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Ace And Art
I will join the art threads. I draw.
I actually am drawing more with the iPad, I just suck at finishing things. I’ll use this thread to bully myself

Anyway, today I mention Twain. I love it, they probably fall into like… big comfort character territory. I feel bad I keep failing it on telling its backstory but… fight me.

[Image: aGPbsMT.png]
Was testing the iPad here. Did not realize the app I have had “predictive strokes” to like… smooth the lines.

[Image: dvFu210.jpg]
I wanna draw little comics with these three but again… I suck at finishing ideas. Also Kokona’s ears are hard to draw. Fun fact: I decided in high school that letters with tails should have curly tails. I can’t fix it now. 

[Image: mtf3quU.png]
It’s giving me 2012 edgy warrior cat oc vibes. I gave Twain too much hair here but ~fight me
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Chatty Cats
I was out pet sitting last night so I couldn’t post these but did some sketches of critters
gonna talk about the critters a bit… have to name everyone so excuse me for using like… basic names for now

[Image: V97GiXP.png]
I actually started this about a week ago and decided to actually finish it. I imagine the elephant is sweet with a bit of a temper, and a knack for getting in trouble. House has like one room that is super clean and one that is super messy, and their excuse is “ If I clean the messy room, the clean room will get messy.” 

[Image: AyUA2fq.png]
Flower twins! Pink and Blue. They both are really really into plants, and while pink is has a classic take on it Blue likes to experiment with things (such as giving the plant ‘Brotein’ which is a “special plant mix” they made themself). Basically if they both had the same seeds they’d get wildly different plants. Also I imagine Blue is a bit more of a fighter while Pink is like… an aggressive friend “I will hug you until you chill”

[Image: YwVNJNO.png]
I was really tired drawing these dogs, not sure they really are friends but my sketches my rules. Fish dog is creative and quiet, doesn’t think they’re better then you but doesn’t think the average person “understands their vision”. Ghost dog is trying their best to be cool, but seems to scare people sometimes (A bit too high energy, and seems to appear out of no where). Ghost isn’t really a fighter and fish is a huge scaredy cat

[Image: kS74Hhx.png]
Bonus sketches from day before of Twain and Minda the fish type
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Chatty Cats
Having a hard time drawing right now. Nothing feels quite right and I think part of it just is my style limits. Got one piece out, please mind the warning

Cw:Gore?, body horror, vent art
Show ContentSpoiler:
Just calling this Raw. Can’t really describe what I’ve been feeling lately other than that. Getting through it day by day but a lot of what I’ve been drawing is a bit more.. experimental or rough. Think I need to share this one at least, vent art is allowed.

Might share some recolors from 4dopt tomorrow, think that’d be allowed.
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Chatty Cats
Testing this, does Twain bounce appear 

[Image: 9_30_09_23_11_30_31.gif]
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Chatty Cats
Hello hello
made a lot of art recently! Not gonna post all the morbtober stuff but 
[Image: 9_10_11_23_6_39_27.png]

I love them.
you can also look at my morbtober stuff here:

maybe I’ll highlight some pieces tomorrow
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Chatty Cats
i love this dog so much, especially the frontal view- something about it is super pleasing and very clay face plush-y
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Ooh it does kinda have that vibe.
I really wanna make a clay faced oc for myself honestly. Gotta think on that a little

okay let's see. Couple morbtober pieces I really liked and why. This will probably be a longer post today: 

[Image: 9_03_10_23_7_11_16.png]
Grief. I really liked the background, I went through a lot of them for this piece actually. And it's simple but... idk. Haven't made a lot of vent art because I always start to feel weird about it, but this felt good to get outta my system a bit.

[Image: 9_06_10_23_11_41_32.png]
Shame is here for similar reasons. I also just like drawing Maiden. Maybe it's too much shading, she's sitting in a cave thinking. I will say though: Maiden does not regret killing cats. She feels some shame about it, it's not her favorite thing she's done, but she doesn't regret it. So I needed to like... end the marks somewhere. 
I imagine at least some of these were self defense kills but I'd have to actuallywork on that.

[Image: 9_09_10_23_4_07_40.gif]
Constellations I just thought was really really pretty. It's the cat and dog from eclipse ftr. I need to draw them more. Also I literally just picked three zodiac signs with no real reason. Originally I wanted to but eeeeee I'm a virgo one of those is Virgo there's the hidden meaning 

[Image: 9_12_10_23_6_51_34.jpeg]
Cloudy! I didn't wanna draw another storm since lightning was like 2 days away. And I don't know why the old carebears movies and toys were on the mind, but thought a bunch of critters in the clouds would be cute. I agree with myself, it is cute.

[Image: 9_16_10_23_11_08_27.jpeg]
I like the contrast Mystery had. Bright background, mysterious darker characters, it's a movie poster basically. This whole week was great, loved the connected pieces.

[Image: 9_27_10_23_2_15_59.png]
Bright Potion Is Good

[Image: 9_28_10_23_6_20_46.jpeg]
I just like them. Theyre friends now.

[Image: 9_28_10_23_11_38_55.jpeg]
Fun fact: This was almost potion. It looked very different, I hated it. So, so, I drew them for a different day. 

[Image: 9_01_11_23_1_58_42.jpeg][Image: 9_01_11_23_1_59_54.jpeg]
I like them. I like them a lot. I had to draw Twister at least once as the morbtober calendar was themed on them and I love that smug face. And this piece took a lot of time. And then I got to destroy it, which was a lot of fun to figure out.

My thread I can post a bunch of pieces if I want
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Chatty Cats
Some quick doodles of characters I got recently
weekend is iffy so just eeee quick stuff
Feel free to ask about what’s happening with the doodles

[Image: 9_12_11_23_12_29_32.png]
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Chatty Cats
OHGHHH the krong. so good

love the heartsong adopts too, so so good
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]
Thank youuu, really wanna draw Krong more. She deserves it

Had a bit of a hard time with art today, and the sketches I did make are still really really rough and I’m not sure of them yet

[Image: 9_14_11_23_6_02_19.png]

Gonna post these edits here and try to bully myself to actually fix my thread
enough to post these at least
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Chatty Cats
we may have to snipe that zombie type, it's fucking incredible
[Image: TCP%20customs.png][Image: 2411]

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