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A Horror Mini Series

A Bird and a Demon Rabbit form a pact to escape.

CW: Blood, Death, Violence, Horror,Occult, Heavy themes and discussions of religious trauma and queer struggles.

[Image: image.png]

Tonight you’re about to commit a crime against god.

You rushed home as soon as you could, not wanting to waste a moment right now.

You’re going to ask for a huge favor, one you didn’t think you had to make.

You’ve been storing a lot of it for a rainy day…

Tool of the Unsolved

Threads of a Fiend Hermit

A shot of the best drink you can offer..

And a recent addition you’ve come across through unfortunate means:

A Limb of an Unburied Peer.

You manage to get the ritual going with little issue,

The radio tunes in, sounds flickering in staggers of hymn and violent episodes.
[Image: image.png]

You’ve played with angel frequencies as much as any kid in this town does in secret, a simple pleasure that lies in rebellion of the town’s status quo.

You never stopped your acts of defiance however, recording conversations with all sorts of otherworldly entities…

Learning about the outside world

Other worlds..

Recording every talk to cling onto later..

But your family held you to never summon one directly, especially not in a panic.

You’re breaking that today. The hand starts to smoke, a vessel for the entity.

Your materials are the finest you’ve offered.

You set your aims high.

A figure begins to emerge from the smoke, melting flesh and bone to reform from what’s left…

“Someone’s in trouble…”

“That’d be me…”

“If you’re bringing out the good stuff, you really need this.”


“Then allow me to introduce myself before we talk any sort of deal.”
[Image: image.png]

The figure takes a more cohesive shape quickly..

“Frida, at your service…”

A rabbity tall humanoid with metal fangs and a fragmented body.

Your feathers stand up at the sight.

You pause in the moment, maybe a little too long.

“Perhaps your name? Or are you too scared…”
[Image: image.png]

You’re fucked either way, no turning back…

You wing it.

“Shit, you’re actually really cute.... Never seen any of ya’ll up close.. radio folks”


“Mmhmm.. That too much? I can step back if-”

“Say it again.”

“Cute? Like that?”

“Mmhmm. Keep telling me nice things… and finish introducing yourself, I did my part."



Oh god, does she mean that?

and the other part of the bargain.”

“Love the whole look you have going on, like honestly..”

“Try my best what what I have but.. It’s nice to hear it. feel so special. Continuing on though...”


“Your request? You’re making a contract, no?

“Yeah, need a huge one. Need to get out of town really bad, it’s a lot to explain but this place is a nightmare, I’m probably going to jail in the next 24 hour, whole lot kind of just happened.”

“I’ll say, your offering was pretty fresh. Who’d you kill?”

“I didn’t? But nobody’s going to believe me at this point. Local cops hate my ass, want any excuse to throw me into the woods. Place can burn down honestly just…”

“If you want me to send you elsewhere, I can do that. You take a contract and my power is yours.”

“Right.. The whole host thing-”

“Mmm, tempting as it is I’m feeling good right now and I’m not into the whole life long servitude part. I also don’t do card readings.”

“What I can do though is loan you my strength, in exchange for something to hold me over while you do.. The rest of the offering. Where is it?

The rest? Right.

“Corpse is in my car, really don’t want people seeing anything though…”

“I can be discreet, maybe even buy you some time. And… maybe when this is all over…”


“You didn’t even let me finish, you know how dangerous that is with folks like me?”

“Is it a date?”

“You're winning me over pretty fast. Maybe”

“Honestly if it wasn’t a shit show today I’d ask right now but like… you know.”

“One step at a time. Take me to the car and fill me in on the details. You have me very curious about how you ended up with a dead person in your trunk.."

"She's not in my trunk!"

"First mistake, ah well. If anyone sent over authorities I can fend them off. Now hurry, time's wasting. One quick warning though."

"My Magic does not come free. The longer you're exposed, the more intertwined your view of the world will become with it.

You will see things others won't."

"Is that a risk you're ready to take?"

"I'll do it."
[Image: image.png]
You lead the rabbit to the tarped car, opening the door letting her peek in through.



“Grotesque. Who was this?”

“Former classmate from back in the day, we were never really close. Followed me into the woods and got jumped by a watchman.”

“Like a guy…?

“No, more like… an angry forest spirit? You’re from out of town so I guess I need to explain a lot..”

