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[RAFFLE] Pride Flag Morbitians

Heyo! Welcome! Time for another raffle, this time based on a few pride flags
Please read the SIDENOTE section at the bottom of the thread

  • Raffles will be pulled in 3 to 5 days from the first entry for a character, depending on my schedule.
  • You can enter for multiple. I'm not limiting the amount you can win either.
  • Please don't harass the winners.
  • If you win any changes are welcome. You don't have to keep the flavor text or keep the flag even, this was just a fun challenge for me.
  • I don't think its necessarily importantthat you actually identify with the identity represented to enter for a character, please dont feel thats like a hidden rule.
  • Credit goes of course to Rin for the species and base.
  • Don't use this thread to attack anyone's identity. That shouldn't have to be stated.
  • Please be respectful.
I know these are fairly basic but if I find you're breaking these rules I will not allow you to enter future raffles. You can of course dm me with issues.

(OPTIONAL)Fun fact about them: (just have fun. Yes I stole this from the tcp raffle (hope that's okay))

I'll be providing a small bit of flavor text and a name, you are allowed to keep and change anything.
Also: While I did change color's shades, I tried not to add anything new (Ex: No black and white if its not on the flag)

Flag: Polyamorous
[Image: HEHYw9R.png]
Name: Bellamy
- Taps claws on things when nervous, is almost always nervous.
- Has different suncatchers for each month.
- Organized Chaos

Flag: Lesbian
[Image: JVgLWES.png]
Name: Dahlia
- Believes that spoiling yourself is important.
- Spends a lot of time in the sun, is not a fan of cold weather.
- Really good at 3d puzzles and making toy block models.

Flag: Gay (mlm)
[Image: STrruG0.png]
Name: Zion
- Soft spoken but not shy, sometimes overly welcoming to new people.
- Side job of reading stories online, voice considered soothing and easy to fall asleep to.
- Tries different "home improvement tutorials" online (think like "10 minute crafts with super glue") and posts the results.

Flag: Rainbow Pride (traditional)
[Image: 63ZsTCn.png]
Name: Flare
- Was really into spy movies as a kid and is now an excellent climber (wins hide and seek by hiding in air vents and on the ceiling)
- Naturally warm, always ready for a hug or to cuddle
- Chews pencils, should not be given pens

Flag: Aroace
[Image: kePVFIj.png]
Name: River
- Collects wildflowers and presses them for journaling
- Likes looser clothes that are kinda flowy
- has a large garden that they sell produce from to their neighbors

Flag: omnisexual
[Image: gIWlXx9.png]
Name: Hollis
- Really good at doing skateboard tricks but doesn't like talking about it much
- Works at a smoothie bar, constantly experimenting
- Runs a baking blog, secretly hates sweets

Flag: Demigirl
[Image: krji4ql.png]
Name: Jill
- Known online for trying crazy hair styles and turning them into whole looks
- Believes all of the body can be used for art
- Goes thrift shopping a lot for old clothes to patch up

Flag: Sapphic
[Image: IJpH4fP.png]
Name: Mary
- Pawpad and arms have been modified to be dirt resistant, with the pads being extra grippy for thorns
- Writes epics about tragic loves and daring adventures 
- Uses ground up flower petals to make paint

Flag: Genderflux
[Image: XQIP9P0.png]
Name: Emerson
- Really good at racing video games 
- Makes homemade jams and jelly
- Has a collection of decorative soaps, is afraid to actually use them

Flag: Pangender
[Image: 4O3OsUu.png]
Name: Short
- Made in celebration of a new bakery opening, naturally a great cake decorator
- Dots i's with hearts
- Has a collection of broken squish toys they've "rescued" from thrift stores

Flag: Agender
[Image: 0pfbs8F.png]
Name: Zo
- Considers themself an honorary ninja, not the best at sneaking around but getting better
- Forges swords for a living
- Needs glasses to read

Flag: Demisexual 
[Image: NG1sN0H.png]
Name: Anise
- Archery trainer, known for "never missing a shot"
- A lot of their fur has been dyed 
- Likes going to the library to people watch

Flag: Genderqueer
[Image: RAINg4X.png]
Name: Guppy
- Put glow in the dark stars all over their ceiling
- Insists the ocean water is better at night
- Got lost in the woods once for two days and no one is sure yet whether that was on purpose or not


I'm looking for suggestions!
Are there other pride flags you'd want to see? Would you want to see me try a flag again? Think I should use the other bases? Now is the time to suggest! You don't have to enter any raffles to suggest, its not required.

Have Fun!!
Give Me Your Coins

Chatty Cats
Name: mortis
Character: droplet
(OPTIONAL)Fun fact about them: big fan of bowties!

Name: mortis
Character: onyx
(OPTIONAL)Fun fact about them: big fan of custom slime as well, but isnt good at it yet

Name: mortis
Character: charlie
(OPTIONAL)Fun fact about them: likes doodling potential new screen faces and practicing in the mirror
[Image: TCP%20customs.png]
Ohhhh these are SO good!!

As a suggestion: aroace karacel? [eyes emoji] I know we have aro and ace ones separately, but the aroace flag SLAPS.

[Image: y7uDHO6.png]


OH. Some more suggestions!

