Tiny Cat People: Void Session

By skinstealer

VOIDSY: We’re…not sure. 
VOIDSY: This is a really complicated situation, and deprogramming can take time.
VOIDSY: Showing them that there can be different ways of living- more positive ones- is a good goal, but exposure to media may be tricky when we don’t have time for it.
CHELSEA: I can…see what I can do. My knowledge of picture books and the like are fairly limited to propaganda media found in Consumption schools, decades ago, when I was a chil-

They shake their head.

CHELSEA: Nevermind that.
CHELSEA: I suppose I can try to make something based on a prompt, I’ve yet to test the limitations of the create system.
CHELSEA: …wait.
CHELSEA: No, that’s out. 
CHELSEA: You have some of our TCPs outside the base. Damnit.
CHELSEA: If you manage to make the three of them go rogue, I’ll be able to make something light and easy to carry around, even in wartime.
CHELSEA: I’m no good at stories, so…I’ll take my chances with the game’s interpretation of a prompt.
CHELSEA: With any luck, Wax will have made it so the system skews towards things beneficial to the TCPs.
VOIDSY: It’d also be a good idea to make sure they have someone who will actively care about and listen to how they’re feeling…and challenge their beliefs without being too intense about it.
CHELSEA: There’s only so much of that I can do, seeing as Spit could pull me away at any moment-
VOIDSY: …then we find a way to get more time.
CHELSEA: …what?

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