jawbreaker-like. I commented that they'd basically be eating a rock, and they said that suits them just fine.

We ate our strange lunch, with Shrump commenting on the hunger immediately- they said it felt tingly, but not overwhelming, and satiated the rest by eating their chips. I asked if the fact that it's directed at people was overwhelming, to which they shrugged and said that it was no more jarring than their usual attraction to me...which made me laugh so hard I doubled over. To think that such a tiny guy could say something so bold...

But...I was happy. While Shrump's hand was completely...well, it would be rude to say disgusting, it certainly wasn't good, either. The meat itself was fine, but the batter...I could go without that. But while I did not enjoy the actual flavor or texture, that just made me happy- because for me, no hunger persisted. It was just like a normal meal, no issues whatsoever.

Shrump seemed so pleased when I said I felt safe around them, and we hugged and talked for what felt like hours. Our bodies regenerated quickly thanks to the food sharing, and we spent the whole day just...sharing each other's time.

I don't think I would choose to feed on them again any time soon,'s nice not to have to. I'm still scared of what could come, all of the stakes a relationship could have, what this means for our pasts...but Shrump says that this is what their past lovers would want for them, they just know it-

And for me, I know that Hen is long gone. I need to remind myself that now, I'm free.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
*cracks knuckles*

Perspective shift: Simon
Diary Topic: Past relationships in the life before this. Both romantic and not
[Image: lil_lesbian.png]
Simon's Log

Day 33

Fuck, I'm in a pickle.

While exploring the clock tower today, I came across two new TCPs. They say they've been traveling in a group for a while now, and are looking for a way out- easy enough, right?

But something about them's just. I don't know. I don't know if I can trust them. They don't even seem to like each other that much- like they're hanging around out of obligation. I know the feeling, but like...fuck. I don't like it.

The big guy's name is Hen. He's some kind of nature type and a rock mixed up together, covered in crystals and shit. He's the one I'm keeping an eye on- he floats around like he's the boss, always looming over both me and the other one, Annabelle. She's...I think dust, considering how much it gets in my fucking face, and some kind of centaur deal. She's nice enough, I guess...but I don't like the fact that she seems to know Shrump, enough to call them her wife. Hen doesn't say much when the topic comes up, but she's taking the opportunity to gush about them every second she gets. Makes me sick.

If she knew I was hanging out with them...I dunno. Part of me's like, "I should go lead her back to them! That would be a nice thing to do!" but the other part's like hell no, not with that Bunny guy around. Besides, she should move the hell on, Shrump's a pushover weirdo and probably making eyes at the cannibal anyway, if they're not already eaten by now. Feels like telling her that they're around is just setting her up for failure.

...does make me wonder if I had anyone before. If I did, it was a long time ago. Multiple houses ago. I don't think I'm the type to settle down with anyone, not to the point of fucking marriage, that's for sure. Hooking up with someone in one of these places? No thank you. Even making friends feels like a gamble, lets you get complacent. You just end up living in a fucking ghost arcade.

Besides, I don't even know what my type is. I'm not the kinda guy people like hanging out with- and the feeling's mutual. I don't think I had too much in the way of people before this, and any attempt to remember falls flat right away. All I can remember are these fucking houses, over and over and over.

We'll see if I travel with these people long, but I'm not planning on it. I don't trust them as far as I can throw them.
[Image: 2_20_12_23_1_38_51.png]
[image description: a centaur-like TCP with brown fur, light brown markings on her chest and face, and dark brown hooves. she has beige dust clouds around her neck, feet and tail. she has a diagonal red band across her torso.]
There is a new TCP discovered in the House. Her name is Annabelle. She is a saggitarius/dust type hybrid.

[Image: 2_20_12_23_1_38_58.png]
[image description: a rocky TCP with gemstones across his body diagonally. he is made of brown stone and yellow gemstones, with a dust cloud like appearance to his lower body. there are yellow crystals floating around his lower half.]
There is a new TCP discovered in the House. His name is Hen. He is a geode/ash type hybrid.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Perspective shift: Hen
Diary Topic: Shrump
Give Me Your Coins
Hen's Notes

Day 34

I swear, if I have to hear about Annabelle's wife one more time. She will not shut the fuck up about them, and I cannot fucking stand it. "Oh, my darling Shrump, I miss them so much, they were the best at puzzles, they loved this and that and this and that." The sooner I can get away from this goddamn horse, the better. She's useful when it comes to getting around, but that's pretty much it, and with how lovey dovey she is, it'll be a miracle if I don't end up snapping at her one of these days. Deserves it, for talking my ear off like that. 