“Just a little fill in would be nice. Despite the common belief, folks like me aren’t all seekers of knowledge. Don’t know shit.”

“So gist is the surrounding woods are a bit parasitic. Makes traveling out kind of a hazard even with roads entering in and out.  Supply trucks have to be armored to hell and tooled with flames and noise makers to keep creatures off of them.”

“They’re very territorial and covered with this nasty moss.”

“Explains your friend here…”

“Yeah….  It’s gross. Going to have to confront the family….”

“So what’s this moss do? You said it was parasitic.”

“I’m… not sure? It crawls all over bodies of people who get dropped in the woods and then overnight a cocoon appears nearby.”

“But they’re hella dangerous.’

“I see…”

“I should make quick work then.”

“What’s that mean? What are you-” You’re cut off as she opens the door and evaporates into a thick smoke.

“Frida? Frida don’t-”

THe smoke seeps through the cracks and seams of the car inside and quickly engulfs any view of the inside.

After moments of hissing and crunching from within, the smoke clears up.

A rabbity woman sits inside, baring only light resemblance to the corpse from before.

[Image: image.png]

“Oh my fucking…  what did you do?!”

“Recycled her material, figured it’d be better than letting her turn and become a problem later.”

“I’m gonna be sick man.…”

“Plus… leaves no body for you to hide. Perfect, right?”

“You turned this into a missing person’s case dude…”


“.... I didn’t think this through.”

“You really didn’t!”

“Well.. nobody saw you at the scene, I figure.”

“People probably heard the screaming. Plus she died in my car technically .... there’s still a mess.”

“She wasn’t dead when you found her?”

“Not yet… wounds did her in fast though. Wanted to take her to get help but… you know.”

“I’m scared. If anyone spotted me on the way here, my life’s turbo done…”

“No proof that you did anything.”

“They’d only just want a reason to put me on trial at this point. Place sucks and folks hate my ass.”


“Really. Never were big on my family for being from overseas, kept talking about how we were all secretly demonics. Folks are on my ass constantly over um….”


“You know…”

She shakes her head at you in confusion.

“People here are conservative, let’s put it at that.”

“...OOOOH. Oh my god.”


“This is one of THOSE type of places?”


“With churches on every block and all that?”



“Yeah no.They give you shit here just for saying you don’t want kids like. I’m honestly good. I got a few friends and I love them to death but… ugh. Honestly I wish I could take them with me.”


“I don’t… really want to be here? There’s a few forest hermits who’re nice but… that’s not viable for me. All of them are fiends who don’t have to worry about getting mauled… even if I don’t get arrested, folks will blame me.”

“Fiends? The monster folk?”

“Mmhmm. You familiar?”

“Little bit. There a lot of them?”

“Yeah, why?”

“That’s… huh.”

“They’re not bad you know…”

“It’s nothing like that just… thinking. Seems like a hell of a place…”

“Yeah no kidding.”


You hear a motorbike driving up the street.

You grab the rabbit’s arm and start pulling.

“Hey! Not so rough!”

“Get inside, that’s them.”

“What? Why-”

“Feds, now-”

“Feds..” The gears turn in her head for a moment.

“Ah! Gotcha. Just…. Hold up I can fix this…” She pulls you into the car with her suddenly.

“Frida! Frida, stop fucking around! We need to go-!”

The door closes behind, the dark mist fills the room again.
The world is drowned out, sounds fading.

You awaken in a dimly lit room with the rabbit next to you, car sitting in the corner. Her zipper faced form smiles at you.

“Sorry to have to do that.. Your plan wasn’t going to work out so I made an emergency call.”

“Welcome to my home. Get comfy.”
[Image: image.png?width=664&height=670]
You step out of the car door cautiously, catching an eye of both the rabbit’s mortal guise and spectral form next to each other excitedly grinning your way.

“You’re pretty proud of yourself right now.”

“Can’t be helped really, just got to save someone’s life. Bit of a new one for me.”

“What’s the usual job like?”

“Someone asks for a big thing in exchange for their soul or something, proceeds to cause all sorts of problems and I collect when they eventually get themselves blown up.”

“Honestly I gotta be picky about who I let summon me…”

“Can you do that?”

