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Masa con Papas: Proxy's Memory
 [Image: unknown.png]

Charon: What do you mean?

Opera: A number of folks with that name seem to be causing a bit of a stir around here.

Opera: Don’t look like a trouble maker though. I mean, I respect it! But..

Opera: I’d lay low.

Charon: Wish it was me but… just got here today.

Charon: Still trying to get used to this really. Not for too long though.

Opera: Planning to get out?

Charon: Soon as I can, me and my family.

Opera:  Can’t blame you, place sucks;.

Opera: Honestly looking at you though, and don’t take this as a bad thing but…

Opera: I can’t see you being a troublemaker. Not enough to cause problems with the church at least. Familiar with them?

Charon: Yeah, got it explained actually. Really that bad?

Opera makes a face at you.

Charon: What do they do?

Opera: Everything. They’ve got access to so much supplies that people are stuck depending on them…

Opera: Plus… they’re able to keep the angel in check. People think they've got some holy magic and jump onboard.

Opera: Anything they get their hands on is property, including people. You join, and anything from limbs to blood to actual souls are treated as stock.

Charon: Scary…

Opera: People are trying to do their best to sort of break it up though…

Charon: You?

Opera: I wish… I’m just trying to get some heat off me.

Opera: Been targeting me for a good bit…

Opera: How’d you get here anyway?

Charon: Uh… summoned a ghost? Told me that someone needed my help so I went for it and well…

Charon: …next thing I knew I was here. You?

Opera: Same? Kind of?

Opera: Was with my friends checking out a recent haunting. We LOVE spooky stuff like that, even if it ends up being fake a lot… people in costumes avoiding taxes or something.

You couldn’t help but laugh a little.

Opera: I’m serious!

Charon: For real?

Opera: Yes! Always the whole “You kids and your darn dog!” rant you know? We weren’t even doing it on purpose, you’re just bad at being ghosts!

Charon: What would make them good ghosts?

Opera: Being dead? I dunno. Anyway it makes the small town life a bit more exciting. Otherwise it’s a lot of sad talks by creeks and not much else.

Charon: I can relate.

Opera: Not surprised, can pick it up on your accent.

Charon: Really?

Opera: Yep. Got a good ear, you’re a country boy…

Opera: ¿Y algo más? Soy curioso….

Charon: ¿Oh?

She smirks.

Opera: ¿Tú me entiendes?

Charon: No.

Opera: Güey…

Charon: Jaja…

Opera:  ¿Estás jugando conmigo?

Charon: Más o menos. Understand you just fine but I’m kinda bad at actually speaking it..

Opera: Yeah… My grandma tries to keep me up to speed but…

Charon: Not really a lot of chances to use it?

Opera: Mmhmm!  So I forget little things. When it comes up it’s like…

Charon: ¿Como se dice….?

Opera: Exactly! And you get looked at like you’re dumb for not remembering!

Charon: Oh my god….. Yeah no my grandma gives me the death stare for it. She’s really good at it…

Opera: Same. Scares me… she’ll be watching one of her novelas when I get back from school and she’ll look over and just… ugh.

Charon: Yeah… love her but I never want to be on her bad side…

Opera: She was some sort of fencer so she’d kick my ass. My famous Grandma Alle, got to compete across 3 continents.

Charon: Mine is a knight, pretty handy with a gun too.

Opera: A knight with a gun….?

Charon: Yes…?

Opera: Aren’t Knights a fairy tale thing? Like, slay the dragon, save the kingdom?

Charon: Maybe a few hundred years ago but… no they’re still around.

Opera: Guess we must not be from the same world then… amazing how much is consistent though. Like…

Opera: We got two languages in common? What are the odds?

Charon: It’s pretty odd, huh?

Opera: Yeah! Feel like if I looked too deep I’d give myself insomnia…

Charon: Same, never stops me from doing it anyway.

Opera: Rabbit holes like that just make me shiver…

Charon: Can’t blame you. So uh…

You look over at her hand. There’s a shadow dangling from it, sinking into the floor a little.

Charon: What’s that you got there?

Opera: This? Oh! Um… Allow me to introduce you!

She pulls it over herself, the shade forming into a large white sheet. She gives it a look over.

Opera: Don’t be shy, say hi!

A little mammal-like head peaks out. It gives you a wave.

Charon: Who’s that?

Opera: My proxy- call him Rebel, he’s been with me forever…

Opera: Just always had him really? Not sure why, usually you gotta work toward it or make a demon pact or something… but I love him very much.

Opera: What about you? What do you got there?

You realize your hand’s been wrapped around something this whole time.

Charon: I’m uh… not sure actually!

Opera: Well, pull it out!

Your fingers dig into the void and yank. A large forked metallic weapon appears.

Charon: Oh yeah… I can do this um… I just got a proxy today and mine can make weapons, I guess? I don’t have the best control of it yet… not even sure where it is either… It’s pretty cool though, right?

Her eyes widen a bit. She seems a bit off…

Opera: Huh…

Charon: You okay?

Opera: Just thinking right now…

Charon: About what?

Opera: Just give me a moment.

Charon: Sorry...

Opera: No just um… one moment?

Your eyes shift away, you don’t know what you did exactly but you’re terrified that you might’ve upset her.

Opera: So… I’ve seen something like that before.

Opera: In the hands of someone kind of bad I guess…

Charon: Ah…

Opera: But I don't think you are! It’s a style of sword that I’ve got bad associations with..

Opera: If you have it though, it’s probably a common thing in some worlds.

Charon: Maybe. Never seen one like that before.

Opera: Ah… huh.

Charon: Product of this weird angel stuff?

Opera: Probably..

Opera: It’s kind of a good look on you. I can tell you’re pretty green but… you look comfortable holding it.

Charon: You think so?

Opera: Mmhmm! Suits you. Anyway, sorry about that, just…

Charon: It’s okay, I was just more worried I hurt you or something…

Opera: Nah… anyway um…

Charon: What’s up?

Opera: I should probably go right now, not good for me to be out in public this long. Gotta find shelter for the night.

Charon: Ah… I mean my friend and I uh..

You point to Erica behind you, she tilts her head in confusion.

Charon: We got a place right now if you need somewhere…

Opera: Maybe… I’ll consider.

Opera: Do want to see you again though, felt nice talking to someone.

Charon: Yeah, of course! When?

Opera: I’ll find you…

The world starts to return to normal.

Opera: Meet you soon!

She vanishes. All that’s left is a dirty alley and Erica behind you.

Erica: Hey kid, you gonna be okay? Couldn’t tell much of what went on…

Charon: Mm? Yeah…. Just made a friend I think.

Erica: You can talk to me about her while we walk back.

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