This new Simon guy...he's hiding something. I have my suspicions, and I don't like where it's going. He thinks I don't see the look on his face when Annabelle brings up that shrimpy bitch- my bets are that they're in here too. Why he doesn't tell her about it, I'm not sure, but I hope he keeps his trap fucking shut. I can't stand the idea of her going "oh, we need to go find them! We need to derail our entire goddamn mission to find my lovely tiny wife who I clearly can't live without."

Then again, it might get her off my plate. Like I said, she's useful, but the second she remembered her wife, she became fucking insufferable. Drives me crazy.

...makes me wonder if my own damn ex-wife is in here, too. That'd be my fucking luck. Just one more annoyance for the pile, and just what I need- more people to bitch at me.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Perspective: Annabelle
Topic: Simon
Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle you are correct


[Image: WOxKePR.png] [Image: DGVV5eJ.png]
+ 2 ITEMS (Weapons)

Annabelle's Scribbles

Day 35

Found a new area today...we convinced Simon to leave the clock tower with us and ended up encountering a forest of all things. Finally! Some space to run around!! After all of these stupid claustrophobic hallways I thought I was going to freaking lose it!

Hen tried floating up and climbing some trees, but says he can't see anything but more forest, in all directions- even towards the clock tower that we found. It doesn't make any sense, but what about this place does?

While traveling through the woods, I realized- this place feels like something out of an old fairy tale of yore! Both the situation in general, but this forest feelings only made stronger when I found a sword. Hen said that I should take it, and for once, I agree with him. Even if he gives me the creeps sometimes, he seems...pragmatic. I didn't bother asking him if he wanted it, admittedly...he's made of rock, and a lot stronger than me. I've seen the way he's pushed obstacles around.

After a bit more exploring, we actually discovered another weapon- this time, just a slingshot. Hen seemed kind of moody about it, saying that it was just a "goddamn peashooter", but Simon snatched it up. I don't know why you'd want a slingshot over the knife he has, but there's plenty of rocks for him to pick up and use should the situation arise where he needs it.

...Simon in general, though....he's such a strange guy. He's not quite as moody as Hen, but he's not a happy camper, either. I can't believe I got stuck with two sticks in the mud, especially when they bicker and squabble constantly. It feels like as soon as Simon started settling into our group, he and Hen found ways to nitpick at each other every other time they talk. I don't even try to get between them, it's just not worth it!

...still, we're sticking together as a group, and it feels important for us to have strength in numbers. Simon says there can be monsters in these "houses"...though calling it a house really feels like a stretch. He mentioned encountering ghosts before, but refuses to elaborate much. Dunno what's up there...

I don't know if I can trust him, really. But...

Better than Hen, I guess!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Perspective shift George
Give Me Your Coins
Memory recovery George
[Image: lil_lesbian.png]
+ITEM DISCOVERY (x2, clothing)
+NEW LOCATION (Don't Be A Jerk!)
+NEW TCP (x2)

Day 36

George's Journal

...where do I even begin...

I don't know if we can continue to stay in the arcade. It's been somewhat of a home for our little party, but...we found some things that make me worried.

I was starting to venture around the arcade outskirts, still debating whether I should go after Simon...these trips have been fairly simple for the past few days, mainly just getting a feel for how far this territory- a sort of biome, perhaps?- goes. As it turns out, it's fairly sprawling, and some sections do have more ghost activity...

...especially the one I found today.

It was a spot that had flickering lights, some of the machines busted up and nonfunctional. Some still stayed on, but with distorted imagery on their put me and my snails on edge more than I could express, and I heard a horrible scream!

Despite every snail in my body telling me to run away, I pressed onward, toward the scream. Sure enough, it was a party of TCPs- three of them, with one...being mangled by some kind of digital beast, still connected to a toppled machine. A similar looking cat, the source of the screaming, was being held back by a larger one, telling zem that they have to run, they have to get out of there...ze didn't want to leave, screaming and crying for their friend.

I took out my gun and shot at the thing, telling the two of them to get back. They did listen at that, ducking for cover as I unloaded my gun into its head. After the whole chamber was gone, it dissipated- leaving a mauled body, still moving. The one screaming earlier- a brown TCP with a bell for a head- rushed in, and stayed by the other's side...only for their hushed conversation to end when he burst into scraps, leaving zem to cry and cry... I wasn't sure whether to approach or not, but I said that we should probably go before another showed up, and that I could lead them to safety.  The larger cat, a pink, frilly one who I later learned was a storage type, said that her name was Fleur, and that her friend was Tinsel- and that they were both grateful for the help, even if Tinsel wasn't able to express it then. I introduced myself in turn, and after letting Tinsel hurriedly gather the scraps of zer dead comrade- in zer hands, weirdly enough- we made our way back to the camp.

