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[FANDEV] Scraps + Affinities
let's talk about scraps...anything about em! what do you think of scraps, what kind of scraps would your characters (or just you!) use, what would your natural affinity be, what kind of neat applications could you think of? maybe you have a scrap design you'd like to share, or want to collaborate on some kind of scrap-related idea...the sky's the limit! go wild!

i'll start the thread proper by cheating and saying that if we're going by The Canon™ and god scrap affinities line up with their motifs, im locked into slime/lineart scrap affinities via godsona bullshit. i don't really use dysthanasia for a lot these days but honestly, those still fit pretty well all things considered so i'll just roll with it anyway. slime scraps would be super fucking common due to both slime being a REALLY common concept on morbit thanks to it being biologically frequent and also like...emotionally resonant, in a way? idk, slime gives me a lot of emotional feelings and i feel like it could lead to being a pretty common scrap type. lineart on the other hand would be pretty rare, and most of dysthanasia's (godsona) scrap usage with those would have to be from their own shed scraps. lineart scraps would probably contain art-related memories and emotions, which is kind of fun to think about...maybe they'd look like tangible, uncolored drawings, like floating assets or powerups? who knows!
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]

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