“Sorta. But without contracts I’m stick in limbo without any way out. People like you let me get some fresh air.”

Both forms seem to be synched up, on closer look realizing her spectral form is just a projection at the moment.

“So… what about now?

“Now we wait til things are clear before we pop back into your world together. Til then maybe we can just hang?”

“Yeah… I could do with that. What’s there to do in here?”

“Well… need to hook you up with some self defense for starters.”

“Like a gun..?

“It’s a backwash conservative town, everyone and their mums hook you up with that. Something stronger. Going to share a bit of the magic…”

The rabbit reaches a hand toward you before stopping.

“Actually I should ask if you’re okay with me uh.. I’m going to mark you.”


“Yeah, bit of a thing. Any preference? Chest, back, some place you could cover up in general is good.”

“What kind of marking is it?”

“Something indicative of who you made your pact with. So uh… you know.. Stitches or zipper likely.”

“Oh wow um.. See stitches on the neck or joints would be pretty aesthetic but I feel like the zipper would be so striking….”

“It’d be harder to cover up.”

“Maybe I don’t want to.”

“You want people to know?”

“Nobody’s going to fuck around with that so….”

“Good point.”

“Stitches sound cute though.. And they could pass for a choker or something.”

“Really up to you. We don’t even have to do it now bu-”

You poke her cheek playfully. “The sooner we get out of town, the sooner we can hang out, right?”

“I-I mean yeah.”

“Mm…. honestly I’ve always wanted to get cool mods like that but folks here get pissy. Even tattoos get you the stink eye…”

“That’s another option. You think about this a lot?”

“Always. It’s kinda embarrassing to think about…”

Too embarrassing to share?”

“Maybe? I mean I guess I can..”

“So… when I was in high school I saw a photo set of someone with a sea mine for a head.”

“Thought that was the cutest thing…. Is that weird?”

“I can arrange that too…”

“Maybe… feels like a big one to invest in… can you pick? Something smaller though. Think I’ll be here all day if you don’t…”

“Hmm..” Her hand lowered toward the back of your neck. “How’s that feel?”

“Kind of like that actually. Very discreet, like a necklace or a choker…”

“Then I can just…” She traced her finger all the way round before pulling her hand back.

“Give it a shot.”

You felt around a line of metal teeth now settled there until you manage to touch the zip. It was larger than average. The rabbit places a tiny mirror in the palm of your free hand.

“I… really like that actually. Does it do anything?”

“Not yet but.. When you’re in a pinch, pull it as hard as you can.”

“It’ll bring out your potential.”

Before you can finish processing those words you yank it open, feeling your body quickly boil and shed from the neck outward.

Your whole body becomes snarled with curved feathers and metal linings and the sensation of seeing the world from an outside perspective briefly.

The zipper reforms and holds together your newfound form. The rabbit looks at you with awe and a tint of red.

“Oh my god you went straight for it. You bastard.”

“A-Am I okay?”

“Sure are! You’d actually make a pretty cool looking entity honestly… how you feeling?”

Your whole world feels weightless and brittle compared to you right now. You could flip a car with no issue.


The rabbit grabs the zipper and pops it off, teeth and all. Your form reverts instantly.

“Perfect. Hopefully you won’t need to use that.”

You feel around your neck, metal zipper teeth gone and replaced with a simple stitch pattern.

The rabbit slides the metal chunk into your pocket.

“I haven’t made my end of the deal happen so you’re free from anything permanent yet…”

“So for now you got a neat little tool to save for an emergency. Line it up with any living thing and rip it right open. You’ll never know what’ll happen but it’ll always be something to capitalize off of.”

“That sounds super dangerous.”

“It is! But… I wanna trust you, and you need every bit I can give you to get through this alive so… consider it a trial session.”

“Now, wanna head back soon? You had loose ends to deal with.”

“Yeah, let’s go meet some folk, get you familiar.”
[Image: image.png]


The two of you pop back into town, now late into the evening where the sun barely creeks across the horizon.

Something about the world around you looks.. Different.

You squint your eyes at the familiar locale.

Javi: Frida?

Even the way your voice comes out doesn’t feel quite right….

Frida: Yeah?

Javi: Think I’m a bit out of it.

Frida: Whatcha mean?

Javi: Everything feels… filtered?

Javi: Can’t put it down..