Everyone seemed extremely startled that I lead fluid-splattered people back to our base of operations, but more out of concern than anything. Their clothes were completely wrecked, so myself and Bunny found them some shirts from the back rooms for them to wear after Mist and Shrump got them washed off in the grotto. Mist said that she'd look for some laundry machines, but that there should be enough soap in the bathroom to hand wash if needed. For now, the two of them are settling in, and Tinsel managed to explain what their situation is.

The two of them had been traveling for as long as we have- and maintaining journals, of course. Tinsel had started out with three other members of zer typing- they were part lion pride, and worked as a team. A family, ze said. Ze got incredibly emotional as ze spoke more in-depth about the others...two of them had gone missing early on, and zer closest comrade had been the one killed by the ghost.

Maybe Simon was right. We need to go somewhere else...

...but for now, we have to focus on building supplies before venturing out. The arcade prize booth is the safest area, away from the machines, so we've been setting up shop in there for everyone to sleep in.

I will say, though...there were some positives to these strangers arriving. They bring good company and conversation, even if Tinsel seems a bit...edgy? Well-meaning though, for sure....I think they'll be good members of our party.

The biggest revelation upon their arrival though, is that Fleur is part gift shop type- and has offered her services to us in exchange for food! We have plenty of candy to share, and she's delighted to have it. I was eager to step inside, only for her to ascend and warn me- her other half is a flounce typing, and prone to making the experience within...unpleasant. I assured her that I could handle it, and went inside "Don't Be A Jerk!"

Imagine my surprise when I looked around...and saw tons of meat, jerkies, the works. There was every kind of protein imaginable, all in novelty packaging- and lots of hokey gifts to match. The cashier was also part flounce type, and spoke to me plainly- he said that he was a different person than Fleur, and wasn't here to deal with nonsense. I asked him what kind of nonsense that would be, and-

Then it hit.

I was struck with the urge while walking around to exaggerate my movements and speech, and even the slightest irritation started getting under my skin. The lights were too harsh, the meat smell was overpowering- and yet I managed to grab a giant haul of meat products, as well as a little...steak...plush for Shrump. It brought back memories, remembering all of the days I had to go out in the hot, Hoopla sun to get groceries for my household- I didn't even know I had one of those!

Fleur had assured me that the sack of candies I brought in would be enough, and Liz- the cashier- rang me up with a tired, aggravated expression.

He told me to have a nice day, and I hurried out.

With this, we can exchange lesser food type products for stronger healing! Mist and Shrump have also volunteered chunks of their own bodies if necessary....this will be a huge asset in our ventures!

If only we did not have to do them...
Two new TCPs have been discovered in the house.

[Image: 2_20_02_24_1_15_10.png]
[image description: a ref for Tinsel, a lion pride/sleigh bell hybrid TCP. ze have a cream bell head with long, rabbit-like lop ears, a lion nose, sleepy eyes making up the holes in the bell, and a red curly ribbon coming from zer head. ze has a short and stocky brown body, and have a red ribbon on zer chest as well. zer bell head has orange accents, and ze have white shreds circling zer hands. zer tail is long and tipped with a ribbon and a bell.]

Tinsel is a lion pride/sleigh bell hybrid, with a shred-merged condition and an ear anomaly. Ze uses ze/zem pronouns.

[Image: 2_20_02_24_1_15_25.png]
[image description: a ref for Fleur, a flounce/gift shop hybrid TCP. she has a pink building body covered in layered pink and white scalloped awnings, and a black ribbon bow on top. her eyes are cheery and askew, on the topmost awning. her arms are long and tipped in meaty claw hands, and her black legs are unevenly shaped and sized. her torso has a door and window on the bottom, half covered by awnings.]

Fleur is a flounce/gift shop hybrid with a meaty modifier. She uses she/her pronouns, and contains a cashier/flounce hybrid named Liz. He uses he/him pronouns.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Tinsel perspective shift
Give Me Your Coins

Day 37

tinsel's book

...i cant believe he's dead. jingle's dead, just like that. i woke up this morning thinking that it had to have been some kind of dream, that i'd wake up and we'd be back in our little house. that it'd be okay.

and then i see the shreds around my hands, that still linger- and know that he's fucked. he's just gone aside from what i carry. and that's just how it is.

