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The zone Hearth lies in the middle of Taverne and was created by the high god Wax with no specific associated species linked to it. Its population is heavily mixed-species of any kind. Hearth is modern and futuristic with a surreal aesthetic, since the zone is made up of multi-layered urban areas and metropolises. The entire zone's color palette and climate changes and shifts with the four seasons.

The zone is run by elected officials with Wax having the power to intervene if god-based powers are needed. It is the construct capital of Taverne, producing and exporting huge amounts of ergonomic goods and construct supplies. This leads to a mixed reputation with other zones, who highly value the revolutionary exports, but severely dislike Wax as the associated high god due to his past mistakes.

Regardless it is a very popular travel destination as you can find almost anything there due to its diversity of cultures and species. This is furthered by the fact that creativity is the most highly valued skill in Hearth, so jobs in body modding, construct sciences and the arts are common which leads many to seek out these services offered in Hearth.

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