Sapphic flag:

[Image: yTp4cqb.png]


[Image: j4q4xaI.png]


[Image: xV8F5vR.png]


[Image: lGQlN4E.png]
I would love to see a friend with the genderfluid flag! [Image: IMG_2900.png]
oooo... these are so cute..

Name: Pichi
Character: Droplet

Name: Pichi
Character: Baylor

Name: Pichi
Character: Rene

oh also for flag suggestions!! omnisexual flag would be neat :>
[Image: Omnisexual_Pride_Flag.png]

potentially also demi-nonbinary?
[Image: 300px-Deminonbinary.png]
 ~ Chompy -[Image: Trapling_Chompy_1.png]- some well chosen quote -[Image: Trapling_Cinnanom_2.png]- Cinnanom ~
~ I somehow started drowning in tiny cats and I don't know how it happened ~
[Image: Markus_Card_2.png][Image: Teddy_Card_2.png][Image: Ender_Card_2.png]
[Image: Tiny%20TCP.png]
Name: Lilium
Character: onyx

Name: Lilium
Character: Charlie
Moving the characters and profiles here

Flag: Rainbow Pride (traditional)
Winner: @skinstealer
[Image: r3K7Bqj.png]
Name: Droplet
- Dances in the rain
- Runs a semi popular blog that gives tips to young adults unsure of how to do things (like buying a car, doing taxes, finding a good place for a date)
- Theater Nerd/Poetry Nerd growing up

Flag: Bisexuality
Winner: @Pichi2214
[Image: nJjvviF.png]
Name: Baylor
- Collects off brand toys that have "character"
- Probably has a fun fact about everything but can't tell you what the date is
- Is always early, if they were late to something you should worry.

Flag: Asexuality
Winner: @skinstealer
[Image: gFcHLWV.png]
Name: Onyx
- Eyelashes are an actual marking, nails are self done. Self care is important to them and it makes them happy.
- Makes candles to sell online, hides trinkets inside to be uncovered during burning.
- Would probably have resting bitch face. At least comes off that way at first.

Flag: Transgender
Winner @Pichi2214
[Image: qbJEpZE.png]

Name: Rene
- Hand flapping to stim.
- History nerd, has some strong opinions about things but still listens to other people opposing views (usually).
- Listens to classical music to wake up, which occasionally leaks into their dreams and effects the events.

Flag: Nonbinary
Winner: @dediles
[Image: BcD1Keu.png]
Name: Charlie
- "Eyes" do not move, but can be switched. (How is up to you)
- Draws strangers in the park, not usually fully just gets basic shapes for practice.
- Tattoo artist in training.
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Chatty Cats
Karacel Update
7 more for ya all! Still up for suggestions, can't promise there will be another update this year but ya never know
And thank you for the suggestions received!

Give Me Your Coins

Chatty Cats
Name: Pichi
Character: Jack

Name: Pichi
Character: Crown

Name: Pichi
Character: Peyton
 ~ Chompy -[Image: Trapling_Chompy_1.png]- some well chosen quote -[Image: Trapling_Cinnanom_2.png]- Cinnanom ~
~ I somehow started drowning in tiny cats and I don't know how it happened ~
[Image: Markus_Card_2.png][Image: Teddy_Card_2.png][Image: Ender_Card_2.png]
[Image: Tiny%20TCP.png]
Name: Bard
Character: Crown

TOO sleepy to think of a proper fact akfjgndng, new designs lookin great!!
Name: Iguana
Character: Corey

Name: Iguana
Character: Greer

New characters look great!
Last Update/Winners
Mixed Update! This has been fun, but Im a bit outta steam on these. Last update... probably. Im still open to requests, flags used or unused and any species I can. Anyway

I didn't want to be spammy and do separate updates

Flag: Pansexuality
Winner: @Pichi2214
[Image: 84iR3Gy.png]
Name: Peyton
- Hyperpop fan edit maker, started as a shit post thing is now fully absorbed in it as a strange art form
- Used to be really in gymnastics, still helps as a trainer on the side
- Bit of a coffee addict.

Flag: Aromantic
Winner: @Iguanaiguana
[Image: v8yCFtT.png]
Name: Greer
- Never into sports teams but naturally pretty good at fancy tricks.
- Works at an escape room, makes bets with coworkers about how long people will take.
- Collects artsy pins, gives them out to strangers who seem to be having a bad day.

Flag: Genderfluid
Winner: @Iguanaiguana
[Image: 2KYuvba.png]
Name: Corey
- Takes long walks in the woods, gets lost at least once a month
- Has started like 4 podcasts, they don't go very far
- Naturally good at claw machines

Flag: Demiboy
Winner: @Pichi2214
[Image: f8THAU0.png]
Name: Jack
- Used to be a professional iceskater, now trains amateurs and gives kids lessons
- Tries their best to look intimidating, but is very sweet and overly trusting
- Has to brush their fur regularly, it gets knotted way too easily

Flag: Demi Nonbinary 
Winner: @Bardcat
[Image: 6YqXt0h.png]
Name: Crown
- Would burn a bowl of cereal if left alone in the kitchen
- Minimalist, only buys thongs they absolutely need
- Learning to crochet, wants to make little animals

Give Me Your Coins

Chatty Cats
Aaaaa I'm delighted to snag Crown!! Tysm for all your designs, they've been so fun to see ❤️

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