Tiny Cat People: Void Session

By skinstealer


Primus is a TENT TCP, which means he is a stocky, large tiny cat person. Being a STORAGE TCP, he has the ability to store things within his body- in his case, he can either unzip his head to store items, or open his stomach pocket to keep any tiny cat people smaller than he is safe, and allow them to rest and restore their health. These perks give him an inventory without the need for any specific items.

Primus is feeling fine and healthy, and is currently very curious about being alive and what this new life entails. He communicates through whistling, and seems very gentle. He's currently wondering what kind of noises he can make by patting and crumpling the note some more.

Primus has nothing in his inventory, and is currently fine to directly influence- you can talk to Primus, along with telling the void to do things.

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