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welcome to the Homebrew Deviants forum! we're a team of people making all sorts of projects and helping to foster creativity- that's what this forum is for! our two main focuses with this forum are to host our own content (interactive or otherwise) and to help you, our community, have a space to make and share your own works. both original content and fanworks are permitted here, and we aim to provide a safe, cooperative environment for people to have fun and make things together. this forum is 18+, though 16+ readers are welcome to check out our project reader here!

we have a lot of projects going on, with our current biggest focus being the Morbit universe. Morbit is a passion project started by the Skinstealers and B. Comorant, with many of our team members making works of their own in its weird, weird world. you can find a lot of information on Morbit in the discussion section of official works, but a quick gist is that it's a modern (most of the time) fantasy world run by hundreds if not thousands of gods and their creations, all living together and trying to make ends meet. you can find a lot of Morbit projects already posted and ongoing in the directory threads! 

we also have a discord server herewhich is also rated 18+ due to the more direct nature of communication! we moderate the hell out of this server to ensure that it's safe for all members, and it's a great way to talk with other community members and get notifications for project updates! 

we'll be adding more to this over time- please bear with us and all the construction dust!
the forums are now officially 18+! please let us know if there's anything anywhere that needs changing to reflect that.
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