Tiny Cat People: The Maze Trials

By skinstealer

You make a noise akin to sniffling and nod.

SEE: That’s…really sweet of you. Yeah.
SEE: Could we play like…a nice chill game?
SEE: Something where everybody’s chill…
SEE: And friends….
SEE: And safe…
CAYDEN: Yeah sure, totally! Uhhh
CAYDEN: Okay, so best bet for that is probablyyyy
CAYDEN: This little like, farming/town building game I like called Fields of Red Grass
CAYDEN: You help grow food and materials to rebuild a town after a disaster
CAYDEN: But for a lot of people the real draw is the NPCs
CAYDEN: They’ll move into the town as you play, and who you get is random, and they all have their own different personalities 
CAYDEN: I think the game really does a good job of capturing the whole ‘community’ type feeling 
SEE: That sounds great...really great....
CAYDEN: Alright, cool!

Cayden stands up and heads over to one of the desks, picking up a somewhat thick plastic box, something you can only assume is the handheld they were talking about.

CAYDEN: Do you want a copy of the instruction manual too?
SEE: Oh, yeah- I'm really good at those. 
SEE: Set up my laptop and everything!
CAYDEN: I don’t know if being good at manuals is like
CAYDEN: A thing.
CAYDEN: But yeah, I think you’ll like it, game manuals have like, a lotta fun little illustrations and stuff.
SEE: No, no, I think I'm good at them. Seriously.
SEE: I've got manual reading down.
CAYDEN: …Alright bud, knock yourself out I guess.

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