...i fucking hate it here.

i get to write a second entry today. stuff happened.

i told the others that i would be going out for a bit. i didnt want to lay around and think about jingle. i'm sick of it already and he's only been dead for a day. fleur didn't want me going too far but fuck it. he's dead, they're all dead at this point, have to be. what's the point of pretending otherwise?

after a bit of walking i found a door. looked outta place. was all engraved and fancy, handmade looking, not like what you'd see in a sticky arcade at all. and...somehow, the door handle was just my height.

i opened the door, and walked in.

all there was was a mirror, full height. i stepped in and closed the door behind me- it felt kinda, like, secret. i was going on automatic.

i reached out to touch the mirror, and my hand went in. i didn't think much of it. i was dead to the world, anything could have happened to me. i was honestly expecting worse from this place. it was cold inside the mirror and eventually i felt myself pull back, a sword hilt in my hand. the sword itself looks busted, but it's still sharp on the edges.

next time the ghosts come for me, i'll be ready.

it was the weirdest thing as i turned to leave, though.

like the tiniest cracking of glass in my head. i checked the mirror and nothing was wrong,  but....

it was probably nothing. i don't even care if it is something. my goal's just killing ghosts from here on out, until they rip me apart too.


100 Cash- Unlock Mirror, Specify Character (Once per character)
200 Cash- Induce Fracture, Specify Character (Unlimited, requires Mirror)
300 Cash- Unlock Mindscape, Specify Character (Unlimited, requires Mirror)
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Unlock Mindscape (Tinsel)
Unlock mirror x3 (Simon, Shrump, Liz)
600 sending
let's see let's see
Give Me Your Coins
200 for a fracture for Simon
angry fire cookie
Give Me Your Coins
+MIRROR (Simon, Liz, Shrump)

Day 38

tinsel's book

something's up.

i had the weirdest dream- and i never dream. i was in a snowy forest, not unlike...home, i think, but i was all weird and different. some kind of deer, not a lion at all. reindeer, maybe...didn't like it much. made me feel like prey. i couldn't find anything or anyone in the forest, just wandering it for some time. felt...lonely.

but when i woke up, it was still...there. in the back of my head. like it was following me, and i could still see myself walking around.

part of me wants to ask if the others are feeling this kind of thing, but i wouldn't be surprised if that was from me fucking around with that stupid mirror. go figure that i'd get myself into this kind of trouble.

whatever. weird mind forest. no big deal, long as it keeps being boring.

A fracture has occured in Simon. This fracture's callname is "Fake Snub", and can be selected for free at any point, as well as reverting back to Simon.

You have also unlocked the following option:

Unlock Fracture Skill- 150 cash, specify fracture and one keyword, can be unlocked once per fracture.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
ooooh a new thing! immediately activate it with no regard for consequences

Perspective shift: Simon
SELECT: "Fake Snub"
Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle you are correct


[Image: WOxKePR.png] [Image: DGVV5eJ.png]
+FRACTURE (Shrump)


Simon's Log

Day 39

My body hurts, and I don't know why. Maybe it's all the walking we've been doing. This Hen guy seems to think he knows it all, but he can't get around the woods any better than me or Annabelle.

I hate his guts. He's got no respect for anyone. Sometimes I swear I see him give Annabelle weird looks, and I want to shove him off a cliff. Maybe he looks at me the same way when I can't see it. I dunno.

I'm thinking about telling Annabelle we gotta get out of here. It's like there's a part in my head telling me not to do it, to just leave on my own and leave her for dead, but-

She's been nice to me. Today she's commented that I seem to be "in a good mood", which, yeah, I guess I feel different. It's hard to remember what I was like before now- or I guess, yesterday. Like I was waking up from a dream, after that weird headache I had.

I feel more clear than ever before. And I can say this much- I hate fakers like Hen.
A fracture has occured in Shrump. This fracture's callname is "Fever Chase".
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Simon's Log

Day 40

Done with Hen's shit. He grabbed Annabelle today in an argument. I shot him in the eye and took her and ran. She wasn't happy about me grabbing her either, but when we got enough distance between us and him, she thanked me. We're real lost now, but it's better without him. I won't miss him one bit. 

She said she's never seen me be brave like that before. I was honest with her in that it just seemed like the right thing to do. I don't want to let someone hurt a woman like that. She gave me a weird look when I said that part, but seemed grateful anyway. Not sure what the issue is, but I'll make it work.

I also came clean to her about me knowing Shrump, and she smacked me on the back of the head for not telling her sooner. I said I didn't know why I didn't tell her, just that it felt important to do now that we don't have Hen breathing down our necks. She did say that she could understand, seeing as Hen always seemed to be bothered whenever she brought up her wives. I said I'd do my best to help her get back to them- provided that whole group is in the same place.