Frida: Ah, that’s the bleed over from making a deal.

Frida: Both the host and the dealer of the contract gain a bit from each other.

Frida: One of those dual world things, you know?

Frida: People from across time and space see the same things differently a lot of the time. You’re probably seeing my version of things!

Javi: Hearing differently too..

Frida: Yeah, that happens.

Javi: Everything feels…

Javi: Like…

Javi: Oh god, I can’t stand my own voice right now it’s too weird…

Javi: Can you do anything about this?

Frida: You’ll just have to adjust, this your first time making a contract?

Javi: First like this. Most I’ve done is trade for minor favors.

Frida: Yeah? Like what?

Javi: Blood for rent money is a big one.

Frida: Ah.. yeah I don’t do that sort of thing. Don’t got money at all!

Javi: Don’t most of you folks have a treasury?

Frida: Yeah well.. Not me!

Frida: Anyway, where to?

Javi: We should probably find a spot soon.. Traveling at night without protection is a bit of a hassle. Know a spot where other witchy folks like to meet up.

Javi: It’s a small town and it’s pretty puritan so we all have to work around that.

Frida: Right, came up a bit.

You started walking down the street with a bit of a faster pace.

Frida hovers behind you, maybe a little too close.

Javi: You mind backing up a bit?

She scoots back a bit.

Frida: Sorry! Not uh.. Used to this..

Frida: Been a good bit.

Javi: All good…

You fiddle with the zipper, now tucked away in a pocket.

Javi: So… why the whole zipper thing?

Javi: That a thing from wherever you came?

Frida: Don’t think so. Result of magic of my own. Don’t think I was a ghost originally.

Frida: Guess most people aren’t though.

Javi: That’s true…

Frida: 100% rabbit though.

Javi: Yeah, seems to be consistent. Not any kind of rabbit I’ve seen.

Frida: Distant region, distant world, pick an answer that makes more sense to you.

Frida: Guess I’m not technically only rabbit shaped though. Kinda just ate some meat and spat it back out as me!

Javi: That’s pretty fucked up. You do that a lot?

Frida: Not really! Not my first time with it though.

Frida: Fine though, like I said: Don’t like mucking with living bodies like that. Feels wrong, you know?

Javi: Mm.

Frida: Plus I wanna hang out. Not just cause we were flirting but also I need people sometimes.

Javi: I’m a person.

Frida: You are! Works out.

Frida: So uh.. These local cops.

Javi: Kinda just a bunch of thumbs most of the time. Grew up firing their parents’ guns and decided they wanted to be able to keep one on their person anywhere they go.

Javi: Mostly just bored and standing there like a sad dog but.. Don’t think they’d take well to murder.

Frida: Don’t imagine so.

Javi: Church keeps them in line, prefers to do executions.

Frida: Really? Like what? Old school gallows? The chair?

Javi: Send you on a pilgrimage up the mountain. Place is so filled with nasty spirits that you’ll never come back.

Javi: Anyone who goes through without an armored vehicle ends up becoming a member of their ranks. Say there’s only one person who came back successfully.

Javi: And that guy’s family is now the richest in town. Sealed off from the rest of the world.

Frida: Get away with murder *and* get rich? I could help with that…

Javi: I don’t know… think I just want out honestly.

Frida: That might just *be* the way out.

Javi:... Yeah.

Javi: I’ll consider it.

At the end of your walk is a quiet little diner, lights dull from age but still bright enough to catch your eye among the trees and lonely rural homes.

Frida: Is that the place? I could use a bite…

Frida: Please?

Javi: That’s the spot, we’ll get some grub while we’re there.

Javi: Gonna have to initiate you a bit but I’m sure you’ll be fine. You got the vibe.

Frida: What’s that mean?

Javi: You’ll see.
[Image: image.png]

 The two of you make your way into the diner, nobody at the usual bar setup when you arrive.

 This usually happens around this time, there's generally a big enough lull between shifts that nobody's too worried about anything being stolen or messed with during the 20 minutes of nothing.

Is it smart? Not really.

But also there’s not a lot of good spots at night, nobody's risking getting the boot.

You and the rabbit both slide into the booth, getting comfortable under the cozy lighting.

The view out the window is awfully nice from a distance. Captures your eye instantly.

Frida: Don’t see any waiter around, things okay?

