Crankshaft Fall Part 2

A dopple dressed in witching attire approached the entrance of a small little apartment. The rabbity mage rung the bell quickly, not waiting too long as the shuffling of metallic footsteps came closer. The door opened up, a construct in a mask and a blue suit approaching.

Dotty: Lex! You manage to make it here okay?

???: Yeah, but I'm not Lex.

Dotty: Jam!

Jam: You know it. Sup.

Dotty: Uh, all set whenever you wanna go. You need a drink or anything quick?

Jam: Nah, holding off til we get to the party. Gotta say you look pretty good in a blazer.

Dotty: Think so? Took awhile to put together.

Jam: Shame you only get to wear it for a couple of nights, it's cute.

Dotty: Yeah well… you're looking pretty sharp too!

Jam: We used a bit of recent prize money to touch up the witch look, glad you like it.

Dotty: I do, especially the hat and shades.

Jam: Lex wanted to start carrying glasses so I have a good visual cue to let people know who's got control of the body. She's doing alright by the way, know you might be worried. Just got bit earlier by a little something.

Dotty: Bit? By what?

Jam: The spirit of the holiday.

Dotty: Aww…

Jam: That's a actual thing by the way, if it thinks you're a tourist it drops down and attacks you.

Dotty: That sounds really fake.

Jam: It's real, swear on it. Anyway she's good in all seriousness, don't be anxious and think she's in any trouble.

Dotty: Noted. How long you planning to stick around by the way? Just wondering.

Jam: For now? Just til we get there, maybe there a little bit for the party itself but it'll be mostly Lex. You don't mind right? Always wanted to be walked to a fancy witching event by someone strong and tall.

Jam slipped her hand in the construct's own. Dotty's ears flicker in response

Jam: Lead the way?

Dotty: Uh… yeah.

The two started down the road uphill, lights from a festival setup ahead in view.

Jam: This isn't too much right?

Dotty: No, I'm just… where does all this flirty energy come from? Was Lex ever like this?

Jam: At some point, think she got a little shy after she met you though. Not because you ever did anything wrong but because she doesn't wanna push things too far with you and scare you off. Poor thing.

Dotty: She seemed fine on the first few dates… that wasn't you was it?

Jam: Nope, just mostly sat back and watched. Think she just realized she really liked you… guess I shouldn't ramble all her thoughts to you though. Sorry about that.

Dotty: Honestly, feels kinda good to hear that, so I don't mind.

Jam: Mm. Of course at any point if you need me to back down you can just say so too, I won't be mad. I know you don't know me that much as a separate person, even if I snuck in on a few dates where she wasn't feeling her best.

Dotty: That explains some stuff, I guess. Always was weird how she'd have a headache or be tired and then suddenly acting like nothing happened.

Jam: Mm. Don't think my impression was best though, pretty sure part of you always noticed a little.

Dotty: Maybe a bit. I'm not mad or anything though, I like you. I mean I like both of you and all obviously but like-

Jam: Don't worry about it, I like you too. I wanna get to know you as me though, not just Lex with raw energy, and I hope that's okay.

Dotty: Absolutely.

The duo crossed through the golden lit festival, the smell of baked goods and the jolly decor really setting the spirit of the holiday.

Dotty: You think we got time to stop by here, maybe?

Jam: Probably? Lex's friends tend to stop by after they do their witch stuff so you should be good to get a few hours in.

Dotty: Hope so. I wanna split a pie or something… maybe get in on a fried cream biscuit…

Jam: If we don't get to go today we'll go for sure tomorrow.

Dotty: Please. God it's pretty around this time.

Jam: Sure is. Love the fall… You got a favorite fall thing?

Dotty: Cold, cold weather and maybe some cozy rain. You?

Jam: So this is silly but like, every year Dunk N Tumble does this breakfast thing where they serve Pumpkin Brew and Biscuits with this limited spicy jelly-

Dotty: You mean the Spice and Jam?

Jam: Yeah.

Dotty: You a fan of jellies?

Jam: It's in the name right?

Dotty: …that's not why your name is Jam is it?

Jam: You'll never know for sure! Anyway, it's good, I promise, and I'll take you tomorrow morning if we're not too tired after tonight.

Dotty: I'll give it a shot.

The two make it through fairly quickly, and reach the neighborhood halfway up the hill, one particularly festive house catching Dotty's eye.

Dotty: Is that it?

Jam: Think it should be. Gonna let Lex handle introductions for now if you don't mind, she knows these folks a bit better than I do.

Dotty: You gonna be back?

Jam: If we do chill at the festival after, sure. You gonna miss me?

Dotty: A little.

Jam: I'll be watching. Besides, I know you wanna spend time with Lex too. You two have fun.

Dotty: We will.

Jam held Dotty's hand for a moment, completely quiet before letting go to nudge her shades back to the top of her hat. It's Lex.

Lex: Hey!

Dotty: Lex!

Lex: You ready to party?

Dotty: Yeah! You been good?

Lex: Yep, just chilling in the backseat all the way here. Hey can you uh… do the thing where you wrap your arm around mine? I wanna look good when we enter.

Dotty wrapped her arm around Lex's. Lex looked away shyly.

Dotty: Got you covered. We're gonna be the best looking people there.

Lex: You really think so?

Dotty: At least you'll be.

The rabbit turned red.

Lex: Left you two alone for twenty minutes and you already rubbed off on each other hard….

Dotty: That too much?

Lex: Not at all! But uh… thank you. For real, hearing that already made my day good… you ready to go inside?

Dotty: Mmhmm.

The two approached the entrance and knocked.