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Masa con Papas: Proxy's Memory
[Image: unknown.png]

You follow along, finding yourself struggling to keep up in places the further you go. The world begins to become darker, a misty remnant of the castle before.

Charon: What are you up to.

Styx: Nothing just…

Styx: If you are to take my throne, I want you to be ruler of your own fate.

Styx: I am giving you the keys to choose who you are, the castle and all.

Styx: When I one day truly do fade… you are the lord who will guide souls.

Charon: Mm…

Charon: What if I don’t want to be?

Styx: My power will still be yours.

Styx: Your friend waits for you out there….

Styx: I am removing your limiters.

Styx: The power of seeing all, and knowing everything… it’ll consume you if you tap too deep but.. I do truly trust you to do fantastic things with it.

Styx: Your fiendish aspects, proxy, your true self will all be intertwined and what happens there is truly yours to figure out.

Your eyes become heavy

Charon: You’re not dying on me, are you?

Styx: Not quite yet I don’t think, but I earnestly do fear this job is my last so…

Styx: I am preparing you for the worst, so you can be your best….

Styx: Make your friends proud Charon….

Mercury:  Wake up….

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