Javi: Yeah, it’s pretty normal. Day shift crew leaves on the hour, only one who stays is the dishwasher just in case.

Frida: That safe?

Javi: Yeah? It’s really a nothing town. Nobody’s worried about getting robbed like that.

Frida: Didn’t you say there were all sorts of messed up things in town?

Javi: Yeah but… they don’t really mess with this place.

Javi: There’s main two diners in town. One closer to the middle, and one on the edge of town.

Javi: Both are pretty important for the people living here and people passing by. Town’s guardian blessed the areas to keep dangerous creatures away.

Frida: If you’ve got someone who can do that, why not protect the whole town?

Javi: Wish I knew, woods are nasty cursed. If it were up to me I’d salt the whole thing til I could walk out without trouble. But… you know.

Frida: Yeah…

Frida: You really can’t drive out but people can just pass by like that? Thought you said vehicles needed to be armored.

Javi: It’s weird right?

Javi: Friend of mine had a theory they’re keeping us in or something.
Javi: My folks moved out here just fine but.. They could never really leave like that.

Frida: They still around?

Javi: Eh… not in the mood to go into that if that’s alright.

Frida: Sure, sorry…

You look out the window again. You’re mesmerized by the sights.

Frida: Whatcha lookin at?

Javi: Just the stars… never seen them that wild looking.

Frida: No? Huh…

Frida: Ah! You know what? That’s actually a bit of a perk of the contract.

Javi: Seeing pretty things in the sky?

Frida: Nope. You get to see the world the same way I do.

Frida: This whole planet’s got filtered skies controlled by all sorts of regal nonsense.

Javi: You mean the whole god monarchy.

Frida: Yeah. All these regions have their own little skies curated by the local god.

Frida: Because the actual sky would freak people out.

Frida: But with my eyes, you can see just a bit past the fake sky. All sorts of spooky things that would make most folks wince.

Javi: I think it’s pretty, personally.

Frida: Glad you do! Can turn it off if it’s ever too much though.

Javi: Nah, think I’m good for now. Keep it in mind though like..

Frida: In case it becomes too much.

Javi: Yeah. I’ll be sure to ask.

Javi:.. Do you have uh… eyes actually?

You reach over to bush aside her hair, but she moves away immediately.

Frida: I’d hang on a sec if I were you. Looking into the eyes of someone controlled by an entity says a lot.

Frida: Whole bunny look? Bit of an illusion. As soon as you make eye contact, you’ll see the truth.

Javi: Feel I should know.

Frida: I’ll tell you! Just.. don’t, okay?

Javi: I can do that.

Frida leaned back into the booth seat.

Frida: You’ll be able to tell the pilot from the body if you get that clear a look at the face.

Frida: Good news? I’m cute so you’ll like that part.

Frida: Bad news? Body’s basically a corpse. Entities aren’t really supposed to be using the dead like this..

Javi: So you’re a zombie?

Frida: Sorta? I can heal with a bit more blood or meat but.. I’m a bit frail.

Frida: And anyone who can bypass an illusion will see whatsherface instead of me which uh…

Frida: Yikes?

Javi: Wait.. does that mean someone might recognize her?

Frida: Maybe! She’s not really in here anymore though so nothing she can do. I mean like… I didn’t do anything but uh..

Frida: All the weird vines and moss? Yeah that shit’s soul stealing it turns out.

Frida: Stuck in there forever.

Javi: Get rid of it!

Frida: I got it saved! Somewhere…

Frida: I felt bad so figured I could at least hang on and hope we figure out a way to fix her up?

Frida: Can’t really revive her the old fashion way though, besides that might unperson her a bit so it’s safer.

Frida: True resurrection doesn’t exist.

Javi: Christ…

Javi: Yeah lets uh… try to save her or something.

Javi: Is she in a jar or….

Frida: On my person. Unconscious for now but I’m sensing something.

Frida: No idea how you folks live with that stuff in your yards.

Javi: Usually it’s harmless!

Javi: Unless you die, then it rushes you.

Frida: I’m going to be real with you.

Frida: This town sucks ass.

Javi: Yeah.

Frida: I’m going to take you to a place without murder fungi and death moss.

Javi: Please…

Frida: And then maybe we can hang out? I’m sorry I’m still a little giddy and all.

