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[Image: sXRM6hs.png]

You barely finish filling out the form before it is snatched out of your hand by the smaller Gremlin, their pupil morphing into a magnifying glass as they quickly study the form, and then you.. “Fweb, eh? Quite a regal name! I think that it fits you quite well! Quite a unique eye shape too...” they get close to your face, “Ah, I can sort of see it al-”
Jarlin interrupts Ronge, “You should be able to regain control of it within the day, the rest of what happened to you will take longer to get used to. If you have any questions about what happened to you medically, ask.”
Nothing too pressing... who is this council you mentioned though? Should I be worried?
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Then uh. Whoops.
[Image: bmnpt4P.png]

You climb out of bed, you feel well enough to stand now. You notice Ronge looking at you while you move, and get the feeling that they are watching your every movement very carefully. You drop to the floor, but the impact feels strange for some reason, almost like you're off balance, or... too balanced?
“That leg count new?” Ronge asks you.
“What do you-?” You begin to ask before looking down at yourself and noticing what you look like now. Six legs is not something you're used to. “Ah. Yeah that's new.”

[Image: MIgkgCK.png]

“Well, that's quite unfortunate, but I'm sure you'll be able to get used to them right quick!” Ronge says cheerily, “I know that the only thing I know about you is that you somehow managed to find yourself in a tunnel that was simultaneously flooding and on fire while unconscious, but other than that you seem very capable!”
“Thanks?' You say, quite unsure how to feel about that. “So what's this council you mentioned? Anything I have to worry about?”
“Worry? No. Probably. Not until you're a little better I think.” Ronge says, scratching their chin. “The council is the... local governing body here I guess you could say. Who has positions in it rotates every couple weeks, if you stay here long enough you'll get a turn at it. They are in charge of assigning who has what job each day, though strictly speaking, that's only after everyone who self assigned a job is accounted for, and it doesn't matter if people follow the schedule so long as all the jobs get done. It's also-”
Jarlin speaks up, cutting Ronge off, “You won't have to do stuff for now. You're resting.”
Ronge coughs before continuing. “Yes I suppose you don't have to worry about it much for now,” they say with a small chuckle, “Since it seems like your leg muscles don't have any significant damage, would you like to accompany us to get your bearings around this settlement?”
Jarlin huffs, “Ronge, you're not a doctor. Just because you have a good eye for injuries doesn't mean you can say things like that to my patients without consulting me.” Ronge lets out a sigh of disappointment at that, sinking back into Jarlin's fur. “You're right though,” they say to Ronge, “The legs are uninjured.” Ronge gives a smug smile as Jarlin turns back to you, “I wouldn't mind the company if you want to come with. I walk slow, so you can keep up.”
Thank them, and take them up on the offer, it'd be nice to get up and walk, figure out how being hexapedal works. Maybe think about what it is you should be doing, what's your goal now? do you just settle in and take a job? think about it.
Follow them, not like there's anything else to do.

Should we tell them how we made the ice to put out the fire? Or should we keep that to ourselves for now? We might be able to find someone to help us better utilize the bits we see if we ask, but on the other hand, it's hard to tell what they think of that sort of thing.
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Then uh. Whoops.
lets def follow them- i would keep quiet til we get our bearings, tho
agreeing with going along, seeing what the area looks like seems like a good plan plus it will help us get used to our body
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[Image: MH5eypi.png]

“Yeah, I think that'd be okay,” you say. You briefly consider telling them that you were the one to use the ice, but think that it's better if you keep that quiet for now. You've never met anyone else who can see the bits, so you don't feel like dealing with all of the explanations that would take today. Plus you're not all that sure you trust these two enough for that, even if they did save your life. You have a moment of worry when you think about the bit you left back there, before you sense it. It seems to have stuck itself to you at some point and was dragged along. Lucky.
You follow them and come to a large open chamber. As you look out over it you realize that it must be the main hub of this settlement. It's quite lively here compared to your old settlement, but that only makes sense. With how much closer it is to the center of Cage it is a lot safer from horrors than you old settlement was. Though, considering what happened, that hopefully shouldn't be a high bar to clear.
“Feel free to pick something up for yourself if you need while we're out,” Ronge says, interrupting your train of thought. ”We're heading to meet a tailor friend who offered to help fix up our backpacks after they got singed from that fire.” Ronge glanced away quickly, “As magnificent as we both are, neither of us is very good at repairing that particular kind of damage.”
Jarlin nods, “You don't have a backpack. It would be smart to grab one of their spares while we are there.”
“Yes yes, at least until you have time to craft your own backpack! Its a real shame, but yours was already gone when we found you,” Ronge says. “I certainly hope you didn't have anything important in there!”
You wince as you remember all the bits that you had collected.
[Image: akGcJgE.png]

“Ah, here we are,” Ronge says as the three of you stumble through a curtain into an offshoot room.
The tailor Gremlin turns to you, “Ah hello, Ronge, Jarlin, and I see you've brought-” They freeze for a moment as they look you over, their expression unreadable. They let out a small cough and continue, “You've brought company.”
I like the look of the blue and white one... but could we get a closer look at the backpacks? How many zippers and pockets they have on the inside? How would they fit around our unusual amount of limbs?
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Then uh. Whoops.
What's your problem pal? Haven't you seen a spider/mammoth/caterpillar/ant/aphid/ferret/bearcat/Thylacoleo before?
(I suggest we get stars on our bag(s). stars and hearts)
color scheme wise I'd pick the yellow/purple one, it goes well with our fur and is not too flashy
but yes, space and pockets is a very important backpack quality that should not be overlooked when choosing, so more info would be nice
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[Image: Tiny%20TCP.png]
[Image: FD1LQuR.png]

You start rattling out questions and comments about the bags currently hanging up.

“Can I get a closer look at those backpacks? Do you have anything less flashy? How much storage space do they have? Do they work for Gremlins with limbs-”
“Stop! Please. Slow down. Who even are you?” They ask, their eyes glancing at your side with a strange look again.
“Ah, dear Fweb,” Ronge says, patting you on the head, “I know that you must be excited after entering a place as grand as our dear friend Losh's, but please! Try to contain yourself!”
Losh glanced at Ronge, “Ronge, please don't be so patronizing to your new friend. Now then,” they glance at your side again, “These aren't backpacks, I have those in the back, these are leg and tail pouches, and other kinds of auxiliary bags. Judging by you being here like that, I assume that you are lacking in the backpack department. Tell me a color and I'll see what I have for you,” you realize that they keep looking at the side you have the bit on, but that can't be right, no one else can see those... right? “I imagine you'll want to customize your backpack yourself, so I'll give you a plain one. If you really want one, I can give you a pouch as well, but only one. I don't know you and don't think you'll be sticking around long anyway.”
That last sentence strikes you as strange, but suddenly you have a better understanding of the look they keep giving you. You still can't tell though, is it fear... or pity?
Either way, it's clear they don't want us around. Lets just ask for a light blue backpack to match the fur around our eyes. Don't ask for a pouch (while it would be helpful, they're being generous enough already with the backpack) and try not to stay too long. Thank them for their hospitality if the bag is free, thank them for their business if it isn't.
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Then uh. Whoops.
Can we ask to talk with Losh for a bit? see what they know about The Bit and such?

also, I vote dark blue
There's a 95% chance I'm thinking of either a Pun or Mega Man at any given time

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