Talking about Mist has been amusing. She's pleased to know Shrump has found someone to take care of them in here, and hopes they'll get along. I think that's a bit optimistic, seeing as she's so loud and Mist is so quiet, but maybe it'll be fine.

It feels good to come clean.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Simon's Log

Day 41

Found our way to a landmark today. I think leaving this forest is actually possible now. We're well on our way.

Annabelle is opening up to me. She was chatty before, but now she talks as much as Shrump. It's okay though, I like her company. I don't know why I got so bothered about this kind of thing before. I look back at old entries to refresh my memory sometimes and it's like a whole different person wrote them. I don't think I like the old me much, but things have changed. When I get back to the others with Annabelle, I'll apologize for leaving.

I don't think they think of me as friends over there. But hopefully, I can change that.
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Memory Recovery (Fake Snub)
Neutral Event
Unlock Fracture Skill (Fake Snub, keyword: cinnamon)
Artificial lifeform/mechanical construct on a mission to obtain every armor type TCP and also maybe make cool stuff along the way

If you call me a bionicle you are correct


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+MIRROR (Annabelle)
+FRACTURE SKILL (Fake Snub, Cinnamon)

Simon's Log

Day 42

I don't know what's going on. Annabelle and I got out of the forest, but now we're in some kind of...factory, or at least a hallway overlooking it. We can't get down to the machines themselves, but they make a lot of noise. It was hard to sleep earlier, but I got a nap in. The weird thing isn't even the factory. It's the dream I had.

I awoke in the dream to the smell of something baking. Something familiar. I rose from my bed and realized I had been sleeping in a blanket made of wax paper. It took me a moment to realize that my body was different. Not too weird for that to happen in dreams. I was taller and made of cinnamon roll pastry, and had a long curly tail. Something told me that I was "chameleon"-like, even if I couldn't see my face. I had a nice suit on, though it was a little ruffled and unkempt. That's what I get for sleeping in it.

I walked around and found out that I was in a complex-scale kitchen. It felt even bigger than usual. Something about it felt rather unnerving, but I knew it to be home as well. Did I come from somewhere like this before coming to the house? Was this another house I remember? I can't tell.

I was startled, though. There was more wax paper rustling behind me, and when I turned, there was a burnt looking sugar cookie type, with a bite taken out of him. He looked at me and I looked at him. He was familiar to me, just as the room was.

I asked him who he was, and he said Simon. I said that's impossible, as that's my name. It didn't seem possible that we could share the same name, even if I know that's silly. He got upset at that, saying that he's the real Simon, and that I was making fun of him. I told him that if I was making fun of him, I would have commented on the bite on his head. This really pissed him off. We argued like that for a bit. Walking around the kitchen, bickering about who's real or not. I think he's a total poser.

When the dream faded, the kitchen remained, in the back of my mind. I could still hear the fake-Simon talking, cussing me out- now saying that I was making a huge mistake. I ignored him and told Annabelle about what had happened. She said that was really weird, but to keep an eye on it. I don't know if she thinks I'm all together, but she's supportive.

Even aside from the dream and. Whatever this kitchen and intrusive thought is. I feel different. It's as if I've opened a door. I just wish there wasn't an angry cookie on the other side.
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Diary perspective: Fleur
Examine Anxieties
Examine Relationships (Liz, Tinsel)
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Fleur's Notes

Day 43

Another day out on the road...Liz seems agitated that we're leaving "security" so soon, but I had to make it clear to him that this place is not safe, even if we really, really want it to be. Such a frustrating situation to be in...

I found the new area first, though. It was a strange door, covered in bloody, pulsating flesh, intricate and "silly" designs carved into the tendons as if they were wood or one wanted to open it, but I'm not scared of things like that. Still, I held on for a bit as people got their bearings, especially when Tinsel came up to me...

Something about zem was...different. Ze was sniffling and kind of sickly looking, and I worry there might be something going around virus-wise...but ze asked for comfort, which is waaaaay out of character for zem. Still, I sat down with zem and we talked things out a bit, as much as ze'd let me, anyway. Ze said that ze was getting reminded of some things with Jingle's death, and that ze didn't know how to talk about it- and that it was freaking zem out bad. I've never seen zem like this- it was like ze was a whole different person.

...with the unfamiliarity in how ze was acting...I offered to hold zer hand as we went into the door. Ze doesn't usually like my meat hands and I avoid touching zem as much as possible, but ze accepted, and the two of us walked into the room together, the rest of the party following...

....into the bizarre circus we now find ourselves in.
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