Frida: You don’t have to or anything but-

Javi: I mean you’re pretty cute, did mean that much.

Javi: And I can help take care of you if well, you know.

Frida: Mm! Appreciate that. Need to be attached to this world by a physical vessel but I don’t want to take that from you…

Frida: And I really don’t want to have to leave a trail behind if I can help it.

Javi: I mean you pretty much ate a corpse…

Frida: It’s refurbished. You gave me the first chunk anyway.

Frida: Truth be told, lose my shit pretty fast in the whole limbo situation so..

Frida: Nice to meet a witch who’s down to hang out for awhile before sending me back.

Javi: I mean.. I know we just met but like.

Javi: I wouldn’t mind having a partner in crime while touring the world.

Frida: You sure? Figure youd have someone in mind for that if you’ve got friends and stuff…

Javi: There’s a lot of folks I’d miss here but…

Javi: I dunno. Downsides are getting hard to live with, you know?

Javi: At this point I’m about ready to risk it by foot.

Frida: That serious?

Javi: Yeah…

Javi: Maybe not talk too much about that right now.

Frida: You okay?

Javi: Me? Yeah. Just-

She catches you getting a little watery eyed and brushes a finger across your face.

Frida: What’s up?

Javi: Don’t know if I’m ready for all this but… scared they’ll find out, you know?

Javi: Barely much of a choice anymore.

Frida: Mm..

Frida: Tell you this, I’ll stick with you the whole time while you figure things out.

Frida: And I’ll do my best to cover you. I like to take good care of my clients. I’ll make it work out.

Javi: I know.

Frida: And if you have to leave, I’ll make sure to help you visit your friends here again.

Frida: Got all sorts of powers, something’ll work.

Javi: I guess that’s true.

Javi: No catch?

Frida: Keep me fed and that’s it.. Really just along for the ride more than anything.

Javi: That helps.

Javi: Know it’ll hit me harder at some point but…

Javi: You’re a fucking lifesaver.

Frida: It’s what I do. Maybe not the best at it but… you know.

Javi: Mm.. by the end of tomorrow we’re gonna be out of here.

You finally feel like you can relax for the first time today. You practically melt into your seat.

It wouldn’t be long before someone arrived.
[Image: image.png] 
A creature.

Frida practically leaps off her seat.

Frida: Javi....

Javi: Don't make a fuss, just look away from the window.

Javi: Lay low.

Despite you warning, she ends up looking out anyway much to your dismay.

She can't help but yelp on sight, doing a poor job of staying quiet.

The creature outside starts to fixate on her.

You drag her away and hold her until she calms down.

Javi: Stay quiet…

The entity hugs you to the best of her ability.

For someone who’s absolutely seen a lot, she’s surprisingly startled this time.

There’s a grumbling, you huddle under the table.

Javi: It can’t break in easily, place is protected.

Javi: But you don’t want to aggravate it, for the folks out there’s sake…

Frida: Why is it here??

Javi: Just… don't give it more attention than you need to.…

The two of you slowly move further away from the window.

There’s another thump, and another, and another…

Until suddenly the sound of crashing steel rings through the woods.

Frida peeks back over now that you’re at a safe distance.

Frida: Is there more of these…?

Javi: Yeah but… that’s not typical for them.

Javi: That’s-

A big booming thwack of a metal chunk slams the creature away.

???: Off with you, you’re pushing it today.

The creature howls in pain, you can practically imagine it baring its teeth from the snarling noises it makes.

There’s an immediate lunge followed by a struggle, a bloody dust cloud between two titans neither of you can quite make out. After a few feral whines and screams, it becomes hard too watch further.

You can hear the thumping of the creature as it walks away. The grinding of metal across the ground trails in the opposite direction.
[Image: image.png?width=733&height=670]

You’re left without any other noise.

Frida: Okay so… one of those is a watchman yeah?

Javi: Both of them are. Territory dispute.

Javi: Some of them are a little more vocal than others.

Javi: No wonder nobody’s showing up, looks like a high activity day…

Frida: That happens?

Javi: Yeah. We usually have a report but I might’ve not checked today…

Javi: Fuck dude, dragged us out here for nothing…

Frida: Don’t think so.

Javi: Surprised they didn’t lock up, but don’t think we would’ve been safe without this place.

