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Cryptid Sighted (It Me)
Howdy howdy
I am Crypt/Cryptid
(aka Blue, aka Adrian)
you can call me whichever name I’ve collected, i will respond!
Im new to this whole thing and was introduced to it by a friend. Already have a handful of TCPs. Been a while since I’ve been on a Forum (Over a decade lmao) so this’ll be fun!
I love drawing, rp, writing, and cats. I really love cats. I have four kitties and they’re like my babies.
UUUUH Idk that’s all I can think of, I am shy so bear with me, but i do look forward to meeting every one

cue me moonwalking out doing fingerguns
GOD I tried to do the eye mouth eye emoji combo, forgetting this forum doesn't do emojis.

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