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Wattplants is an in universe petsite game, with currently one Canon design, the trapling:
    (Weary The Trapling, Design by Rin, recolor from Pichi for me)

The rest of Wattplants is supposed to be community driven, and thats why this is here! This thread is for species ideas, recolors, discussing site mechanics, anything you want! I'd love to get some things talked about on how people imagine the site.
When talking about your ideas for species, please keep in mind people may want to design/change ideas. If you aren't really open to that please state so, but try to keep this open for everyone's enjoyment!

I'll post my ideas later, but here's some fanart for now of species ideas:

Should link to trapling file:
Give Me Your Coins

Chatty Cats
Ideas for breeding mechanics were mentioned on discord, could there be a divide between egg/capsules and pot/incubated Wattplants? Like for eggs and capsules a relatively blank or "default" version of the offspring species would hatched while pots and incubators can be taken to different regions and environments and produce an altered variant based on time spent there?

A for a species idea, I've had this one since Wattplants were introduced in the Pickled Corvice Thread:
This species is coated in dusty black scales that leave soot if rubbed harshly on surfaces, and has dry, crackely leaf and stick ornamentation. The tips of it's limbs tend to be lighter in colour, often grey, especially around it's multiple throat openings. Mucuosal membranes and the inside of it's mouth are brightly coloured and may glow in the dark slightly.
As a fungal variant, it occasionally exhales clouds of dark spores and will often puff and fume them in displays to accompany whistling. It's mostly seen around burnt-out areas, consuming fresh shoots and making nests in hollow cinders of trees, though may be encountered seasonally whereever there is fresh growth and buds to eat.

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