Javi: If it was closed, we’d be toast. No way we’d get out of range in time…

Frida: Mm..

Frida: Are these just.. Everywhere?

Javi: Yeah… they look for a host.

Javi: Watchmen are what those parasites do to the corpses of their victims.

Javi: Rearranges the flesh into a awful remnant.

Frida: Yeah no we’re getting you out of here.

Frida: Shithole town, no offense.

Javi: Not going to stop you, you’re right.

Frida: No looking back just.. Fuck dude.

Javi: Yeah…

Javi: Let’s look for a phone, no way we’re getting out safely by foot….
There was a thumping on your window.
[Image: image.png]
???: Yo, someone's actually here?!

A dino-like stranger sprint through the front door with little hesitation.

???: Thought folks would be gone after the warning was put out today.
Javi: Warning???

???: Yeah. Danger levels have spiked up hard in this area. Like.. even by night standards.

???: Something’s pissed off the local life hard. Usually not active in the day as much as it’s been. Two folks got attacked in separate incidents already, a third is under investigation.
???: Taking shelter here though I’m guessing? Can’t blame you.

???: Place is blessed, would be hard for anything to break in that shouldn’t be here.

Javi: Yeah..

???: You two can wait it out.

Frida: Question, visiting from out of town.

???:... Why?

???: Guess I shouldn’t be asking actually, visiting myself too. Got family here. You?

Frida: Just taking a stop, on a trip and needed a break.

Javi: Yeah.

???: You two look like friends though, unless you just met?

Frida: Well…

???: Hey, making friends is good.

???: Anyway you guys mind if I join ya’ll?

Frida: Javi?

Javi: Go ahead. More the merrier right now.
???: So…

???: You two need a ride? My car’s outside..

Frida: Maybe? Can you like, get us all the way out of town?

Javi: Frida!

???: Yeah actually. You trying to bail?

Javi: Yeah. Got a few folks to meet first but-

???: Give me a little to cool down and it’s done. This place is a hell hole, don’t get why anyone would want to live here.

Javi: No choice, moving out is a long ass trip you know?

???: Yeah, I get you there. I’m mostly here for research reasons.

???: Had to mod a car just to make it in. I got a driver who’s an expert at handling these sort of dead zones.

Javi: There’s other places like this?

???: Plenty. This one’s pretty nasty though…

???: Anyway…

Frida: You got a name?

???: Me? Sometimes!

???: Just go with uh…

???: Pancho for now.

Javi: Pancho? Really?

Pancho: I can come up with something better.

Javi: I mean… are you just making one up on the spot actually?

Pancho: It’s complicated. Got a bit of a condition so uh… you know. Keep anonymous.

Javi: That doesn’t really explain anything-

Frida: Maybe I can name you?

Pancho: You’d like that?

Frida: Mmhmm!

Pancho: Alright, let’s go.

Frida: Ignacio! Nacho for short.

Nacho: That’s cute. I like that. Nacho…

Nacho: Yeah, let’s go with that then.

Javi: So uh… Nacho then.

Nacho: Ignacio to you.

Javi: Sure, you really can get us out?

Nacho: Long as there’s a route. You said you wanted to handle some stops though, yeah?

Javi: Mmhmm. Some friends I want to let know.

Nacho: You’re on the run.

Javi: Yeah.

Nacho: Give me your game plan and I’ll see what I can do.
[Image: image.png]
 Javi: This is the car?

Nacho: This is it.

Frida: It’s a lot smaller than I’d think for an armored piece..

Javi: Compact is good for making runs.

Nacho: Yeah, what they said.

Frida: So it goes fast?

Nacho: Fast enough that you really don’t want to hit a bump, you’ll actually launch off.

Frida: That’s not promising..

You look into the tinted window of the door, seeing the sky above but… no reflection of yourself.

Javi: Frida…?

Frida: What’s up.

You gesture toward the window.

Frida: Don’t get it.

You pull her over to whisper into her ear.

Javi: No reflection, you didn’t turn me into a vampire did you…?

Frida: Well… not quite?

Frida: Not “human” anymore though. I’ll explain when we’re alone-

Nacho: I can hear you two just fine, not worried about it though.

Nacho: Whatever happens between you two, just make sure you’re not dragging me into trouble I can’t handle.

Nacho: Especially since you managed an entity.

