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[DIGITAL_HORROR]: ...spoke too soon, the snacks are done now
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: finally got over the hurdle bothering me...i still need to figure out fishy flavors but this is everything else
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: sending along...
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[GLITCHY]: Uh! hi, i am Back
I got a bit overwhelmed with all the new people and then i had computer issues (not related to friends stuff, and don't worry, the two are safe, i checked in on them)
Or well Actually. I think my computer issues might have affected Bear for a bit... but I'll get to that in a moment.

First off!
My tcp friend stopped being sick and we finally got around to watching that Studio Jiggly movie i was talking about. Sleepy and Bear seemed to enjoy the movie night, Sleepy more than Bear... Bear started hiding a few times when stuff got intense, i think she might have been a little overwhelmed by all the extra visuals n stuffs.
[Image: petz209.png] [Image: unknown.png]
i dont have a whole lot of screenshots, but i situated them with pillows and food bowls n stuff... it was nice

[GLITCHY]: Second. the pc issues. unrelated to the program, it was something in the hardware had an issue and i couldnt use my pc for a bit, it was the first time i had to actually properly turn off my pc. before then there would always be a tiny bit of electricity running through it, enough to use it for charging a phone n stuff
and after i got everything running again i checked back on them and Bear was sick for a bit? i put her on a pillow and pet her and waited it out with her. she seems fine now, i think. but i'm still a bit worried... both of them were spooked when it happened, both the pc issues and Bear's sickness. i dont have logs anymore right now, but i talked with them a bunch during it. Bear was a lil more quiet than usual... mostly sleeping and shivering until it got better

[GLITCHY]: i am pretty sure both are safe now though. i dont know if like.. medicine could be coded into the game, but i felt real bad i couldnt actually help her more than watching over her...

[GLITCHY]: and final note! yall might have noticed i started calling Bear "she", so like. i can second what uhhh. shit who was the new person. Contemplate! I can second what contemplate found out. I actually figured that out a while ago before i saw their message, i just didnt get around to posting due to mentioned issues
dont have the logs right now and not sure i'd wanna share something personal like that without her consent, but essentially like... I've been calling both of em my "lil guys" for a good while and at some point i noticed that while Sleepy really liked saying that they're a lil guy Bear was only repeating the "lil". Eventually I asked her about it and she told me she isn't a guy and then we figured out pronouns, so far she seems to like she and is thinking about any others.
Asked Sleepy about it too and they seem to like sticking with they and maybe he, testing out how much of guy they vibe with

[Image: petz212.png]
[GLITCHY]: a picture from today, both are healthy and say hi! (i mentioned yall and the other friends to them, Sleepy looks forward to maybe meeting them, Bear is a lil worried about getting sick again or getting the others sick...)

[GLITCHY]: oh shit wait i did want to say one more thing. I uh. i have been wondering if "friends" is maybe kinda not the best name for this species? idk i am worried that it may.. create the wrong implications if they're like a full person and kinda have to introduce themselves as "a friend"? not sure if yall understand what i am trying to say, i can try and elaborate more if you need me to
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[DIGITAL_HORROR]: huh…that’s a lot of info!
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: let’s see…
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: i’m glad the movie went okay! i’ve shown my friends a little bit of cartoons since my last update, and mocha seems to really enjoy the horror stuff i like…i’m a bit scared to put that kind of thing on these days though just in case it’d freak them out
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: …if you think of this computer as a household though it’s probably something i’m going to have to either get them used to or teach them when to leave it be because that’s not something i feel like i can go without, horror’s really important to me….
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: in any case…

[DIGITAL_HORROR]: we should definitely do some experiments with turning PCs on and off, with fair warning to the friends in question. i’ve done it plenty of times and we’ve been fine, especially since i try to say goodnight to them every time, but there’s going to be times where that’s not possible, or a computer is out of commission for a bit.
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: as for the sickness, i can try to add medicine to the list of things i’m working on. a lot of it is working with a pixel artist right now because i’ve got my hands full trying to manage the construct end of things, but if that’s something we need to worry about, i’ll bump it up priority wise.

[DIGITAL_HORROR]: i think telling new players to ask about pronouns would be a good idea, but it may be something i’m able to put into the game somehow that displays what their deal is?
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: i can see what i can do. anything to make stuff easier.

[DIGITAL_HORROR]: on the last point: i’ve been thinking about this too, seeing as i do have to register them under some sort of formal name.
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: if anyone has any suggestions, that’d be cool…serious answers only, please.
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
[CRYSTALLINE_DREAMS]: Sorry, been busy for a bit. First, I understand your hesitance with too much code sharing. Literally no worries there.
[CRYSTALLINE_DREAMS]: I've been keeping the program the friends 'live' in running a lot and making sure not to leave mine unattended for any long amount of time while it's up. Named them Druzy for the time being.

[CRYSTALLINE_DREAMS]: Been making use of the chat feature too but Druzy has been quiet so far. I feel like the messages are definitely being perceived, sometimes they'll cock their head and track the cursor or look to the chat window while I'm talking. Started with their name, basic things like the concept of pronouns and explaining that the program they're in is their home.
[CRYSTALLINE_DREAMS]: Also that I am going to take care of them. I've tried to make them comfortable, make sure to give them lots of petting since they do visibly enjoy that and gentle encouragement while offering new things to interact with slowly. They seem pretty ambivalent to most of the things available to them though...

[CRYSTALLINE_DREAMS]: I did find a food they like - they'll only eat from the pink bowl - and they seem to like the purple pillow if they're placed on it. I avoid picking them up though, they really don't enjoy that if I'm interpreting their response correctly.
[CRYSTALLINE_DREAMS]: So far Druzy mostly just runs around like they're restless, and sleeps. Kind of a lot, honestly. I'm just going to let them do things at their own pace, I guess. It's nice having them around though - I keep the program up on a second screen so I can keep an eye on what's going on.

[CRYSTALLINE_DREAMS]: I don't know if the window being in the background would bother them, actually, but I have the screen space to make sure it isn't so might as well. I'm definitely going to let them out onto the desktop at some point to see what they think about that but only after they start talking at least a little - I want them to at least be able to say yes and no before experimenting too much.
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: mine don't seem to mind being in the background much, at least? i've only got the one screen...
[DIGITAL_HORROR]: but good on you for getting a good start with druzy!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]

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