Tiny Cat People: The Maze Trials

By skinstealer

SEE: I’m..sorry.
SEE: I’m just scared…but I overstepped, I think. 
SEE: I don’t know who to trust and I really…I need something to belong to, or something, and you’re all so kind to me…

Samson lets out a low grunt and walks away to her desk.

Cayden leans closer and whispers.

CAYDEN: ...Try not to let her get under your skin with that.
CAYDEN: She’s just protective of us.
CAYDEN: We’ve all seen terrible things here and well...
CAYDEN: She doesn’t trust you much yet.
SEE: I know, but I still tried to just...barge into your family…
CAYDEN: Don’t worry too much about that.
CAYDEN: Wanna play a game together? I could grab you that handheld I mentioned.

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