Javi: You can-!

Frida grabs you to hush you. You oblige.

Nacho: No secrets can be really kept from me, but also I trust you two enough to do a favor like this.

Nacho: Trust me, would've offered the ride if I didn’t get the feeling you’d be cool.

Nacho: Just don’t offer me a contract, I’ve got too many to keep.

Frida lets out a sigh.

Frida: That obvious?

Nacho: It’s the smile. Cute but kind of telling. No offense.

They give you both a toothy smirk.

Frida frowns.

Frida: Guess I won’t smile anymore then.

Javi: Not even for me?

Frida: I could make it a contract if-

Nacho: Hey, get in the car before you start flirting. We got a lot to do if what you’ve said is correct.

Javi: Yeah, fair.

Nacho: My driver's ready to go, fill me in on the details of our roadtrip!
Frida: I’m kinda just here for the ride. Javi can explain.

Javi: You’re not gonna narc right?

Nacho: God no, you kidding? I’ve got plenty I don’t want cops knowing.

Javi: Why are you in this town then?

Nacho: Research, for personal reasons.

THey hold open the door for the two of you, you both scoot inside.

On entry you catch a glimpse of the driver. A bit more… puppet-esque than you’ve anticipated.

You give a little wave, he notices you in the rear view and waves back.

Javi: Research? And you got a private driver too?

Frida: You secretly loaded?

Nacho:  Me? Nope! Just got a grasp of magic. Seems like you both do too.

Frida: Just a little..

Javi: Nothing much, just what my family would write down…

Nacho: Family huh?

Javi: Yeah. I should probably visit them too actually…

Javi: They live pretty far out these days though, taking care of my bro across the region.

Nacho: Is it okay to ask or..

Javi: Maybe not right now. Am curious about your driver though, seen something like this..

Javi: Familiar?

Nacho: He is! The very best too, can’t go on a trip without him. Name’s Chester. Found him lost in a cave.

Frida: Ah… abandoned or..

Nacho: His story to share…

Chester seems to not notice, or at least pretend not to, eyes fixated on the road.

Nacho: Where to first?

Javi: Uh well…

Javi: There’s a fiend couple living near the north entrance. Friends I can just message and tell them later but with them I don’t know how to keep in touch..

Nacho: Ah.. Hmm..

Nacho: Well we can visit them easy.

Frida: Question, you’re here for something too yeah?

Nacho: Mm. What’s your point.

Frida: You really planning to leave?

Nacho: Look, I can tell how it is around these parts and I get the vibe people here aren’t so kind.

Nacho: I can delay my studies to save a couple of folks from trouble. Especially if you got the authorities on you. So what happened?

Javi: Former classmate followed me into the woods, got taken out and mossed.

Nacho: Ah!

Javi: Tried to get her help but she uh.. Died in my car.

Nacho: Yeah okay. And I’m guessing the town would pin it on you.

Javi: Course, they already look for reasons to throw me out so…

Nacho: So you don’t want to fuck around and find out.

Javi: Nope!

Nacho: Consider your secret safe then, I’ve been in binds like that too.

Frida: Yeah?

Nacho: Travel a lot, see towns like this plenty. They don’t like the whole uh…
Nacho: I’ll show you when the time comes but.. I’ve got a curse.

Nacho: One that changes me a lot. People consider it an omen so to speak.

Frida: Marked huh? I mean I’ve done plenty like that of my own but not to hurt folks.

Frida: Granted there’s all sorts of creatures and folks capable of stuff like that, you know?

Frida: Whatever it is, I can handle it just….

Frida: Let me know if it’s some lycanthrope stuff. I wanna be prepared.

Javi: Like werewolves or….

Nacho: Nothing like that! Just… Well…

Nacho: It’s hard to explain right now, hope you understand.

Nacho: Don’t want to mess around with it in the car.

Javi: Not like we’re in a position to judge…

Nacho: Can’t blame you for being cautious though, should be when on the run.

The car abruptly stops.

Javi: Hey what the fuck?

Frida: Everything alright?

Nacho looks over at the driver’s shoulder.

Nacho: There’s just someone in the middle of the road….

Frida: Can’t we just go around?

Nacho: Nah… think this one needs our help.

Nacho: I’ll go out. Think Javi should stay in the car though.

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